World Series of Fighting 2 Results Recap: ‘Rumble’ takes down Arlovski in a war


After much speculation that World Series of Fighting 2 would be canceled due to non-approval of the cage, the event did go down with some great fights and finishes. The upstart promotion continues the trend that Bellator FC has represented in recent weeks.

The main card action began with young Justin Geathje stopping J.Z. Cavalcante with a huge cut after some well-placed shots in the first.

Josh Burkman came out against former UFC veteran Aaron Simpson with a fury, landing a flurry of punches before putting Simpson away with an absolutely brutal knee. Afterwards, Burkman was met in the ring by new signee Jon Fitch, with a bout possibly looming between the two.

David Branch used the takedown game to control Paulo Filho on the ground for the most part, scoring ground-and-pound throughout. He scored the grinding decision win.

Marlon Moraes used his Muay Thai skills to knock Tyson Nam out with a grazing headkick and a subsequent barrage of ground blows. It was another impressive finish added to the night’s striking display.

In the main event, Andrei Arlovski and Anthony Johnson came out in the first round with what most expected, a stand up war. The action was back-and-forth, and later on Johnson landed some great punches on Arlovski, following with some ground strikes. The bell rang just in time for Arlovski.

The second round was a slugfest until an Arlovski low blow halted the action. The third saw Johnson’s striking continue to work, but he surprisingly kept looking for the takedown up against the cage. He seemed to gas and stall later on, but ultimately took home the unanimous decision in a great win.

WSOF 2 Main Card Results:

Anthony Johnson def. Andrei Arlovski via Unanimous Decision

Marlon Moraes? def. Tyson Nam via R1 KO (Headkick)

Josh Burkman def. Aaron Simpson?via R1 KO (Strikes)

David Branch def. Paulo Filho via Unanimous Decision

Justin Gaethje def. J.Z. Cavalcante via R1 TKO (Doctor stoppage)

  • Arlovski should retire now, he just got nearly Knock unconscious by a guy who used to fight at 170, he had his moment in the sport and now is time to let go. thank you AA for the fights you gave us.

    • Yeah, his glass jaw is only getting worse.

      • I remember how the UFC used to overhyped him while Fedor was destroying top HW at Pride, however he was always fun to watch except against Werdum.

        • Interesting you mention Fedor. I think it was Fedor who turned Arlovski's jaw to glass. He was never the same after Fedor so brutally KO'd him with one of the best knock outs of all time.

          • He was always KOable but Fedor did speed the process of his jaw becoming a on/off button.

          • i was cheering the whole fight for Arlovski to throw the flying knee

    • The guy weighed in at 230 who cares what he used to weigh…

  • Damn Paulo Filho looked terrible, he must have problems in his personally life, I can't believe that this high level black belt who used to destroy anyone in pride, can't fight back…

  • i think Arlovski even thought the fight was over after round one….Anthony Johnsons take down attempts made no sense, he was outstriking arlovski.

    • The TD attempts made perfect sense. He was gassed and didn't want to risk getting KOd. The most interesting aspect of this fight to me was that in the third round Arlovski was the one still doing damage while Johnson was just hanging on. Had this been a 5 rounder Arlovski very well may have put Johnson away in the 4th or 5th. I state this not to imply that Arlovski is better but to highlight that Johnson is never going to be a force at HW or any other weight if he doesn't get his cardio in check. That dude needs to get in shape.

      • @Choke….rumble was landing heavy shots and rather than continue his assault he grabbed a leg and gave time for Arlovski to recover…Thats my point….not that all take downs were wrong.
        Remember how Chuck Liddell would blast guys into oblivion against the cage like tito.

    • It made perfect sense… Rumble injured his hand in the fight (possibly broken), that's why he changed his gameplan, like a true veteran would!

  • Regarding John Fitch…

    For the record, I have John Fitch ranked as #8 in the WW MMA / UFC rankings. As Fitch was cut while still ranked (#9) and as Saffiedine, Lawler and Koscheck were either not ranked or below Fitch on the list, I cannot see how they could be ranked higher than Fitch. Not without a bout, to prove it. Subsequently, Fitch has moved up one notch in the rankings, since being cut.

    Sorry Dana, but he should have thought about it before cutting a ranked fighter. A ranking cannot be (simply) removed, once earned. It must be taken away by way of losses in The Octagon.

    Champ: Georges St-Pierre

    1 Johny Hendricks
    2 Carlos Condit
    3 Rory MacDonald +1
    4. Jake Ellenberger +2
    5 Demian Maia
    6 Nick Diaz -3
    7 Martin Kampmann
    8 John Fitch +1
    9.Tarec Saffiedine
    10.Robbie Lawler

    11 Josh Koscheck

    • Maia vs Nick Diaz would be an incredible match.

  • Ah its too bad for Arlovski, he was a fun guy to watch.

    What did Rumble weigh in at?

  • Rumble has to much muscle at HW for his cardio. He really should fight at 215 or just go to 205 for cardio sake.

  • Nim

    I think he was only offered the fight at heavyweight so they had two UFC veteran/ Household names for the main event promotion. Job done he'll likely drop back down to LHW at least.

    This is the problem when high level fighters flounder outside the core MMA promotions… the divisions lack the depth to build win collumn of respectable enough names to re-attract the attention of the big leagues so they end up jumping divisions for 'big fights'.

    Seems a little disruptive for any momentum to be built as a WW, MW, LHW or HW force though.

    Well done to Johnson for balancing the extra weight with the endurance enough to earn the decision but I'm still holding out for a return to form from the Pitbull. I'd love to see him earn a place in the Octagon to finish his career!