POLL: With 2014 Out Of The Question, Should Anderson Silva Call It Quits?


Anderson Silva has already achieved more than most fighters could ever dream of; he was the most dominant champion in UFC history, owning the middleweight division with an iron fist. How times have changed, as ‘The Spider’ has lost twice in one year and suffered a brutal leg injury during the last fight at UFC 168.

With 2014 now out of the question, what should Silva do next? Obviously it is Silva’s decision, but I’m interested to hear what you think. With the current crop of talent at middleweight, a return in 2015 might actually work out quite nicely for Silva.

Widely viewed as the greatest fighter ever to grace the UFC and MMA, Silva really has no-one to prove anything to apart from himself. How do you feel, would you rather the aging champ stay retired?

  • DG1

    Only he knows. The time off will be a good test. If he still wants it in 2015 then he should come back. If he comes back with the old fire there's not an MMA fan anywhere who wouldn't welcome him with open arms. But only if he's hungry.

  • There are still plenty of fun fights out there for silva….He is not the oldest guy in the sport so he can probably give us a couple more years in catchweight fights, boxing or whatever he chooses. Just because someone is rich doesn't mean they should stop if it what they like and they are great at it

    • Do you like the idea of prize fights in MMA? Not a freak show but just sort of casual fun fights, as opposed to meaningful title runs and stuff

      • Great idea! Who wouldn't love to see Cung Le, Wanderlei, Uriah Hall, Bisping or Mousasi against Anderson Silva?

        We would get to see some really high level striking in the cage.

      • @Rory…the odd freak show doesn't bother me….I'm also ok with a girl in a mini skirt with cellulite on the back of the legs….Dana has been feeding us freak shows for a while now so im getting use to the taste

  • Ivy

    No back!

  • I know it's stupid and it won't happen but just imagine the kind of stuff Anderson could do in any of the lower promotions. It wouldn't be fair on their fighters but man it would be crazy to look at.