Daily Poll Jan. 27: Would Fedor dominate in the UFC ?

  • your dumb, please do research

  • SHut the hell up, he will dominated and wth are you talking about Rogers not being that great? are you freaking out of your mind?

  • I think that he would def. be more challenged in the UFC

    There’s some guys that have a legit chance against him

  • Did you even watch the fight?!

  • that is why he should join the UFC ASAP

  • he alsmost lost to rodgers???? why is nobody giving him any credit at all, he would destroy cain, or gonzaga, **** hed even give lesnar and carwin a dam good run for their money

  • I think Nog will submit Mir in their rematch.

  • Would the worlds p4p best and the greatest fighters to ever live destroy the UFC heavyweights just like all the other heavyweights? yes

  • if i remember correctly rogers almost Ground n pounded fedor out and if could i think lesnars wide body could. bring on the weaks i guess.

  • I think Cain Velasquez might be the biggest threat to the reign of “The Last Emperor” in The UFC. Velasquez is too big for most of the Heavyweights currently in The UFC (you will see it in the Nogueira fight),
    and he can prevent Fedor from taking him to the ground, coz thats where his main strength is. Against Mir, Lesnar and Dos Sanots Fedor will dominate, in my humble opinion.

  • I would have liked a maybe option

  • well who has fedor beaten recently?apart from arlovski, which btw was a fight i tot andrei was winnin til he tried that stupid flying knee…after this next round of fights all the top ufc HWs will have fought another big name (mir-carwin, velasques-nogueira etc.) whereas fedor will still be fightin bad opposition in a bad organisation…i wanna see him come over, not only to see him get a title shot, but also to see more bgi fights between top quality opposition

  • are you serious?
    ‘This poll is stupid. What does “dominate” mean?’…well, esteemed guest, doominating is what anderson silva, gsp and penn are doing right now in their divisions, what FEDOR is doing in strikeforce


  • God half that c#$p up on here looks like it’s been cut, copied and pasted multiple times. “Weren’t you paying attention to last posts meat heads? You’re saying the same s#$t they said”!!!
    Would Fedor dominate? I couldn’t say that. The top 4 or 5 would give him a run for his money the top 2 or 3 could be Fedor’s match. So no not “He would” but “He could dominate the UFC. He can turn any match in a second and you can never be sure he won’t do that at any moment in any fight. But I do wonder if he could handle some of the great big, powerrful and skillful wrestlers like Brock. Let’s just hope we get to see it happen.

  • Feodor didn’t lose at first of that fight. he was feeling out Rodgers. letting him go for a lil bit thats the reason why it looked that way. if fedor turned it up a lil he give no chance too rodgers at all.

  • well i agree with you that strikeforce is not challenging enough for him, and thats why i want him to come to the ufc, but you cant deny that he is dominating strikeforce…btw i think i replyed to your comment by accident i actually agree wit ya, i was replying to that idiot a few comments up, my apologies 🙂

  • sorry you feel that way urhype, but over a thousand votes suggest ppl wanna talk about it, which is fundamentally wat dese polls are about. you also rarely seem to have an opinion on anything but prefer to criticise my username, id criticise yours but im just too damned stupid to think of anything that could match ‘PARTYBAG’

  • dont underestimate velasquez!i know hes a little inexperienced but i think he has the strengths to psh fedor all the way