POLL: Who should Anderson Silva fight next?

With the Middleweight division now in a state of confusion, few viable options remain for champion Anderson Silva. Now that the Bisping hype train has come to a halt, who do you think is the best choice for Anderson to step in the octagon with next?

Let us know who you chose in the comments and why!


  • Give him rockhold champion vs champion!

    • lombard versus belfort first then they can challenge silva for the title, silva just got lucky last tym from belfort.

      • you seriously think he got lucky ko'ing vitor? yeh so he must have been lucky to ko griffin with a jab, drop okami from a jab, finish bonnar with 1 knee, finish franklin with knees twice, finish chael in round 5, finish chael in round 2 with a knee. if you havent noticed anderson trains a lot to change a fight with one hit hence the frontkick on vitor that he probably trained for 10 years. there is NO luck if you pull off a move you have trained to use

        • Silva is always lucky, only GSP and Fedor win with skill guys.

  • Belfort.

    Weidman isn't ready, Lombard has to get past Okami, Rockhold has to prove himself in The UFC the same way Lombard and others have, Evans hasn't declared that he'd take the fight, nor has it been offered to him and to the best-of-my-knowledge Dana isn't even thinking of making that offer.

    That only leaves Belfort. He's fit, ready, healthy and coming off a big win. He also has a score to settle and a point to prove, with The Champion. This match is a no-brainier and the only option "right now", for Silva.

    If not, when is he going to defend his belt? And should a Champion be allowed to sit out at his own will and pick-and-choose his opponents? Which seems to be what he's doing theses days. It seems more like Anderson tells Dana what to do, than the other way round. The tail seems to wag the dog @ 185 in The UFC.

    • MMAtruth…r u saying he is not ready because of shoulder injury or performance in UFC ?

      • @ Enjoy

        Of whom do you ask, Weidman? No, to me, if Weidman were healthy he would have already fought Silva. I think Weidman is a bad match for The Champ and he knows it. CW is a much better version of Chael Sonnen. If he were to get Silva down, it would be pretty ugly, I think.

        • @ MMA Truth…..Give it a week or two and the fans and media will be demanding some answers from Dana regarding the next matchup….right now you wouldn't even know whether Fedor emelianenko is coming out of retirement to face silva…..My guess is GSP late 2013 assuming no injuries after Diaz win.

          • @ Enjoy

            I would have to respectfully disagree with you on Silva / GSP happening in 2013. Not unless Silva drops to 170 to ensure it.

            There is more than enough to keep Rush busy in his division, particularly if Hendricks wins (on that card).

            And to be honest, I'm shocked that Dana hasn't been pummeled with questions regarding Silva's next fight date and who his opponent will be.

          • @MMA Truth…Its frustrating, but you are right, there are great fights for GSp after the diaz fight in his division.

            Maybe Chael will get beaten by jones and talk his way into a third with silva. two years ago that would have been a joke..todays its more a reality

          • Possible fights for GSP in 2013, should he keep winning. Diaz, Hendricks / Elenberger, Maia, Brown, MacDonald, Kim, Fitch.

            All of those fighters with the exception of Hendricks (who has already earned his title shot, he should have waited out GSP / Diaz IMO) are one or two fights away from being legitimate contenders. By the time GSP comes back to The Octagon, should he beat Diaz, a new #1 contender will have been identified.

            I'd say if The Champ can accomplish victories over two or three fighters of that list, not including Diaz, we'll probably see him either retire, move-up or take a couple of "super-fights" and retire. Strangely enough, a "super-fight" I wouldn't mind seeing happen would be GSP / Sonnen. Not that it's really a super-fight. I'd just like to see it. I think GSP would hold his own with Sonnen @ 185.

          • @MMA Truth…..Actually thats a very interesting matchup…Chael vs GSP….I think Chael has found a home now at Light heavyweight but I guess it all depends on how competitive he is with Jones. I also see another few fights before GSP budges. Just wondering whether Chael will call it a day if he loses to Bones.

          • @ Enjoy

            Well, he's making a ton of money, so…why would he, I guess. Why not take a loss / beating / fight if you're making big cash and I assume he's making big cash.

            Although, for my money, I don't by his PPVs' any more. I can't be bothered and I think I was proven right with Silva / Sonnen 2. I have concluded that Sonnen is a greater hype artist, than Martial Artist. I certainly won't be buying his fight with Jones. I'll catch it online for free. Why spend 55 bucks on a predictable outcome? Jones will mop the floor with Sonnen. It won't even be close.

            My guess will be that he will wonder on back down to 185, because he'll get his ass handed to him by the bulk of the 205 division, if he doesn't. All there is for Sonnen @ 205 is a series of interesting or entertaining, losses. @ 185 he's still relevant and if Silva retires, he just might…might…be able to grab that belt. That is if he can beat Weidman and Lombard. Everyone else, I believe he can handle.

            My guess is, too, that Dana would not want him to retire. He is too valuable to the promotion as a hype artist and there's really no one to replace Sonnen, in that area. He is simply the best carnival barker out there, today. DW has no one to replace him. Not even close.

            My guess is lose or (low probability) win, Sonnen stays in The UFC. And I think given a GSP / Sonnen fight @ 185 would be a very solid fight. Rush is giving up some size, but he's a far better everything than Chael. I also think GSP / Bisping would be a good match. It would certainly put money in everyone's pockets and it gives GSP / The UFC options, here. There are fighters GSP can take on @ 185 and beat and with a couple of those, maybe he'll just say F-it, give me Silva. If nothing else, these fights would be a good way for GSP to test the waters @ 185, as (similarly) Silva has been allowed to do @ 205.

      • Weidman's not ready because of the number of fights and caliber of opponents he has faced in the UFC

    • @mma truth

      i agree. belfort is the logical choice at 185.
      and vitor said that kick was lucky so lets do it!!

      • @ OMR; yeah Silva was really lucky that Vitor watched the kick coming and just stood there and took it like a downs kid. I'm not for Vitor getting a shot now but if he does I will really enjoy seeing Silva destroy him again. I like Vitor as a fighter but ridiculous statements deserve reality checks.

      • There's a reason Vitor called out BONES and no SILVA… He feels like he can beat Jones a second time around. He's not confident about the odds facing Silva again. He knows Silva KO/TKO against Silva will ruin his chances of ever becoming a champ again, so he wants to take a shot at BONES again… plain and simple! If he was confident that he could be SILVa he would've called him out…. Silva needs to fight Rockhold.. champion VS champion.. lets go!!! and i dont wanna hear the "he needs to beat some UFC fighters first" nonsense! He deserves a title unification shot just like Gilbert… If he's not ready for the UFC, Anderson will gladly show us….

    • Damn MMAtruth do you actually watch MMA? Vitor said he wanted to fight jones again not silva so why are you crying like silva needs to defend his belt every 2 months or he's "picking and choosing".

      If you keep losing money because you're dumb enough to think silva is "scared" of everyone he doesn't show enthusiasm fighting then you may as well smarten up.

      • @ Ne..Ne..Ne..Ne…Nemesis

        Do you actually have to have every fact laid out for you in every post?

        Are you that dumb, as to think that myself or anyone else on this website would be un-aware of Belfort's remarks about Jones, post his victory? Do you see yourself as some idiot savant come to edify us, as to the details and specifics of the things everyone on this site has been talking about for two days, now?

        So to be blunt here, because it wasn't laid out and stated for you, you just thought you'd just chime in and use it as some opportunity to blow your own horn, as to how bright you are. Well good for you, son. You impress the thread, so. What will you do next, impress us with the fact that you know the fight took place in Brazil?

        As to Silva defending his belt every two months…that's the problem. He isn't defending his belt. Every two months or otherwise. Or are you blithely un-aware of that MMA factoid? It seems odd, that you are so up-to-date on the latest Belfort quotes, but not-so-much on The Champs fighting schedule. Tisk, tisk, to you, our little Ariel Helwani wannabe.

        Losing Money – I don't lose money, because I'm not dumb enough to gamble. However and more importantly and pay attention, this is a material fact, even if I did bet, how could I lose money on "thinking" Silva is scared to bet? Don't we actually have to have one of these much vaunted….every 2 months fights…you were yapping on about, in order to have a bet? One can't place and bet and lose my money if there's no fight to be bet on, son.

        Do you get that or should I put in simpler terms, as I would for a child. Since I probably do need to simplify it for you, I shall.

        The tall black man from a far off country…has to get into that ring thingy you see on the TV (and please do not make me give you the Pulp Fiction Jules Winnfield to Vincent Vega monologue on what TV is, surely you are worldly enough for than that)…and fight another man…any man at this point…to defend that big shiny belt he wears.

        Scared – I don't know why you'd put that in quotation marks, because I never said the man was scared. You understand how quotations work, correct?

        Smartening up – I guess I could use all the cliches of calling you a keyboard warrior, tough guy, with a mouth and being nothing else. I suppose I could use the tired old ad hominem and pejorative attacks and make cracks about you sitting around your mom's basement in your Justin Beiber underwear…used Kleenex tissues strewn about, a copy of Muscle & Fitness at your feet. A dejected look on your face, as you realize that you'll never amount to anything.

        I could do all that, but I won't.

        No, in your case, it's not really a question of smartening up, but rather dumb it down.

        However and for the record, I will copy and paste my thoughts on Belfort's remarks, as posted on this site, yesterday, just so you can rest easy, that I was aware of what Vitor said:


        "I don't get where Vitor is coming from on this one. However, it does demonstrate the man's willingness to have a short turn around time and climb back into The Octagon.

        On the point of Jones, Vitor has done nothing to warrant that fight. I don't know why he didn't call out Silva, which makes far more sense. And why he's dragged Sonnen into this, I have no idea".


        Below, is the link should you doubt my veracity or should you prove too stupid and ignorant to navigate this site and find it, sans help.

        You have a good day now, Ne..Ne..Ne..Ne…Nemesis.


  • Belfort got KTFO by Anderson, homie. C'mon.

    • Give someone new the chance.

    • @MKT….I agree with you about fighting fresh faces, however, you could also say the same thing about Cain velasquez…Cain also got KTFO by JDS but came back to avenge the loss.

  • Weidman says he'll be ready to fight in the summer, but I think he'll need to take out one more top contender before he gets a crack at the belt.

    Of all the guys at 185, Belfort probably deserves to be next in line. Sure Anderson knocked him out really easily and might do that again. But then Junior knocked out Cain just as easily in their first fight, and we all know how that went the second time.

    But who Silva "should" fight next will be decided by one person…Silva. He's said he's not fighting until next fall, and I believe him.

    And he's said he wants GSP next. As long as Rush takes out Diaz, I think that is who it will be.

  • @ Crane….But who Silva "should" fight next will be decided by one person…Silva. He's said he's not fighting until next fall, and I believe him.

    To me, that's a huge part of the problem with this division. Anderson has far too much control over it, in terms of who he will and won't fight and on in what time-frame or schedule. It's ridiculous.

    As to Weidman, I couldn't disagree more. I believe he's earned it when he ate Munoz. I believe CW's only problem or fault, is that he's failed to go after Silva, as Sonnen did. While Chris is healing up and fixing his house, he should be trash talking AS daily. Perhaps start calling him a coward and a diva. Start telling him his belt is worth much if he won't defend it and if he wants to selectively cherry-pick his opponents. Start calling him a gutless small-c champion, for calling out a smaller fighter in a weight class below him.

    I think if Chris started doing that he'd get his fight real quick. His problem, however, seems to be that he's too nice. He's like GSP that way. He's seems to have no trash talking game.

    And I honestly don't think GSP / Silva is going to happen. Not unless AS comes down to 170.

    Silva / Belfort 2 is the right fight (now) for the 185 division, as a whole. And for all the reasons you stated. Bang on.

    • I think Weidman might have the best possible skill set to give the Spider a challenge, but coming off a long injury lay off to fight the #1 p4p guy? I think the UFC needs to build him up as opponent, and that will be hard to.

      I think Silva vs GSP would happen at 180, that way both fighters could make the cut without too much of a change.

      • @ Crane

        I really don't think GSP is interested in a catch-weight fight and certainly not @ 180. He might, might, be coaxed in at 173 /174. Other than that, I just don't see it happening.

        No, means no, in this scenario. Crane, I will be shocked if it happens in 2013. Maybe down the road after GSP cleans out his division, again, but not before. He's making lots of money. His legacy is sound…yada, yada, yada…Why put all that on the line for a BS catch-weight fight, with no assigned belt.

        How I see it at any rate.

  • Weidman, no brainer.

  • Belfort does not deserve another title fight of any sort yet. Belfore pick a weight class and stick to it first before you ask for any title shot.

  • If the PPV numbers matter the most sellable fight would be Silva vs Belfort