POLL: Who Tops Your Pound For Pound List?


The greatest fighter pound-for-pound is a title used for a select few athletes in MMA, and the three most commonly argued fighters are Anderson Silva, Jon Jones and Anderson Silva. MMA has a host of other top talents to consider though, including Jose Aldo, Dominick Cruz, Renan Barao, Cain Velasquez and Chris Weidman even.

So who tops your P4P list and why?

  • Anderson Silva, then GSP then Jones is how it should be

    • Oh ya, Silva is so good that even after getting knocked out he's still #1.

  • Anderson, Bones, Aldo, GSP, Cain

    • TheXperience, IDK how I forgot Cain during our talk about this on the other post. 1.Anderson, 2. Bones VERY close 3. Aldo 4.GSP 5.Cain (with a finish or very convincing win over Cruz Barao will talk my number 5 slot and possibly number 4 with his win streak mixed with finishing great fighters.)

      • Yeah it's hard to disagree with that… Barao is a certified bad *** and with a win over Cruz… it's hard to deny him a top 5 position in the pound for pound rankings.

  • technically mighty mouse blows everyone else away! go mouse!

    • Yeah Mighty Mouse is up there… he just needs to keep doing what he's doing! 1 or 2 more solid victories and he'll he Top 5 in my opinion. It's just that Barao's winning streak is so crazy! So he can't top Barao. I agree with SilvaOfTheStreets that Barao is breathing down Cain's neck and arguably could take the Top 5 spot if he beats Cruz but Mighty is breathing down Barao's neck HEAVY!

  • "…and the three most commonly argued fighters are Anderson Silva, Jon Jones and Anderson Silva."

    i'm with you – if i could, i would have voted for silva two times as well 😉

  • Can't be guys who have gotten beat up … Silva being dominated by Weismann and sonnen eliminates him from top. GDP getting beaten down by Hendricks drops him and jones vs Gus takes away from him.

    Aldo… Dominates division beaten top guys
    Baroa dude is beating everyone
    Cain cleared up blemish nobody in division is on his lol
    Jones dominate but Gus fight left some questions
    Gsp great but Hendricks fight is a blemish
    Pettis fonisher but lacks wrestling still
    Weismann beat the goat and is undefeated but has work to do

    • D

      You are the pound for pound worst typist on lowkick.

  • Sarah Jean Underwood!! oh, it's a fighters list nevermind.

  • Jose Aldo, the guy has 23 wins one loss back in 05 Nobody has that kind of record and hasnt loss once in the UFC. NOBODY has beaten him up for 4 rounds or knocked him out HA!

    • True, Aldo is solid but also the largest in his division.

      • Anderson wasnt the smallest in his division, but thats not stopping anyone here.

        • But Aldo is the very biggest in his division. Anderson is about 7th or 8th in his and has fought guys much bigger than him. Aldo hasn't.

      • So is Silva, Jones and Baroa…not sure what that has to do with it. If anything … the weight cut is hurting him. I think he is a better LW than FW

        • Silva is not the biggest and is actually smaller in comparison to his opponents than all other division champs except Cain and Mighty mouse. But yes I never thought about the other champs being biggest in their divisions. Aldo and Jones are especially big for their divisions though.

          • Damien Maia 6 ft
            Chael Sonnen 6 ft 1"
            Patrick Cote 5ft 11"
            I think you're wrong Falcon and I'll leave it at that lol
            Weidman maybe so. Weidman is what happens when you fight someone your height or better, like Jones found out.

          • Height.lol. Well then you can add Cain and a Mark Hunt etc as well. How about Silva has 8 guys with longer reach than him. GSP, Jones, Aldo, Cruz have big fat 0's in that dept. Silva fought at 168 multiple times. When he was younger he could have made 170 without an issue. there are guys at 170 right now like Alcantara, Amagov, Condit,Hathaway, Noke and Brandon Thatch that are all 6'2. There are even guys like Seth, Neil Magney and Hyun Gyu Lim who are 6'3 at 170. But GSP has always had a reach and strength advantage over his opponents, where Silva has faced Multiple fighters with greater reach strength and size than him. Jones as well as Aldo and Cruz also all had reach advantages in every fight.

          • Only Silva has the record he has against fighters who had size, reach and strength advantages over him. All the other champs bar Cain and Mighty Mouse had those advantages on their side in every fight.

          • Leites, Bonnar, Griffin, Chris Weidman, All were bigger and better reached than Silva. Who has GSP, Jones, or Aldo faced with those criteria against them? Maybe thats the secret to their success but Silva is a skill phenom and thats his secret weapon.

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    As it stands right now, Aldo is the most dominant champion in the UFC. GSP and Jones were just in very, very close fights that many fel they lost, and Silva just got KO'd. The only fighters with an argument right now are DJ and Barao.

  • Looks like the Goat is getting more love after Bones vs Gus and GSP vs JH…..

  • FEDOR !!!

    • Remember a few years ago when there were all the Fedor fans here who couldn't stop going on about how great he was? (he was great – I'm just saying)

      • hey!! I am his fan, the reason I do MMA too :)! but I agree eith you, time changed even the p4p will change, but lately p4p thing is pointless with me

        • True…it close to pointless…but then again…so are rankings in a way. The ONLY thing that matter is the matchup a fighter has next.

          P4p list is a way at trying to answer the question that cant be answered…WHO IS THE BEST

    • awesome….I do think he is the GOAT. Dude could beat you anywhere…and he did it with a beer belly fighting above his weight class

  • my Kii keyboard ***** so many freaking typo