POLL: Who Will Be The Next Welterweight Champion?


Robbie Lawler and Johny Hendricks will collide at UFC 171, deciding the future of the UFC’s Welterweight division. In Georges St-Pierre’s absence the title has been vacated and come UFC 171 we will see a new Champion crowned. My question is who do you think will walk away with the covoted title?

  • wow split with 17 votes each. That says it allllll, I do think Hendricks will implement a little more wrestling, with it going 5 rounds and Hendricks having just fought 1 I'm giving him the edge. Either could win at any second by K.O but I think Hendricks will beat him in most other areas. What a close entertaining fight to become the new WW champ. I know some people aren't totally deserving of a shot at the belt yet but these aren't normal circumstances so I wish the UFC would do some kind of tourny, match the #1 vs #8 #2 vs #7 #3vs#6 #4vs #5 then winners fight til the last 2 fight for the belt. I guess this is the best 1 night solution. Just kinda feel for condit and wouldn't mind seeing Woodley, Lombard, and even RoryMac get another shot into this

  • When we're talking about champions we're talking about special athletes that are on another level. Robbie has come a long way and got better and showed heart and strong mental but he's not on a champion's level. I would say the only guys close to that status in that division are Carlos Condit , Johnny Hendrix, Nick Diaz, and maybe H. Lombard if he gets his beast mode back. But there's no one that i see having that invincible ora that Georges had. Should be fun though, i like when the top 4/5 guys are very evenly matched. Can't wait.

    • Condit most def. has those qualities… if he REALLY gets his wrestling game together. He's gonna be an unstoppable force. That's why i think the GSP and Hendricks fight were good for him. It really exposed his weakness and he's been working on it hard.

      I think Robbie will take the belt unless he gets caught with a bomb.. cause i dont think Johny can get and hold Robbie down long enough.

      • X, I have Hendricks in this fight. I think he'll be able to out wrestle him long enough to really strain his arms and take some of the power from Lawler. I think standing this fight is very close, wrestling/grappling advantage Hendricks. Cardio is pretty even I'm giving the edge to Hendricks only because like I said he's coming off a 5 rounder against a known cardio freak with GSP and Hendricks held up by all accounts. I also think fighting the competition he's faced is a big plus over Robbie Lawlers whose 1rst biggg win was Rory Mac

    • Nick Diaz? but not Robbie Lawler? the Robbie Lawler from today K.O's Diaz early. Condit beats Diaz again. Hendricks would handle Diaz via wrestling and possibly K.O. Lombard is to big and strong for Diaz, I think Woodley with the right gameplan can beat him in a 3 round fight. Rory Mac kinda got exposed by the pressure fighters so I think Diaz can probably beat him right now. considering Diaz isn't interested in fighting right now he shouldn't even be mentioned.

      • DG1

        Diaz cannot compete with the division's top 4 or 5 fighters, period. He's not even a contender anymore – he's a sideshow.

  • D

    I'd have to go with Hendricks. I just think he's a little better everywhere. He's the faster guy – the only guy who might be able to challenge him for hand speed right now at 170 is Hector Lombard. Both guys have tremendous power, but Hendricks has never been KO'd, and Lawler has, so I'd have to give Hendricks an advantage in terms of durability. In terms of wrestling, Lawler is good, but Hendricks is just better. The only advantage I see for Lawler is in reach, and possibly pure striking technique, but I see that being nullified by Hendricks explosiveness and speed.

    I got Hendricks by KO in the 2nd round.

  • Lawler I hope. Would still like the see a Lawler Diaz rematch. It would be a strike fest for sure.

    • Diaz would have to win a fight before though. But yeah that would be epic!

  • Why no tournament?? UFC, Dana, Lorenzo, Frank, Joe silva, guys please !!!
    Everybody loves tournament, plus there's a lot of money to make with this!

  • Hendricks and his fake religious image

    • The guy voices his spiritual beliefs, so that makes him fake. Actually, he strikes me as a very down to earth and humble guy, quite the opposite of fake.

      • His Image as to being religious, NOT his religion… come on, "Jesus told me to knock him out, Jesus knows I beat him, Jesus knows he's scared of me" ———–would rather be fake than reareded.

  • Ivy

    I like both fighters, but I have to think Hendricks by a close decision.