Anderson Silva reveals he may fight Jon Jones at a catchweight this year


UFC Middleweight champion Anderson Silva has a lot on his plate right now. From opening his Muay Thai College in Torrance to his pending and rumored bout with rising contender Chris Weidman, talk of him being in a superfight has subsided considerably. However, Brazilian website SporTV has reported that Silva spoke up about a bout with Jon Jones at a catchweight of 192 lbs. last week.


With Dana White stating after UFC 157 that he would indeed like to schedule a superfight featuring Silva by year’s end, is there enough time to book this monumental bout? Let’s take a look at the details. First off, Jones will defend his Light Heavyweight championship against Chael Sonnen on April 27th in the TUF Finale. With most (if not all) expecting Jones to retain, a catchweight bout with Silva could possibly be on the horizon.


Silva has been rumored to face Chris Weidman on July 6th in Las Vegas. While that could be a huge bout, it’s tough to think that Silva would turn around to face Jon Jones before year’s end. The report is hearsay at this point, just like the Chris Weidman fight is. But many think that both of these bouts are simply fights that have to happen. What do you think?


I, for one, believe that Chris Weidman should definitely get his shot at Silva for the Middleweight title. He is coming off shoulder surgery, so questions will remain about his health in facing the most dominant champion in MMA history. Will he be ready for the task at hand? Hard to say. Jon Jones would need time to cut the weight down to 192, as he usually walks at around 225 lbs. This is all assuming he gets past Chael Sonnen with no significant injuries to show for his efforts.


Regardless of all the hype and red tape, this could be an absolutely epic bout, and while it may not be for either title, it would no doubt be one of the most watched PPV fights ever. Adding perhaps a title fight to the card would make the event carry an atmosphere similar to that of UFC 100. Silva is all over the place these days, and has his hands in many different business opportunities that his status as champion has afforded him. That is why this fight must take place sooner than later.


I’d have to say that if there is a man out there (with an actual chance of fighting Silva) who can beat The Spider, it is Jon Jones. His length, wrestling ability, and dynamic striking make him the biggest threat to Silva’s vast undefeated streak. Apparently, Silva has spoken up in Brazil that he wants this fight, and he wants it this year. Are we seeing more back-and-forth talk here, or is something actually coming to fruition?


Let me know what you think. Anderson Silva is not getting any younger, and while he looks unbeatable, he has never faced a fighter with even close the abilities of Jon Jones. Jones is tied up in a fight that he stands to gain little, as many believe Sonnen was undeserving in the first place. This is the fight that could define the UFC for years to come. Let’s hope that it is on the way soon.