WSOF 4’s Tyrone Spong: The Blackzilians Saw My Potential


World-class kickboxer Tyrone Spong is set to face off against Angel DeAnda this weekend, continuing his latest combat sports venture into MMA. Spong recently met up with our friends at MMA H.E.A.T. to discuss his opponent, giving him respect and noting that anyone who believes in himself is dangerous. 

Spong is a member of the famed Blackzilians team, and he thanks teammates Rashad Evans, Vitor Belfort, and Thiago Silva for helping him make the transition towards MMA. They realized his potential, noting that he just needed to round out his all-around game. Spong also has gratitude for all of the fans who expect him to do well in MMA. Spong seems pretty humble heading into his main event bout this weekend.

Will Spong live up to the lofty expectations set before him?


  • Incredible talent and drive. He's a very exciting fighter. Working with the blackzilians can only help his game even though overall as a team they haven't done great in competition. I'm sure he's getting alot of wrestling training over there and preparing slowly while he faces lower competition and can still compete in other venues (Kickboxing and he mentioned pro boxing) Once he's done with all those and has trained long enough with top wrestlers He'll make the jump to the big show

  • There will be alot of guys refusing to fight him in MMA because many know he knocks people out.

  • Yeah, no question about his striking ability being awesome but God help him if he gets in the cage with a superior BJJ guy…. the learning curve for grappling is SO high and being worried about takedowns turns an A level striker into a YMCA champ quickly, lol. I'm sure he'll put on some exciting fights with the "right" matches but eventually he'll get in the cage with a guy who is well-rounded and be put to sleep.

    • You must have not read anything I wrote. 1rst of all, when he 1rst came to MMA he said he didn't want to go to the big show because he knew he needed to really study and improve his grappling and TDD to become an efficient fighter. 2nd He's a HIGH level athlete which means his learning curve it's like some others. 3rd He's been training his wrestling since a year before his MMA debut if I'm correct? I seen an interview where he stated before he even competed he wanted a year of almost complete wrestling training to have a decent base coming in. Since then he's been around great wrestlers improving in those areas. He has a solid frame and he's very strong. I think he's going to be a serious force even in the UFC. May never be champion, but alot of great fighters have unfortunately missed out on the belt.

  • E.T. interviews Spong. He has a ton of potential at this point.