POLL: Who will be the UFC Heavyweight Champion at the end of 2013?

  • Chael P Sonnen!

    • damn were the heck is alistair? i think if there no alistair, then the heavyweight champ would be chumly og big hoast of the pawn stars, i think both of them are training mma and are in serious condition, i think the ufc should give them a chance, this would be good for the sport of mma, from pawn stars to **** stars, i mean mma star.

  • Fabricio have perfect weapons to win against Cain Velasquez, best guard in the world and very good muay thai, it mean he good in clinch and Cain love clinch game.
    But Cain is very tuf.

    • I can see what your saying but I think his Thai game isn't at the level to deal with Cain's kickboxing. Werdum looked sick lately but Roy Nelson and Mike Russow don't have half of Cain's stand up technique.

      Also Vai Cavalo's guard is insane but if we're talking about best guard in MMA (never mind the world), Vinny Magalhaes could argue for it. No Doubt Werdum is right at the top though

  • I think JDS will beat Cain when they fight again.

  • hunt by Samoan power bomb to the face

  • I was afraid that Cain was going to come out tentative and defensive against JDS in their rematch. He didn't. His plan to not get KO'd by a JDS or Hunt bomb doesn't include being less agressive. In fact, he was more aggressive.

    Cain is unbeatable in 2013.

  • Representing for The Big Samoan.

    Mark Hunt will shock the world in 2013 by first beating Jr. Dos Santos and the claiming the Heavy Weight Belt, from the winner of Velasquez / Silva.

    • I think Hunt will beat JDS but he will not beat Cain. You never now though.

      • i think shock his fat body… whoever thinks mark hunt will be the champ is so damn stupid, pls wake up people, mark hunt didn't even knock out wanderlei silva, he did get knock out by melvin manhoef who's not even in the ufc and a middle weight.