POLL: Who Do You Think Won The Main Event At UFC 165, Jones Or Gustafsson?

  • I'm of the belief that you need to take the belt from the champ, not have it given. The fight was imo way to close to reward the challenger the win even if it leaned in his favor.

    I am Swedish and love Gus but I also know that he agrees with me.

    • Excellent point, but this next time, Gustafsson needs to toe stomp when they're in the clench! Jones is a solid kicker, but mistakes by leading with his toes at times… it's never going to really heal now so that and leg kicks are a plan! Also, did anyone notice that when Jones switches his stance and puts his left leg back, that he then always kicks immediately? True hole. I like Jones, but I like fighting even more and conquering a fighter that is reigning is a great thing.

    • Krogan, I don't disagree with your philosophy but of course, the judges hand their cards in after each round so they don't know how it's going to add up in the end. Your philosophy shows up in the fact that if there is a draw the champ wins but if it is a split decision for the challenger the challenger wins. The challenger doesn't, though, have to win by 2 or more points.

    • I completely agree with you bro. I also think if Jones were a more likable fighter then more people would give him the nod for the decision. The fact that most people dislike him make it easy to say they think Gus won the fight.

    • I gave Jones 3 rounds, when I scored it live. The judges only get one shot to score it as well, That was my assessment, and my opinion so not much to argue with on my end.

    • Nonsense… you either win or you don't! The public opinion is that Gus won and that's all that matters. The champ shouldn't have any privileges when it comes to scoring just cause he's the champ. Close or not, Gus should have had that belt around his waist.

      • The public fortunately doesn't decide who wins. I agree to matt1926. people so easily hop on that hater-train. the fight was close but there's no way it was a clear win for anybody. and a draw isn't enough to get the belt.

      • I agree with you on most things Experience, but I'll have to part ways with you on this one. I believe Jones won the fight, 3 rounds to 2. Gus put on a great fight, but it was a round short. That was my view of it. Great fight, though and great fights that don't have a definitive conclusion will always be argued.

      • The public are biased though with a majority hating Jones. From start to finish that fight was pretty close but overall Jones won it comfortably IMO.

    • DG1

      Guys, Gus DID NOT WIN A ROUND. Jones KILLED him with numbers ha! He Roy Jones'd him. You don't like Jones so you don't think he win. Why don't you like Jones? Still mad that he wouldn't fight on short notice and a card is cancelled? Babies ha! *facepolm* :–> ===;

  • Gus won 1-3 everybody knows it was a rip off stop making have half-assed excuses people!

    • Zip

      Yup, and the case can be easily made that Gus won four rounds.

      • Zip, really? 4 rounds? Surely you jest.

        • Zip

          Yes Brian, I gave Gus the first three, although the 2nd was close. A case can be made that Gus won the forth as he won much of the round before getting hurt, and even then he fought through it.

    • Kungfurule, are you high?! I don't even like jones, but Gus only won rounds one and three. That's what I witnessed, and apparently the judges were watching the same fight. Gus is a beast, and looked amazing against a dominant champ, but he only scooped two rounds off of jones.

      • I agree. also gus was almost finished in the 4th. the bell basically saved him.

        • Zip

          A round in which:

          – Jones got slapped around for 3/4 of it.
          – Jones could not finish Gus, he had time.
          – Gus did not go down.

          • What!? Gus was curled up on the cage blocking what he could of Jones's punches until he was saved by the bell!? Did you take a bathroom break or something when this was happening!?

          • Zip

            May I ask what you were doing for the majority of the round, Jon fantasies aside?

    • If everyone KNEW that, there wouldn't be a need for such an article on this website and so much discussion.

  • This is not a popularity contest, it was an even fight. It was nowhere near like the first Shogun/Machida fight.

    • I am no Jones fan but in my opinion jones almost finished Gus in the forth round. And the fifth Gus was completely gassed out. There is no way he would have lasted 1 more round against jones.

  • Ivy

    I rooted for Gus, and am sick of Jones, but I didn't see Gus win in points. I think he did more damage than Jones did, however.

  • If it was any ordinary fight, itd say gus. I scored the takedowns in his favour and stuffs counted towards ring control.

    However, you should BEAT the champ to take the belt. So id go with Bones.

    • That's a very ignorant statement… once they step into the octagon, there shouldn't be any bias. The belt is up for grabs and whoever wins, wins no matter how close. Just the fact that you say in an ordinary fight you'd say Gus won, says enough.

    • I don't get that " beat the champ to be the champ" so does that mean the contender should have exerted more effort than the champ? So does the champ have more advantage? I just don't get it, the fight was like Paquiao Bradley.

  • I believe the judges should have visited the emergency department at the hospital before handing down a decision. Check out this photo of Bones and Gus in the hospital


  • 1,2,3 Gus.

  • I gave Gus rounds 1 through 5…. We can now call him "the peoples champ"..

  • It was a good fight until the last 3 rounds. Jone's corner and the ref doing noting about all the god dam vaseline coming off his freaking forehead. I mean come on. The **** was hanging out over his eyes. The ref did a shitty job. Maybe the fight might have been different if Jones wasn't covered in that ****.

  • i said this in another post but. jon landed his kicks at will. blocked or not, significant or not. they all added points in his name. so for the folks saying that he clutched 2,4, & 5 they really aren't that far off at all.

  • Jon better sharpen his acting skills before facing the crowd, and act as if he's still the undisputed Light heavy weight Champ.

  • Vic

    This was by far the best fighter that I have seen Jones fight. And I think alot of people did not expect this to happen.

    And the fact of the matter remains: We will have a rematch where two fighters who have learned from this experience will come back even more stronger and better.
    Maybe not by the end of this year. But most definitely next year.
    And that is something to look forward to.

  • Jones won the fight. Get over it. Not even controversial either. A clear win for the champ in a close, exciting, brilliant title fight. Of course, if you don't count leg kicks nor moving forward for 90%+ of the whole fight then you could give it to Gus but sadly haters, that isn't how the judges score it.

  • What this fight did raise is an interesting question of how Davis might fare against Jones. His striking is not close to Gus or Jones but he has a very strong grappling game and if Gus could take Jones down for sure Davis will be able to. He is also a tall lanky frame albeit very lean and it seems when Jones does not have his reach advantage he has to really work for it which he showed he can and has a champion skill set and heart.

    • Vic

      Yet he does not have the reach to back it up, which Gus has.
      Bones would be outstriking him with elbows and kicks to the knee to maintain his distance.

  • Looking at the numbers, I think that this poll is really…

    1. I understand MMA scoring and don't let emotion cloud my judgement.

    2. I'm either new to MMA, don't understand how to score striking or really hate Jones.

    • "62% significant striking accuracy for Jones, who landed 134 of 217 attempts. By comparison, Gustafsson landed 110 of 288 significant strikes, a 38%."

  • Jon Jones or draw, why no draw pick? And I want to see rematch