20 Years Of UFC In Knockouts And Submissions


The UFC is today celebrating 20 years of MMA action with a super stcked UFC 167 card. The event will go down in the promotion’s home town of Las Vegas, Nevada and is headlined by the Welterweight title bout between Johny Hendricks and reigning boss Georges St-Pierre.

Over the years we have been able to witness some incredible fetes of athletic ability; whether it be a crunching knockout by head kick or spinning back fist, or a super slick armbar or twister submission.

In honor of the greatest finishes in the past 20 years of the UFC, check out UFC.com’s official top 20 knockouts/submissions and stay tuned to LowKick.com!

  • Great vids! Thanks!

    Frank Mir with three submissions in the top 20!

    Refs in the very early days apparently didn't know that tappng meant the fight was over?!?!

  • One of the slickest subs had to be Maia on chael Sonnen.

  • Rashad knocking out Chuck was nasty, just brutal.

  • I really liked Anderson's KO of Forrest Griffin. The skill there was incredible.

  • Mike Russow KO Todd Duffee was sick.

  • Also Aldo vs. Mendes and Mendes vs. Guida.