POLL: Who Will Win The Next UFC Welterweight Title Fight?


When UFC on FOX 12 was said and done from the SAP Center in San Jose, California, last night, No. 1-ranked welterweight Robbie Lawler had earned a hard-fought unanimous decision over Matt Brown in a “Fight of the Night”-winning main event war.

With the pivotal victory, “Ruthless” moves on to an awaited rematch with injured 170-pound champion Johny “Bigg Rigg” Hendricks sometime later this year of early in 2015. The two threw down in a five round war at March 15’s UFC 171, with Hendricks earning the nods largely on the heels of a late fifth round takedown.

Lawler vs. Brown was an entertaining fight for sure, but critics if “Ruthless” may suggest that he fought very similarly to his first meeting with Hendricks, a gameplan that has already proven ineffective to getting the belt.

Still, “Ruthless” is on fire at welterweight looking the best he ever has after making his UFC debut way back in 2001. With Hendricks returning from surgery on a torn biceps, who do you think will prevail at their title fight rematch?

Photo: Kyle Terada for USA TODAY Sports

  • Hoping Lawler puts another ass whooping on arrogant Johny boy, this time for five rounds. Hendricks has been out doing nothing where as Lawler has beaten two top ten guys and gotten better in that time. War Lawler!

    • I concur, I hope Lawler beats the beard right off of Hendricks. He has no problem "winning" fights he lost by decision, but once he loses a close fight/decision he cries like a big baby. Hendricks lost to Pierce, Koscheck & I think Condit beat him, b/c all the takedowns Hendricks landed, was b/c he was getting peppered on the feet, so he took Condit down, but Condit did a lot more damage & offense from his back, while Hendricks did absolutely NOTHING when he took Condit down.

      P.S According to Hendricks logic on why he "won" the GSP fight, means he actually lost the Lawler fight, so I wonder which fight/"theory" Hendricks believes in now?!?

  • I kicked it with Hendrix before & he wasn't arrogant at all but here on this site guys always calling other guys arrogant & cocky. Soon guys will start judging fighter by who's the cutest…that's when I'm adios amigo!

    • At times he seems humble and down to earth, but in most of his interviews, particularly the ones where he talks about GSP, his arrogance and lack of respect comes out

    • Hendricks isn't so much arrogant as a cry baby, makes excuses when he wins & loses. I only fought GSP with 70% punching power…???? Really, STFU idiot, biggest fight of his career vs. the best fighter on the planet & he's only going to use 70% of his power?!? Okay, whatever helps you sleep at night. Same when he beat Lawler, saying his arm was the reason Lawler did so good etc., well I guess we'll see in the rematch how true that is.

      I also find it funny when Hendricks cried when GSP beat him (barely), he talked about GSP's face was busted up, yet when he fought Lawler, Hendricks face was busted up & Lawler had a couple scratches, but I didn't hear Hendricks talking about the winner of that fight based on the fighters looks, wonder why that is?

      FYI: If they went by what fighters face's looked like, GSP would probably be 15-12. B/C GSP bruises like a peach, while fighters like BJ Penn & Anderson Silva can sustain a lot of damage & their skin/face not reflect the true amount of damage they absorbed.

    • He's not arrogant just acts like he gets too excited when the camera gets in front of him and says stupid siht.

      • 1/2 the time Dana looks at the ground and shakes his head, like (what the hell is he talking about)

    • I'm not saying Renan Barao is the ugliest fighter in the UFC but TJ is on another level of cuteness. Adios!

      Looking forward to see Ruthless knocking out that arrogant jerk Johny Henricks.

    • Zip

      Hmm, I'll have to re-think this. 'Cutest' was the only criteria I could come up with when pondering why you and Space have it so hard for bones… leme think…leme think…

  • Judging from Robbie's performance last night (which looked like shit!) i say Hendricks takes it again. DC

  • The biggest difference in this next fight is Robbie will have more experience in 5 rounders and will have better cardio. He did much better in the Brown fight and they both exerted a lot of energy. He didnt gas this time.