With Speculation Rising, Dana White Neither Confirms Nor Denies Gina Carano Rumors


News broke earlier this week that a huge announcement was coming about UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey. UFC Octagon announcer Joe Rogan revealed he had some big news that he just couldn’t share, but it would be coming soon.

Of course, rampant speculation ensued, with most of the talk centered on Rousey most likely fighting Invicta FC featherweight champion Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino, who recently declared her intentions to finally cut down to bantamweight for a showdown with Rousey.

But an entirely different rumor persisted, that of former Strikeforce women’s featherweight champion Gina Carano, who left the sport behind for acting after suffering a TKO loss to “Cyborg” back in 2009, to return to fighting and face Rousey for the title. Ariel Helwani sought the scoop and declared his findings on tonight’s “UFC Tonight”:

“Well, I spoke to UFC President Dana White about this, and he said, “It’s not true. Nothing is breaking this week.” But he never said that what Joe was talking about wasn’t true, which leads me to believe of course, Joe being connected like he is, that’s something is up.

I asked him about this hot rumor that the UFC wants to book Ronda Rousey vs. Gina Carano, remember her, in a fight later on this year, and all he replied was, “Where did that come from?” Never denied it, never said it wasn’t true, just asked me where it came from and gave me the old LOL, so right now, we don’t know what they’re talking about but something seems to be brewing.”

There’s no doubt that something is up; it’s just a matter of what that exactly means. It’s sounding like that either way it plays out, Rousey will have a blockbuster match-up booked for her next fight. The dominant women’s champion, fresh off the first knockout of her career over Sara McMann at UFC 170, is currently set to appear in several acting roles of her own, but she’s a fighting champion.

White also said that Justino would have to make 135 pounds successfully before he would consider signing her to face Rousey. “Cyborg” recently parted ways with her manager, former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz, potentially opening the door for her long-awaited grudge match with “Rowdy.”

However, with White failing to deny the Carano rumor, will the huge announcement signify “Conviction’s” return to the cage? More to come.

  • Smh this is the big news Rogan was talking about?! Who cares!? What a waste of time. She's going to get destroyed by any top fighter. She was never that good in the first place.

    • Agreed, Ronda will have another 1rst round armbar. Will be the sexiest fight in history though

      • Zip

        Indeed. Certainly not a waste of time 🙂

    • I doubt this is the news but if it is id like to see what dana will say to justify a decision like this that would make no sense AT ALL, Gina is overrated as far a fighting skills and popularity, there isnt one argument anybody can make for a fight like this to make sense.

  • Gina will have trouble making 135lb so very unlikely that this rumour has anything to do with her. And if it did, she would surely have to do a contender's bout first before facing RRR.