Win, lose or draw “Rampage” Jackson wants Rashad Evans


The former UFC light heavyweight champion, Quinton

  • I think that Rampage has too much pride and heart to let Rashad win that fight, I believe Rampage will knock Rashad out !! Rampage and rashad arguing during season 10 TUF was the only thing that made the series even slightly amusing, this fight will be awesome when it happens.

  • TwA

    rampage ko rd 1

  • Anyone else hear Mr. T’s voice when reading this?

  • If Rampage had been training this whole time like Rashad has than I would say that Rampage has this fight no prob but I think Rashad is going to come back strong and take Rampage out. Either way great fight with somebody getting knocked TFO

  • gm1

    Rampage isnt in the top contenders.
    Plus, rumors are he may not fight anymore with UFC…