POLL: Who Is The Best Submission Fighter Ever In Mixed Martial Arts?


Jiu-Jitsu is often accredited as the base of all MMA, with the legendary Gracie family utilizing there style to win early UFC events, and the roots of the art going back many centuries. The sport of MMA has evolved so much since the dark ages, meaning modern fighters can no longer be as one dimensional as they were at say UFC 1.

A pure grappler like Royce was back in the 90’s, or at least a dominant one, is hard to come by these days. Fighters like Frank Mir and Fabricio Werdum have had great success in the submissions game in MMA, but they have so much more advanced striking than Royce had in his prime. The legendary Renzo Gracie once admitted that he couldn’t punch his way out of a paper bag, which would just not fly at the top level today.

With the evolution in the ways of fighting, and in particular grappling, it leads me to wonder if the submission fighters of old would have held any weight against the well rounded athletes in MMA today. I’ve selected ten of the best submission fighters in MMA, including some old legends and modern beasts, take your vote or have a say below. Who do you think is the best grappler to grace MMA?