WSOF 3 Results and Video: Josh Burkman spoils Jon Fitch’s debut


World Series of Fighting 3 is in the books from The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. The card delivered some good fights and an insane highlight reel finish when former UFC title contender Jon Fitch and Josh Burkman squared off in the main event. Burkman rocked Fitch early with some hooks, and then switched into a vicious guillotine. He wrenched the choke, and simply walked away after Fitch went limp. A remarkable showing for the fast improving Burkman.

In other action, Tyson Steele and Steve Carle faced off at welterweight. The fight opened with a good variety of kicks from Steele to keep his opponent at bay. But once it hit the ground, it was all Carl, as he locked on a super-tight rear naked choke to end the fight in the first.

Jacob Volkmann and Lyle Beerbohm fought a grappling match at lightweight. Beerbohm looked for takedowns throughout, but Volkmann’s defense was just too good. He took home the unanimous decision after spending the entirety of the last round in dominant position looking for a choke.

Undefeated prospect Justin Gaethje looked to continue his streak against a game opponent in Brian Cobb. After Gaethje came out looking for a homerun shot, Cobb dominated the first round on the ground, locking up a tight body triangle. However, Gaethje found his rhythm in the second, landing some good right hands and low kicks. He turned up the heat in the third to absolutely destroy Cobb with a series of devastating low kicks for the TKO. An impressive comeback in the main card’s opening bout.

World Series of Fighting 3 Results:

Josh Burkman def. Jon Fitch via R1 submission (guillotine)

Steve Carl def. Tyson Steele via R1 submission (rear naked choke)

Jacob Volkmann def. Lyle Beerbohm via unanimous decision

Justin Gaethje def. Brian Cobb via R3 TKO (leg kicks) 


    If you missed it… WOW! Not a good debut for Fitch…

    • josh burkman should be in the ufc fighting the top dogs and should be in the main event, he finish the two top dogs in the ufc in an expressive fashion. He's a finisher. Burkman vs matt hughes seems a good start and a good main event for the ufc.

      • D

        Matt Hughes is retired…and Aaron Simpson was never a "top dog" in the UFC.

    • Thanks for posting Hatch

    • This just in…on the way back to the dressing room Jon Fitch was quoted as saying "F*ck!"

  • The dude is on full tilt (A poker term used to describe losing streaks), he lost a job in a premier organization, had some bad performances, I mean I'm not surprised that this happened. Jon's confidence has been shattered over the last year and unless something happens, this guy will keep losing more fights.

  • That was classy of Burkman to release after Fitch went out. Alot of guys keep choking after they know a guy is out.

  • Is Dana White ever wrong?

    • Dana would have a smirk on his face right now, especially after the pay video.
      I was wanting fitch to win to send a message to UFC cut team.

      There are a heap of guys on two and even three fight losses in UFC. I hope Dana doesn't get on his high horse and start trying to re-rationaise his decision to drop fitch….I still believe fitch should be fighting in the UFC

      • ya his 1 win in last 5 fights plus super boring fighting style have ufc written all over him. What were they thinking cutting such a showman??

  • guys plz help me not topic related but who should win pierson v robertson?

  • Mazagotti fails again. Fitch goes limp and luckily Burkman is alert enough to know when to stop and Steve is just standing there enjoying the fight.

    • That was embarrassing ! It made maza-fail-e look incompetent.

  • Fitch got taken out nicely.

  • D

    There are three possibilities.

    1) Josh Burkman is just that good – a legit top 5 welterweight. I seriously doubt this is the case.

    2) Johnny Hendricks destroyed Fitch's chin, and he just can't take punches anymore.

    3) It's well known that Fitch refuses to take any kind of supplements… Maybe this is what a 35 year old who doesn't turn to an artificial means of recapturing his youth actually looks like. I think this is mostly what it is.

  • Wow… I don't think anybody in the MMA community would believe Jon Fitch's downfall if they were told before the Hendricks fight.
    Even after the Silva fight, he has bee embarrassed twice.

    Kind of weird that Maia couldn't finish from Fitch's back in 15 mins and Burkman put him to sleep in a minute, I know not fair to compare because different fights but a feather in the cap of Burkman

    • D

      He was fully conscious when Maia was trying to choke him, and he was badly rocked when Burkman was. HUGE difference.

  • Steve Mazzagatti said he didn't stop the fight because Fitch didn't yell out the "Safe-Word."