POLL: Who Is The Greatest Fighter Of All Time?

  • Anderson!

    • You gotta be taking it Up Da Rump & Down The Throat if you dont consider Jake "MUTHAF**K'N" Shields as the G.O.A.T.

      • I know he wouldn't get many votes but I'm writing in the Iceman. Chuck Liddel may not have been as athletic or well rounded as some of these guys. But in his prime he was a monster. And my definition of GOAT includes how they are outside the cage too. He would fight anyone in his way and he wasn't a prima donna about things. Plus I think his last fight with Rich Franklin showed Rich getting the biggest miracle of a lucky break I've seen in MMA. Rich gets his forearm snapped in half by putting it in the way of Chuck's head kick. And when Chuck had Rich hurt, goes in for the kill and runs into a lucky as he!! close my eyes and swing lucky punch from Rich. (maybe he didn't really close his eyes but it was that lucky). Because a few more seconds and round 1 ends. And Rich would never have tried to continue with that arm flopping around. And the doctor wouldn't have let him.
        I only mentioned this because I always wished that round ended and we got to see Chuck try to get that one last winning streak. He was literally in better shape for that fight than we have ever seen him. And his striking was spot on. I don't think he lost his chin toward the end of his career. He just kept getting hit really hard right on the chin, and in the sweet spot. His natural tendency to make fights as exciting as he could contributed to those last few losses. You guys can say I'm just biased but I still think his style could have been a bad matchup for Jones.

      • 11. James "The Colossus" Thompson.

    • I voted Silva, also Frank Shamrock, BJ, Hughes, and Militige should be on this list

    • Thing is, it depends what you're factoring into your decision. If you just go on wins it's Fedor but I gave it to Anderson not just for wins but for style and technique.

      My PERSONAL favourites are Saukraba, BJ and Wandy.

      • If we go by wins its Igor Vovchanchyn Endo

        • I love Igor but he's not on the list – I'm talking about the list and then separately mentioning a few of my favs for fun.

          I disagree with you anyway/you missed my point: I wasn't just referring to a win streak but the quality of wins during it. Igor had a BIG win streak before PRIDE, and a mixed record during it, unlike Fedor who crushed everyone in PRIDE.

          • I got what you meant Endo, I was just throwing some sarcasm on here that we just cant look at the numbers alone.

          • I see, carry on then old-bean!

    • Gotta be Anderson. Putting Fedor's pic on the post brainwashed a significant amount of voters it seems?! Lol ;p

      Fedor was fighting bums in a juiced up organisation for most of his career and couldn't cross over into the new school. Anderson has survived the test of time individually and in terms of th opposition he has had to face.

      There is no doubt over this one.

  • Where's Kimbo on this list? Authors favourites as usual!!

    GOAT debate is always speculative and often divisive. Jon Jones has a few fights yet before to be considered in the same bracket as the other names along with Cain, though it's easy to understand how some consider them in the GOAT debate with their achievements thus far in MMA, but Benson doesn't even belong on a top 20 or 30 list of GOAT.

    I've gone with Fedor but I'm not interested in justifying that pick or reading hate from the haters about why he shouldn't be there as an argument can be made for any fighter not being #1. GSP – boring, Silva gets dominated by wrestling, Benson lucky to even be wearing belt through bad judging, etc etc. These debates have gone on endlessly in one form or another for years so not interested in the usual BS. Whoever you've picked we're all just lucky MMA has progressed to such a point these opinion polls have such a choice.

    • Hey azzlika did you say that you had The Ghost was ahead of Money May @ the end of the fight & Floyd only dominated 1 round???? I guess what the late Rick James said was true…. COCAINE IS ONE HELL OF A DRUG

      • Not at the end of the fight: I thought he won 3 of the first 5 rounds as he landed lots of good body shots and kept Mayweather on the backfoot for the main part (try watching the fight for yourself), yet listening to the commentators I thought I was watching a completely different fight. yes Mayweather is an outstanding boxer, one of the very best of his era in all weight classes but that doesn't mean even when he is getting hit the commentators have to endlessly assslurp his furry muffin as if he isn't getting hit.

        • And PS: Overall I thought it was a clear but close victory for Mayweather.

    • Anderson got dominated by wrestling but turned all that "**********" into another championship fight victory? We'll take that 😉


  • Benson Henderson is even in the list over BJ Penn????????

    The man has only 3 strong performances against top 10 competition (Diaz, Miller, Guida) and you could argue he has lost most of his title fights (Edgar x2, Melendez, Cerrone).

    Ben might get there some day but for the moment I would struggled to put him in the top 25

    • Along side BJ Penn another man who shouldn't have been missed, especially for Benson, is the legendary Dangerous Dan Henderson

      • Agreed, on all counts. Also Kazushi Sakuraba should definitely be on this list. Seriously, look up this guy's record. First look at the list of guys he has beaten. Kevin Randleman, Rampage, Vitor, the Gracie family (a few anyway). After that look at the list of guys that have beat him. He was fighting guys like Cro Cop and Wandy! The guy is a welter wt all day and he was fighting HW and LHW at times and in a lot of cases he was winning! The guy is amazing.

        • I agree, this is the worst list I've seen publish outside of MMA troll posts on a forum.

          No chuck Liddel!?! No Bj Penn, Bas, Frank Shamrock, Matt hughs, Sakuraba, Hendo and the list goes on. These guys were all seen as P4P greats and leaders of their own era's. Back before MMA mags, there was martial arts mags. Even back then Frank Shamrock was one of the first guys in MMA who got the title best P4P.

          Just because Magic Johnson and Jordan would get destroyed by Lebron and Kobe NOW. doesn't mean they weren't great back THEN!

          I guess anybody can write for this place now.

          • Benson Henderson, hihi, realy!!??????
            He's been champion for two days, doesn't look impressive in his win's.
            And a lot of fans would argue that those wins were losses!
            Is he on this list because he makes his piramide illuminati sign?

          • How the **** is a poor immigran't kid making a few hundred grand fighting in the Illuminati???!!! You need to stop smoking those trees or/and crack…

    • Benson Henderson got on the list because he won against Diaz with a toothpick in his mouth

      • man i was 19 minutes too late to reply, same thing on my mind hehe

  • I think for now it has to be Anderson Silva.

    Without going in to all the technical differences, for sheer competition alone Fedor's career is littered with people never mentioned alongside the phrase "great fighter" as well as multiple big names past their prime, while Anderson has beaten a who's who list (including a man who KO'd Fedor).

    Following the first Chael fight I had Fedor as the GOAT but since then, Anderson has brought out his potential destroying Belfort, Okami and even proving Chael, a man who is a specialist in Anderson's weakness, was no match.

    Of course there is the fact Fedor was quickly submitted, knocked out cold (by a much smaller man) and smashed on the way to a doctor stoppage. You can say he was out of his prime but Anderson has been fighting for longer, similar amount of fights and is actually older.

    • on 2003 he destroyed big nog. and big nog was supposed to be the number 1 p4p fighter. if you think that thats the only great name he destroyed you must be a new mma fan… probably you are. because someone that makes mma math doesnt know much. yes hendo kod fedor and anderson submitted hendo. so what? that means ryo chonan will ko fedor? no it doesnt

      its true fedor didnt finish his career being great but the guy is a HW that was on 29 fights without losing. for a HW thats really crazy and it doesnt matter that probably 15 of those guys were terrible. it probably wont happen again.

      on the other side anderson is on a 17 fight win streak but as fedor there are a lot of guys that i will never put them on a whos who list.

      im not saying who is the greatest put im just pointing some facts that a think you have wrong.

      • Okami and Chael are just bad match ups for AS. but everyone knows that they arent champion material. For 29 fights there wasnt a bad match up for fedor and that says a lot.

        if you want to talk of ufc champions that are fighting really top guys you have to talk jones and GSP. that doesnt mean that if think they deserve to be the greatest of all time.

        for me its clearly between fedor and AS. lets wait until AS finishes his career and we will see who is the greatest

        • Exactly, of course guys like Zulu and Yugi Nagata were great match ups!

          • im not saying that everyone he fought was great. as i said maybe 15 of the 29 guys that fedor beat on his winning streak were bad competition. But 5 years ago fedor seemed to be umbeatable and there wasnt a guy that everyone said that was a bad match up for him. with AS its pretty clear what guys are a bad match up for him. Jones will be a very bad match up for him for example

            5 years ago fedor seemed to be way more unbeatable than anderson has ever been… im just saying

          • That's revisionist history. Plenty of guys were thought to be bad match ups for him just like Anderson today. People thought Cro Cop could time his wild striking, the same way they thought Sonnen could out duel Anderson on the mat. People thought bigger guys like Barnett and Arlovski could outmuscle him.

            However, just using your premise its easy to see that the division simply wasn't that good. Meaning Fedor reigned in a time that was no where near the talent level of the past 5 years with Anderson.

          • you are just talking on theories… the truth is that there wasnt a clear style that could take problems to fedor on his prime… like wrestling does to AS

            obviously the sport has evolved and guys now are way better than they were 7 years ago. but that doesnt matter when you talk of the greatest of all time. for example in soccer a lot of guys say that pele is the best soccer player ever. and if you put him to play now im sure that he will not be in the level of the top players. when they say pele is the best of all times they mean he was the most dominant player considering his time

          • or in tennis bjorn borg is considered one of the best players ever. if you put borg nowadays to play with his wooden raquet he wont win against a top 200 player in the world. and that doesnt mean he isnt a top 5 of all times

            if you ask me who was the most dominant in his prime and beat the better talent for their time i will say fedor. if you tell whos is a better fighter technically i will obviously go for AS. but i also think machida is better technically and i dont see him on that list

          • And what are you doing talking about wrestling? Wrestling isn't a clear path to beating Anderson at the moment. It's the most logical way of beating him as it has given him the most trouble so far during his streak, but it hasn't beaten him. Just like accurate striking, and bullying gave Fedor problems during the streak.

            It's not just about evolution, its about dominance after that evolution took place. Nodody says Marciano is the greatest HW of all time. The same will be thought of Fedor by the majority down the road.

          • dominance after the evolution took place? do you have a book with your own rules? this is a young sport and it will keep evolving for a long time.

            if you talk about accurate striking i hope your not talking about the crocop fight. maybe that was the case with arlovski for 2 minutes before he got KOd. but everyone that has watched Fedor knows that his streak didnt end with werdum… the last fight fedor look realy great was with tim sylvia. after that he never looked the same

          • and what im trying to say by talking of wrestling and AS is that wrestling is a bigger weakness for him on his current streak than anything you can tell me about fedor on his streak. its obvious he hasnt lost to wrestling. if he had, we wouldnt be talking of his great winning streak.

            but thats my opinion… you seem more like a guy that thinks he owns the truth

            fyi marciano is considered one of the greatest boxers ever as royce gracie is also considered… as you can see on the list above

          • No, I am debating opinion with you. I'm just going to call out things that aren't factual (when presented that way). Which hasn't been done against you. The beginning of this argument was based on you treating Fedor's record as if it was flawless and then calling out Anderson out for bad match ups. Fedor had trouble with people. Nothing like Anderson against Chael, but he definitely looked bad a few times.

            Marciano is also not even in the conversation of greatest of all-time with names like Robinson, Ali, Louis, and Armstrong. I've never said Fedor wasn't one of the greatest fighters in MMA's short history. I'm simply debating his merits against Anderson's.

          • No, I have eyes and a brain. The quality of athlete in MMA is worlds different now than it was in 2004. Just like it will keep evolving down the line, and the competitor will get better and better.

            I am, Cro Cop routinely caught Fedor on the way in. It was just no where near enough to stop the blitzkrieg of combinations, and takedowns (which led to GnP). I was using Arlovski as more of a thought on a possible opponent at the time (because he was in a lot of pundits heads). The fight wasn't really anything showing Fedor's failures. It more showcased the chin that routinely faulted Arlovski on the biggest stages.

            If you think Fedor looked great all the way up to his fight with Andrei you must not have watched his match against Mark Hunt.

          • if you read my first post i write that fedor fought at least 15 bad fighters on his winning streak.
            my only point is that for me fedor was more dominant than AS. given the circumstances and the evolution that mma had at the time.

            maybe marciano is a good example but that doesnt mean much. as there are plenty of sports that has their greatest of all time from years ago.

            as i also said i understand if someone thinks AS is the greatest. its a tough call saying which one of this 2 is. im not critizising if Keith thinks AS is the grestest simply the facts he wrote.

          • probably fedor had bad moments but im sure AS had worsts. and his streak is 12 fights bigger than AS. and thats being a HW! thats really crazy. and what keith said that he only fought bums is a huge lie. thats my case sir!

    • for the people that say fedor fought bums all his life……he did what he could do with the HW division and actually most of them where in their prime, do you know how many top level fighters are actually on record stating they are not ready/will not fight fedor yet? But take on a lesser fighter?…heck he struggled at times looking for top ppl to take him on. check it….
      Nogueira was the No. 1 fighter in the entire MMA world at the time of his first fight with Fedor. Cro Cop was ranked No. 2 in the world for his title fight with Fedor. Herring was No. 3 back when he faced Fedor. Nogueira was No. 2 for his second fight with Fedor. Tim was No. 4, and Hunt was No. 9.
      Any1 that doubts fedor then check this out.
      Now im not saying that competition was stacked all through his career, but its not his fault, he fought the best, and as that website shows, if you say he fought freak shows that where 7 foot (hong man choi) with no skill then, please tell me what the ufc decided to do when they brought in that muscle head brock, and that idiot boxer toney….please dont just listen to zuffas propaganda about who is and who is not great. Make up your own minds watch all the fighters in this list, watch them in their peak, watch them in trouble, watch them bounce back, and watch them dominate, then see who you think is the best. Personally i think its fedor, but if Silva beats weidman, and then beats either jones or GSP (jones is the bigger achievement in my eyes) then he frog leaps fedor as number 1

  • Fedor ofcourse, he's the only reason so many on the site continue to hate on anderson.

  • Two words: Anderson Silva.

  • I have to go with Anderson Silva on this. Fedor was very close but he was competing in the HW division. The shear weakness of this division has to be a couple of strikes against Fedor. I don't buy the argument that Fedor was fighting past prime or easier opponents. He always fought the toughest available opponents and more of them were ranked in the top ten than his haters can make excuses for. All that aside, Anderson is on another planet. I think that Anderson could destroy any living man.

  • fedor easily

  • Bring on the weak votes.

    If you go back and look at Fedor's career and who he fought… was he entertaining…yes…the fights were great to watch. Google his record and the guys he fought… a number of freak shows for pure entertainment. The quality of fighters starts to take a nosedive around 2003/2004 and only goes downhill from there. The wins over Mirko and Hunt around 2005 were good… but…. again after that… the competition was either really weak or he lost to guys who were much better than him at the time. The near loss to Brett Rogers was an indicator he was on his way out IMO.

    Silva holds the spot at the moment IMO… but… if Jones keeps it up… since he is so young and has been so dominate.. he will pass Silva.

    Again… no way does Fedor surpass Silva/Jones or GSP IMO.

  • Oh, a Fedor thread?

    Ok, let me go back to thinking HW was stacked in 2003, Big Nog was a PFP level talent, and blitzing guys like Heath Herring was the most impressive thing in the world…

    Ah, finished. Fedor must be the greatest.

  • The winner of Jones vs Silva will be the GOAT.

  • I'm writing in Bruce Lee.

    If not Lee then Royce Gracie. He changed everything. Nobody has changed the sport the way he did. In addition, he fought without weight classes.

    Currently – Anderson Silva

    • what about Mark Coleman "The Godfather of Ground & Pound" ???

  • Anderson Silva.

  • The list: Anderson,Fedor,Royce, Hendo (not Bendo)…..all others did not do enough yet to be amongst the greatest of the great.

  • Without a doubt, the great Fedor Emelianenko! period!!!

  • I mean if you know about MMA and you are a truly fan from the bottom of your hear, then you will see very clear that the greatest fighter of all TIME is FEDOR!!

  • Fedor? Guys he never had straight win streak against top guy, look at the record, title defence every third guy.
    In my opinion GSP is the greatest of all time, he is not talented but very smart to investment to his training. Second he always fought top 5 guys. Third guys you don't get it this dude wiped generations at first it was Matt Hughes and Matt Serra era and he defeated them, when it was BJ, Penn generation after that new generation of Jon Fitch, Thiago Alves, now we got another generation of Condit, Rory, Ellenberger, Hendricks, Kampman and 10 more guys who are in top 5 easly, and he left only one to beat Hendricks. His record is the best

    • when was the last time GSP stopped soneone? he is a boring decision grinder

    • you are an idiot during fedors career there was only 1 man that had more top 10 fights than him and that was Nog, fedor fought every1 while they where top 10.
      Lets take a look at the stats:

      1. Fedor has held five MMA championships

      2. Fedor holds the best win streak in all MMA at 26

      3. Fedor has never been knocked down by any type of strike

      4. Fedor has a finishing percentage of 79%

      5. Only one fighter has ever stopped Fedor in a fight. The other two were stoppages by doctors

      6. Fedor has defeated five different heavyweight champions, seven times

      7. Fedor has 70 total takedowns

      8. Fedor has secured 22 victories in the first round

      9. Fedor has 12 wins under two minutes

      10. And four wins under one minute

      11. Fedor has only lost to guys that are top 10 and had a total of 70-pounds (combined) over him.

      12. 18 of Fedor’s opponents were ranked in the top 10 or higher.

      13. Fedor is the only heavyweight to beat a true number one and then defend that position against the true number two. Cain Velasquez and Junior dos Santos will become the second pair of heavyweights to ever accomplish such feat.

      14. Has longest time going undefeated out of anyone active in mixed martial arts at 10 years.

      15. Ranked number one in his division and pound-for-pound longest time out of anyone in MMA at seven years. He is the most elusive, least-hit fighter of all time over the length of his career. Only young Lyoto Machida comes close. He is also one of the most skilled judokas in the world in addition to the most decorated combat sambo fighter in history.

      • Did i forget to say that hes not even naturally a HW……quite the accomplishment.

      • 26 is not the best win streak in MMA. First that comes to mind holding a longer streak is Renan Barao.

      • When at least 4 of your "Stats" are inaccurate, it really hurts the rest of your argument.

        Some good points though.

      • @Predator did you forget about his fight with Dan Henderson?

        • That's what I'm not getting about half of his stats. Fedor never being dropped is kinda cool, but I'd wager Anderson never being KO'd or TKO'd is a bit more impressive.

  • Fedor Emelianenko is and always will be the GOAT

    • and who ever comparing Fedor and Silva, all i need to say is they have same size (Fedor is 2'' shorter!) and one of them is HW, of them is MW…

      yea keep telling me how Fedor's opponents are *****, i really would love to see AS vs Hong-man Choi

  • i think Cain gets overlooked a lot because he is early in his career. but his record is great, considering he is in the heavyweight division where any head strike can be a finisher, not to mention the guy is a small heavyweight and the division is far superior to when Fedor fought!

    • imho Cain needs atlast 15 more win to compare Fedor

  • It would be wiser to have criteria before choosing the G.O.A.T.
    – number of fights
    – number of wins by big named fighters
    – number of weight class change
    – age from which the professional stage of fighting started
    the list would go on… It's better to judge with standards rather than assuming or comparison without any basis… Just my two cents 🙂

  • Royce Gracie for taking on 4 dudes in one night, no rules. Skinny twerp who was down to step into the ring with ANYONE.

  • Ok, no more comments! Fedor is and will always be the best m…f…er best fighter on the planet! period!!

  • If Fedor is not the greatest fighter of all time, then ask the writer of this article, why he had chosen a picture of Fedor to represents this article 😉

  • SMB

    why doesnt anybody take into consideration that fedor dominated the heavy weight division for almost a decade. he beat the who is who to his time, in the most talent stacked organisation at the time (the ufc back then was the strikeforce of today). the rules pride had were more vicious than the ones in the ufc now. fighters had to be more active and something like lay n pray didnt exist. also the guy was almost at every time undersized and he still beat the competition. he was always respectful towards his opponents and never had excuses for anything. that imo is greatness
    silva is great as well but is never undersized like fedor was, has an attitude etc..