POLL: Who Is The Greatest Of All Time, Fedor Emelianenko Or Anderson Silva?


The term GOAT does not come around too often in combat sports, especially not one as young as MMA. Thus far, the only legitimate claims to being the greatest of all time in MMA have come in the form of Fedor Emelianenko and Anderson Silva.

Emelianenko dominated the Heavyweight division in Pride FC, and went on to capture the WAMMA HW belt before his eventual decline. His age began to show when he dropped three fights on the trot between 2010-11. First he was submitted in one round by Fabricio Werdum, then TKO’d by Antonio Silva and finally knocked out by Dan Henderson.

Fedor’s losses ended there as he went on to beat Satoshi Ishii, Jeff Monson and Pedro Rizzo before retiring. His status as GOAT didn’t remain his for much longer, at least not as far as mainstream media was concerned. A new legend was being pushed in to the limelight in the form of Anderson Silva.

Just months before ‘The Last Emperor’s shock loss to ‘Vai Cavalo’ in Strikeforce, Silva had put an incredible, assassin like beat down on Forrest Griffin. His clinical striking was a far cry from the wild swinging Fedor style, but it paved the way to three years of pure glory for Silva.

‘The Spider’ was already a household name in MMA, having won the title at UFC 64 and defended it three times. Occasional trips to LHW, as in the Griffin scrap, had a lot of people talking about a champ vs. champ fight at 205. Fast forward to 2013 and Silva has built an incredible 16 fight streak consisting of seven KOTN awards and countless other records.

Some would argue that Silva has not yet started his full decline, others would say that his best days are far behind him. All I know at present is that Fedor and Silva’s careers look strangely similar. As it stands right now, who do you think deserves the moniker of MMA’s greatest of all time?

  • Ivy

    I'd lean toward Fedor, but not sure either is the G.O.A.T. I'd rather vote GSP or Jon Jones since they've both fought a deeper pool of talent.

    • good call, seeing as most people are fedor/silva prone I wanted to see if anyone had switched camps and what the general consensus was

      • It would have been more apt to phrase the question along the lines of, "Who has had a more impressive career: Anderson Silva or Fedor Emelianenko?" or to have included other options in the poll.

    • Heavyweights are the best of the best. who wins a Middleweight or a Heavyweight? Common now..

      • DeeJaySlyTee, that is the dumbest thing I have read all week. Smaller guys go up to HW and compete very well all the time. Dan Henderson, Randy Couture, Vitor Belfor, etc, etc. Some of the best HWs haven't even been real HWs. Ex, Daniel Cormier, Fedor Emilienenko, and IMHO Cain Velasques (among others) all could make LHW with ease. Hell, If Fedor had the same amount of muscle as he did when he destroyed Tim Sylvia and Andre Arlovski but say, 10% body fat he would have been a damned MW! On the other hand Stephan Bonnar is a HUGE LHW who could easily fight at HW and Anderson Silva beat him like he was his kid and he caught him trying to unlock the gun cabinet. I guess what I am trying to say here is STFU. HWs ****.

        • that was one of the dumbest comments ever, the big boys are king always will be

          • Like Bob Sapp?

      • Who wins a middleweight or a heavyweight? It's a fight so I don't know the answer until it happens. Why don't you go back and rewatch Fedor vs Henderson and then say that a middleweight doesn't have the ability to beat a heavyweight.

    • how could gsp or jones be the goat when they havent even cleared out the current hw division? makes no sense. you cant be the goat if you havent cleared out the big boys yet

  • Anderson Silva and that's the end of it!

    • Ivy

      That makes about as much sense as a black person voting for Obama just because he was black.

      • Wtf ur suggesting because xp is black he voted for Anderson Silva? Because that's the only way someone would vote Spider? Ivy you'vehad some intelligent comments in the past. This is one of the dumbest things I've seen on lowkuck, which is saying a lot.

        • Ivy

          Haha, I'm only kidding dude.

      • LoL

    • Virtually every p4p list had Silva number 1 for the past how many years wether fan made or published. Even Lowkick had him for by far the longest of any fighter and now all of a sudden you have more than 50% weaks for saying he's the G.O.A.T. I think it's obvious people have been offended by Silvas tactics and are casting their vote in spite not sense.

      • what does being the current p4p champ and being the goat have to do with eachother?

        • because if you were the best p4p fighter ever then it automatically makes you the G.O.A.T. Nothing is better than the best p4p fighter ever for the longest period of time.

          • fact is most were talking about Silva as the best the sport has ever seen wether they were fighters or fans. But if you lose some fans because they think you're an as*hole they will not vote on your skill but the impression you gave them. They will want someone else to be recognized because you offended them. Any loss will be their confirmation and all fighters who face them are the next one to defeat them.

          • uhhh that makes zero sense and im a scientist. that fails logically

  • I'd say Silva because of the talent and skill he demonstrated. The way that he dominated fighters like Franklin, Griffin, Maia etc. It was like he was playing with children. Having said that I agree with Ivy that GSP and Jones have cleaned out higher level divisions.

    • gsp and jones hasnt cleared out the hw division. that fact alone makes it impossible for them to be the goat.

      • Heavy Wt is, always has been and always will be the weakest division.

      • Neither did A.Silva – then why we talking about him also?

        • lol AS is top ten all time maybe top 5………maybe………maybe

  • I agree that GSP's name doesn't get tossed around enough for the GOAT. Though he wasn't the most spectacular fighter out there like Silva, he dominated a talent stacked division for years. Jones has done great too, but he needs two maybe three more wins to be level with GSP and Silva. Six title defenses isn't enough to be considered the GOAT, despite who he has faced

    • gsp is a midget he would get killed by an average heavyweight. how could he possibly be the goat.

      • Yea- Why do people also consider Bruce Lee to be such a great Martial-artist(if not the greatest) – he wasn't big…. screw him too! Ö.Ö

        • he was flashy sure but the guy was a midget im sure the average high school athlete would stomp him

  • No love for Bas Rutten : (

  • I disagree that Silva faced harder competition. I think Fedor fought some real cans but he also fought the best hws because ufc just didn't have a good pool for a long time.

  • GSP

  • Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee. 8))

  • It's all a matter of perspective. Fedor went undefeated in an organization that had the best heavyweights at the time, during that time all the HW's wanted to go over to pride and fight for the championship. Prime example is Randy trying to break away from the UFC. Now the UFC is the biggest organization with the deepest talent pool where Anderson/GSP compete(d). If i had to chose 'prime' Anderson/GSP/Fedor. My money is on Fedor, I have yet to see the same skill/killer instinct from anybody, plus the sheer chills watching Fedor fight has always remained, I cannot say the same for the others.

  • I will try to do a comparison on each during their best years. For Silva I will start with Leben for Fedor I will start with Schilt since in my opinion was the first world class HW he faced.

    Wins in a row
    Silva 16 – Fedor 21
    finishes SIlva 14 Fedor 16

    Leben – B level fighter but brilliant, dominate win.

    Franklin – Silva destroyed a very well rounded aggressive striker and was probably 2nd best MW until 2 years ago. Franklin fought well against high level completion.

    Lutter – Silva had bad moments against a fighter that missed weight. Silva recovered and won by sub but SIlva looked venerable getting taken down and mounted. Still impressive against B level fighter with excellent grappling.

    Nate Marquardt- Destruction of high level MW – Impressive

    Rich Franklin – Nearly a carbon copy of first fight – Silva's legacy is building and gaining momentum

    Dan Henderson – Henderson won first round – but Silva destroyed and finished in 2nd. BIG Win for SIlva as Henderson was an animal and even fought HW's and was fresh off competitive Rampage fight and 2 belts in pride.

    James Irvin- Silva moves up to LHW and destroys B level or even C level fighter – Impressive but a gimme fight for Spider

    Patrick Cote – cautious win that seemed to be the start of a trend. Cote was injured in 4th rd when knee went out. Cote made it to top in THIN MW division – Cote was good not elite.

    Thales Leites – Another case of bad match making. Leites was not a real number one contender and limited fighter, unimpressive and boring fight although Leites was cause if all of it.

    Forrest Griffin- Great Matchmaking For Silva to fight a " tough, fearless fighter " Very interesting to see how AS would fare against BIGGER and world ranked former LW champ. Silva sends string message to UFC and world that he's still the best despite 2 recent sub par outings

    Demian Maia – A low point in SIlva's career, after looking sharp in first 3 rounds silva refused to engage and last 2 and was booed out building and even lost last round. Bizarre fight against a worthy and true number 1 but a very limited fighter in Maia with low level striking.

    Chael Sonnen – An all out war with Sonnen dominating but taking big shots from bottom big sub win for Silva late in 5th. INCREDIBLE performance by both men and Silva looks beatable and human for first time in years. Still legendary performance by Silva.

    Vitor Belfort – Silva knocks out in spectacular fashion most decorated, feared and best fighter he ever faced. SIlva absolutely devastated Belfort and added to his legacy.
    interesting that Silva was somewhat of a heel and booed at weigh ins for this fight.

    Yushin Okami – destruction of a top 10 but not really well rounded fighter.

    Chael Sonnen – Impressive KO over Sonnen who was in prime of his career

    Stephan Bonnar – Easy win over a b level fighter

    Chris Weidman – Lost first round and KOed by a hyped dangerous opponent – SIlva clowned and was knocked out taunting,
    Chris Wiedman – Silva again loses first round and knocked down and breaks leg on kick.

    Semmy Schilt – managed to outstrike K1 Kickboxer to decision

    Heath Herring- destruction over highly touted and durable guy, Fedor gained a lot of attention since many though Herring would win due to that Fedor was not well known or high profile

    Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira – Fedor dominated best HW on planet – Incredible performance

    Egidijus Valavicius – sub win over unknown and lower ranked fighter and very small HW

    Kazuyuki Fujita – despite being a fan favorite Fujita should have not been in ring with Fedor but Fugita nearly knocked Fedor out but recovers and lands big body kick and submits.

    Gary Goodridge – Goodridge was somewhat interesting but pride had no real ranking system and not sure he should be fighting a guy that had a win over NOG. Fedor DETSROYS goodridge.

    Yuji Nagata – Low Ranked fighter and TKO win for fedor

    Mark Coleman – Impressive win SUB over dangerous and big name Coleman. However this win comes over VERY one dimensional wrestler

    Kevin Randleman – legendry win and recovery after vicious slam against one dimensional wrestler ( SUB )

    Naoya Ogawa- Easy win over low level judokan. ( Not even a C level fighter, questionable matchmaking

    Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira – BIg fight and Fedor gets accidental headbutt and cut – Fight stopped NC

    Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira – rematch an HUGE win for Fedor out striking and beating top 2-3 HW in world.

    Tsuyoshi Kosaka – ANother terrible mismatch as fedor causes stoppage early from cuts and this fighters career record was 0-2

    Mirko Filipovic – Fedor Bests and outstrikes one of the most feared HW in world at that time. IMPRSSIVE win

    Wagner da Conceicao Martins ( ZULU ) Embarrasment for MMA and Pride this fight was sanctioned. This was a freak show and Zulu was not a 500 fighter should have never been allowed. Fedor's legacy while brilliant also being tainted by fighting guys that were mismatches

    Mark Coleman – Yet another mismatch and easy win for Fedor Coleman was at least known but not a serious threat in HW division at this time.

    Mark Hunt – Big win over inexperienced and game mark hunt – Fedor was in a few bad spots but comes out with sub

    Matt Lindland – after getting hit and body locked to ground by middleweight Fedor pulls out sub and emerges with horrific cut. YET ANOTHER FIGHT THAT MADE NO SENSE and fedor's legacy is criticized for fighting guys that don't belong in ring with him and now smaller opponents. Linland was world ranked MW though

    Hong Man Choi – another bizzare freakshow over 7'6'' opponent that was actually a dangerous match up. Hoi was originally scheduled to face Brock Lesnar earlier in year. Fedor wins but was in big trouble. – This fight did nothing for fedors legacy but hurt it

    Tim Sylvia – Sylvia was fresh off near win and war with Nog and a dangerous fighter. Fedor looked better than ever beating at that time a very solid top 3 HW

    Andrei Arlovski – Ranked 3 in world at that time and was at his best point in career. Back and forth 1st round with Arlovski landing but gets knocked unconscious when he tried flying knee. HUGE win for fedor since most thought Arlovski would pose problems on feet

    Brett Rogers – Impressive win over huge HW that was undefeated and top 10. Fedor was hurt in fight but wins with spectacular KO – Fedor known as best HW and pound for pound for few years now

    Fabricio Werdum – Fedor thinks he hurts Werdum as he knocks Werdum down and nearly gets triangled and jumps back in guard an gets triangled and armbarred. HUGE upset

    Antonio Silva – after close first rd Silva hits doubleleg and wins by TKO stoppage. Silva was world ranked – Many are calling for fedor to retire despite showing huge heart and in loss.

    Dan Henderson – Fedors camp pick Hendo and most felt they picked him because he was smaller man and easy win over big name for fedor. – Fight turned out to be a brawl with both guys getting hurt and Hendo landing big punch to end it. Fedor would go on to fight 3 more low ranked guys but disappointing last 6 fights to end his career.

    • Zip

      44 paragraphs, that must be a record 🙂

    • Ivy

      I fell asleep during that, lol, JK. Good analysis.

      • Tell me about it. I was half way through and kicking myself for starting it!

    • Ricardo Arona gave Fedor a good fight and in UFC rules probably won.

  • After thinking about it SIlva's was better pound for pound. Fedor had too many questionable opponents. He beat many to HW's but I think Silva's track record is more impressive.

  • After thinking about it SIlva's was better pound for pound. Fedor had too many questionable opponents. He beat many to HW's but I think Silva's track record is more impressive.

  • A good approach is to imagine what skill-set you would rather have if you could…..in the case of GSP is the skill to lay on top of men doing no significant damage for extended periods of time…..I for one would chose to be able to finish fights in am awe inspiring lightening fast matrix stile…..better than having crazy ling arm and chicken legs…..Fedor is also the man so nothing to say there…

  • GSP has not stopped many since becoming champ and many others in the same division stop the fighters they face and not only that but they stop the fighters GSP could not. Anderson was the opposite he stopped fighters that could not be stopped even at higher weight classes. Jones has done extremely well but He has always had such a huge size or reach advantage in every fight. Fedor and Silva are the guys to talk about in this category of G.O.A.T. GSP is greatest MMA athlete of all time but not fighter.

    • Your right in some ways, GSP is the best ever in the most boring way, his resume is flawless compared to Fedor and Silva and the more complete fighter overall. Fedor and Silva were killers though, they made your draw drop or they made you call a friend and "yo dude, you need to see this guy fight". I always go with Silva because he's ridiculous, but if someone says GSP, Fedor or even Jones it's nothing to get mad about.

      • I do respect GSP, Fedor and Jones. It's just GSP hasn't actually finished a fighter in such a long time and the same fighters he could not finish in some cases were finished by other fighters in his same division. A fight isn't over until one guy is finished and Silva was the best at that especially when faced with guys that "can not be finished".

  • fedor without a doubt silva is maybe top five……….maybe. i personally would rank wandy above him too. their win streaks at a weight classes where the same but wandy was a baby fedor in his balls to the wall action

    • 5th? Well, at least you tried. Your peace pipe has been laced with something. Just trying to help before you get out of hand.

  • What the Hell!!! Its Fyadhror emilianenko!!end of story!

  • I'm not sure this question can really be answered. Both fighters were on another level. I think that there is no "best" ever. Fedor, Anderon, Machida, GSP, Aldo, etc, etc, etc, all have amazing skill sets that just set them apart but how do you compare an apple to an orange? GSP and Silva for example have completely different styles but both were able to dominate just about everyone that got put in front of them. How do we decide who is better? There are too many variables.

    • Good point and one I often use when comparing great QB's . It's really a tossup

  • Joe Rogan has seen way more fights than any of us and he's convinced Anderson is the greatest. I don't really know or care but he's certainly the most entertaining in my opinion.