Will Rampage Jackson Return To The UFC?


Quinton “Rampage” Jackson has always been one of the most polarizing figures in MMA. A former UFC light heavyweight champion, Jackson is known for always saying what’s on his mind, in addition to the heavy hands that made him a fan favorite.

After being the champion in 2007-08 “Rampage” became one of the UFC’s biggest stars, but that all came to an end in 2013. After losing three straight fights and having a rocky relationship with UFC president Dana White, Jackson was released by the UFC and went on to sign with rival Bellator.

Since joining Bellator, “Rampage” has compiled three straight wins, including two knockouts and a controversial decision win over “King Mo” last May. Early on, he always made it clear how happy he was with the promotion, especially with former Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney.

However, Rebney was fired and replaced by former Strikeforce promoter Scott Coker early this year, which didn’t sit too well with him. “Rampage” even considered retirement from the sport due to the management switch.

It appears as though Jackson may now be so unhappy with Bellator that he is possibly regretting his decision to leave the UFC, which is very surprising:


Does this mean we could see “Rampage” back in the Octagon at some point? Well, even more surprising than that is the fact that the UFC president may actually welcome him back. White talked to TSN’s “Off the Record” on Monday (November 17, 2014) about his former light heavyweight champion:

“I like him ‘Rampage’ and I have a very unique relationship. All the stuff that goes on publicly, behind the scenes, we square it away. He’s a good dude.”

Although it can be argued that Jackson has fought a lower level of talent during his time in Bellator, he has looked like a new form of his old self nonetheless. He did beat former UFC fighter Joey Beltran as well as Lawal, who is no slouch.

But the question has to arise, how would an aging “Rampage” Jackson do against the murderer’s row that currently populates the UFC light heavyweight division? It’s hard to believe he would have much success, but crazier things have happened.

Would you like to see “Rampage” back in the Octagon?

  • jcren

    I rather him beat up on Bonnar, Tito and Lawal then walk off into the sunset.

    There are maybe two good fights for him in the UFC….Rampage vs Rua (5 years too late), Evans vs Rampage II (if Evans regresses), Hendo vs Rampage II (pure nostalgia)….maybe push comes to shove Rampage vs Nog.

    I would watch those fights. Can he beat Gus, Davis, Jones, Cormier with his pure boxing technique and with ailing knees?

    • Dabs


    • D

      Can’t disagree.

      It might not be a bad business plan for him to sign maybe a 3 fight deal with the UFC, fight some of the guys you mentioned, and then look for a commentating gig with the UFC. He may not be the most well spoken guy, but he’s entertaining.

    • darejz00

      I’m a big Rampage fan, I love watching him fight but there is no way he could beat the current prime fighters like Gus, Jones, Cormier….
      If he were to come back it would be for those nostalgic fights Jcren mentioned. Shogun is aging too but that matchup has Pride written all over it. I’d watch that for sure!

      It’s like these older veterans age together and watching them fight each other will always bring up fireworks…

  • thexperience1

    Dana already made a statement about liking Rampage and there’s no more beef… So i expect Rampage to be back home soon. Im pretty sure Dana wouldnt mind bringing him home. Even if it was just to stick it to Reject MMA, cause lets be real… Rampage is one of their biggest stars.

  • jcren

    He wont be a star after he loses. I don’t think Dana has a problem with Bellator. It only has fighters he doesn’t need on his roster. Chandler and Brooks are the only guys he might be interested in. Otherwise, what does he care that Bonnar, Tito and Rampage and a bunch of no names are making a living. Its actually good for the sport that they have careers beyond their viable championship window.

    • SpaceJam

      Only Chandler and Brooks?? A lot more talented fighters than that in Bellator that can make a impact in the UFC……

  • murderous1

    Shogun revenge match would be epic