POLL: Who Takes UFC 183's Main Event Between Anderson Silva And Nick Diaz?


On SuperBowl weekend two MMA legends are set to step into the Octagon to face off in what is expected to be one of the biggest fights in UFC history.

Anderson “The Spider” Silva and MMA’s bad boy Nick Diaz will both be making their returns to the Octagon after lengthy layoffs but the fight is still mouth-watering for most fans. Silva makes his comeback after suffering one of the most gruesome injuries we’ve ever seen in his rematch with Chris Weidman at UFC 168.

When the former pound-for-pound king makes his return it will be thirteen months since he last fought. Diaz’s layoff has been even longer than the Brazilian’s. When he steps foot inside the Octagon it will be nearly two years since he last fought.

Still, the fight will unquestionably be one to remember and it’s already caused a huge stir in the MMA world. So it’s a perfect time to see who you guys have as the favorite going in?

Who do you think will emerge victorious when Silva and Diaz meet?


  • I choose option 3 and 4, the fans and UFCs accountants will be the winners that day.

  • DG1

    Diaz has better hands than Weidman but doesn't hit as hard. Silva is the favorite; the only reason I give Diaz a chance in this one is that Silva is coming off an injury. Has Diaz been training consistently since he lost to GSP? I guess we'll find out…

  • Anderson via Ramen Noodle leg soup.

  • all depends if Silva is gun shy once in a true fight to come
    back and not be scared to KICK to throw down with out hisitation
    will mop the floor with Daiz if Daiz is same Ol Daiz ,,,Daiz in the past
    wins by acting like the other guy isnt doing anything

  • It may be a lot like Nicks first fight with KJ Noons. I love Nicks fights but KJ at his best is a beast and mopped the floor with Diaz with movement and superior striking. KJ was fat in their second fight and lost a decision. I don't think Diaz can come close to hangin with the diversity of Anderson nor his power.

  • Please somebody – anybody hit Nick Diaz as hard as possible with any object that is sitting nearby.