POLL: Who Would Win In A Lightweight Battle Between Jose Aldo And Anthony Pettis?


Jose Aldo’s victory at UFC 169 seems to have resurrected the talk of a super fight between ‘Scarface’ and 155lb. boss Anthony ‘Showtime’ Pettis. The two had originally been paired before Pettis was the champ at UFC 163. Injury would eventually force the former WEC LW title holder from competing for Aldo’s FW strap.

Much has been said in the time since about who would win; Aldo with his crisp striking and timing, or Pettis with his adverse striking and ‘wild card’ style. One thing is for sure, this fight needs to happen for so many reasons. For the UFC it would be a huge seller, but there is so much more to it.

Aldo and Pettis would surely seal their place in MMA history as one of the GOAT with a win over the other, and it will also allow the Featherweight division to breathe and evolve from it’s current tied up situation. With the fight looking more and more likely by the day, the obvious question is who do you think would win in a super scrap between the two WEC/UFC legends? (assuming the bout takes place at Lightweight)

  • I've argued this both ways as on different days I see it different ways. This fight is a close match up. I have to think if Aldo was making the permanent move up he'd be able to bulk up even a touch more making him have the far strength advantage over Pettis. Striking technically I think Aldo takes it. Wrestling Aldo. Subs Aldo. Pettis would need a flash shot to end the fight which he is more than capable of, but I don't count on a flash K.O verse someone like Aldo. If Aldo's cardio doesn't improve without having to cut the weight then Pettis could very easily end the fight in the last round when Aldo just tries to coast by

  • I have Pettis outclassing Aldo and putting him away in the 1st or 2nd.

    • At any weight….

      • Xp, you're definitely the opposite in picks to mine, but I always respect your opinions man.

  • I feel like they are pretty evenly matched, both very tough, fight goes 5 rounds. I think Aldo continues to peak early on and fade in the championship rounds. Pettis has the perfect style to pick you apart if you're a half-step slow. Prediction: Pettis by UD

    • It's hard to take the 1rst 3 rounds from him. Then he coasts the last 1 or 2 knowing he can't be finished and already won 3 usually pretty easily. I also don't think he'll fade as quick at 155 I'd assume he could go 4 rounds full speed pretty easily if he can go 3-3 1/2 right now at 145. He also was still faster than edgar even after gassing.

      • Pettis has never been finished, Aldo was submitted once (at lightweight), it could be a war and go the distance with no one coasting. Aldo's camp wants a catch-weight, they aren't as confident with the 155 Aldo as you are.

  • Really hard to say. I feel Aldo is faster in the beginning but fades. Pettis does not fade. I would say Pettis on current outgoings but what if Aldo has incredible cardio at 155 if that happens then I pick Aldo as I think he moves to quickly when fresh. Really hard to call.

  • Ivy

    If you want to stay on Rory's good side you better vote Aldo, lol!

  • I don't see Aldo having the power to finish Pettis, Pettis has never been seen rock and he has face powerful strikers like Cerrone and Stephens, never been submitted either .
    While Aldo has been outstrike by guys like Hominick in some rounds, also I remember seeing Aldo being kinda hurt vs the Korean Zombie. Aldo has nastry leg kicks but never finish anyone with those while Pettis can finish him with a single kick.

    The fight won't go to the ground and if it does I see Pettis having a the upper hand , seeing how he has outgrapple guys like Bendo who are big and strong on the ground while Aldo has been hold down by smaller opponents.

    In short Pettis by TKO or Decision

  • It's gonna be a close fight but I see Aldo getting the decision here. Pettis will need more rehab on his knee after this one.

    • Agree, I think Aldo's defense will be good and his leg kicks will slow Pettis down bigtime. I dont see Pettis subbing Aldo either.