POLL: Who Has The Greatest Chin In MMA?

  • Is having the greatest chin in MMA really a compliment? Well, in my humble opinion, it's not.

    • I have to agree with you.

    • no its not but is sure does help brother 😀

      • The list is missing 2 guys !
        Brad Picket who has never been KO, has take a lot of clean punches from powerful strikers like Wineland and Barao specialy that knee from Barao yet he recover so fast.

        and the guy who i Believe may have the best chin in MMA
        Carlos Condit, he has been punch by Dan Hardy, Nick Diaz, Rory Mcdonald, Kampmann , GSP, Johny Hendricks and got hit not ones but twice by the Welterweight version of the H-Bomb from Jake Ellenberger , not only he didn't got KO by he actually recovers in seconds which is amazing! that's one hell of a chin never been KO or even proper knockdown by a punch or kick.

    • Gary Goodridge is missing from this list.

  • Greatest MMA chin Roy Nelson was ko'ed by weakest MMA chin Arlovski. I heard Arlovski goes to sleep after he bits a nut.

    • Yeah, I think Arlovski epitomizes the term "glass cannon" better than anyone else in the sport.

      • i found it funny how arlovski can be put to sleep by anybody who touches his chin but didnt get ko'd by anthony johnson who actually broke his jaw. anyways i think anderson silva has the best because i dont think anybody has actually hurt him with a strike whereas even guys with super chins like nelson and hendo have been dropped multiple times

        • I remember Silva admitting he had been hurt by a strike once, from Demian Maia of all people. Then again, if it was the strike I think he was talking about, he ducked from an anticipated hook against the cage and slammed his face into a knee. That's enough to stun pretty much anybody.

  • Without a doubt it is. And Junior dos Santos should be on this list because he lasted that whole fight with Cain.

  • Can we pick more than one? lol

    • That was my thought.

      Every name on that list is pretty much a candidate for the #1 slot.

  • urihah faber. that is a great chin.
    oh, you mean like who can take the hardest punches?

  • Dan Henderson… he's one of the longest active MMA fighters, 39 Pro fights over 16 years and NEVER been Knocked Out! Now THAT folks is a CHIN!!!

    Roy got a chin too but he's been knocked out before by Arlovski…

    • anderson Silva never been ko either and like he says. a un hitable chin thurms a iron chin anyday

      • Until the law of averages catches up to you. I certainly recall Sonnen hitting that un-hittable at least once, but as Sonnen doesn't have Dan Henderson's or Hector Lombard's power, Silva only survived the hit.

        If iron is truly iron, then I'd take iron over un-hittable any day. The law of averages say, as Sonnen proved, that un-hittable is just a high probability of success, waiting for eventual failure. That said, as he has been hit in the chin of recent, he's not apt to get caught again too soon.

  • Patrick Cote has also a good chin, he's never been dropped in a fight/sparring session.

    • Yeah him and Sam stout have great chins actually.

    • He got KO'd (later changed to DQ) in his fight with Alessio Sakara.

      It's kind of difficult to say someone has never been dropped in sparring unless you have seen them spar all their life

      • did not know that about his fight with sakara

  • Cabbage!

  • this is stupid. a lot of those guys have already been knocked out. im going with Anderson Silva only cause he has taken some hard shots not just in the octagon, but also in the boxing ring with professional boxers.

    IM OFFENDED SHOGUN RUA IS NOT ON THIS LIST! Shogun has taken the hardest hits and never been knocked out.

    i wouldnt say Dan Henderson has the strongest chin because hes never really taken a super hard hit but non the less Henderson has never been OK'd either.

    • Yeah, we've seen Shogun get knock down, but never put to sleep, the Hendo fight was a testimony to that, he got hit a couple of time, hard hard shots. I think he's up there with Bj Penn, been knock down but never been KOed too. Anderson Silva has not been KOed because he doesnt get hit in the face often, because he's that damn good, but was knock down by Chael though.

    • I guess Dan was nearly KO'd by Fedor before he KO'd Fedor and he's been knocked down before by Silva. So it's hard to say who has best chin and yeah I forgot about how durable Shogun has been too.

  • I'm gonna go with pretty much the only fighter on the list that's never been KO'd or rocked and has taken some serious beatings…

    BJ Penn.

    Anderson, Fedor had great chins but they never got hit enough to judge fairly and they've both been rocked at least once.

    • BJ Penn has never been rocked? mmm kay

    • @Bryan I've never seen Anderson rocked but I've seen BJ rocked, Rory put him on wobbly legs and to a lesser extent so did Diaz

  • I thought Uriah Faber's chin would get a special mention

  • Way to ruin an article guys…..

  • Is this greatest chin ever? Just wondering because you named a few retired guys

  • I would have probbaly picked Shogun if he was there because he ate 2 or 3 perfectly clean H-bombs and survived… pretty much the most impressive thing you could ever say about someones ability to take a punch

  • What about Cabbage?

    • Campbell beat me to it – just saw the post