Who Is The Funniest LowKick Commentator?


Which LowKick user is consistently the most clever, sharp and down right hilarious?  Record your vote now in this People’s Choice Award.  Favorite funnyman not listed.  Post it below and recognize his hard work.

  • who?

  • It has to be our very own Chael Sonnen

  • I wish I had remembered that jewel when I was putting this together. A classic for sure. Sorry Endo although I must say that the winner needs to be hilarious AND consistent over time.


  • Their all hoes

  • Nope I charge money, Im a pro.

  • How about who can make an uglier face then Dana white?

  • I have to agree, his posts pop up at the most opportune moments.

  • Metal garden tools?

  • Did I mention that David is the best moderator ever?

  • Good job Sucking up MR Sonnen

  • Why did sleezyphukkin E Momma snort Splenda?

    Because the skank thought it was diet coke. Now go scrub your cooch & rub yourself to sleep.

  • Cool….. It’s not funny when I say Cain will be champion again very soon… As a matter of fact, all of the above in this picture will be champions soon also. One already won Gold… Current and Future champions.

    Except for the one in the trash can.. That one will be eating through a straw soon…


  • that was funny?

    I refuse to believe anyone is funny on this website. Not even myself.
    There should be an option of nobody

    Lets get a poll of who is most hated. I think everyone can hop aboard that train. I hate many of you 🙂

  • Vote for me guys ! come on ! I always try my best ! I put my heart and soul to write the weakest jokes on those threads !

  • i vote for Chael too. no contest

  • It’s OK mate, I was just messing around. : )

  • Climb back into your Garbage can Oscar.

  • Booo…. no one cares

  • You have my vote, Slovan brother, bringig up Fedor in every occasion and seeing how people get mad for that, always cracks me up.

  • Im used to your posting as you prob are mine, but seriously, Bruce is just trying to make some fun. If your going to crap all over a thread and spread hate, just dont reply.

  • You cared enough to reply didnt you Stinky?

  • If I could re vote I would vote for you M1 I forgot about your obsession with strong manly legs

  • Gave my vote to M1 cheers brother!

  • Hahaha ! Thank you Purinho !

  • Hail Brother ! Thank you ! Nice profile pic ! Fedor is the best forever
    Nice Nickname too, If you like Metal ,you’re my friend !

  • HONORABLE MENTION to DropKickMurphy for his comments on the James Toney article. Sorry I did’nt include you dude.

  • Aptly named

  • That’d be a good one

  • You sound like James Toney

  • Now you can’t go in the olympics

  • DLS, you’re dampening the mood at the party!

  • NP

  • I love Chael

  • Well, his comments anyway

  • He’s had his eyes on yours

  • What?

  • @BruceLee. Thanks,

  • Why thank you.

  • Burn

  • He pushed his tampon in too far and can’t get it out. You’d be cranky too.

  • ha ha ha

  • Ed Sores wins

  • You’re in the wrong thread there buddy boy

  • Sorry, that’s bibi boy

  • I’ll pay more than him for that

  • He’s a card; he should be dealt with.

  • Every one overlooks the Murph

  • Lol sorry about that, didnt mean it to be too literal.

    Dont get me wrong, the thread is lame but you guys are having fun.

    But seriously we should have a thread taking a poll on who is hated most

  • You disgrace Chael Sonnen’s name. As one of, if not, thee most avid Chael supporter in this website you offend me by sullying his name and making a lowly insult like that using that account. Use another account if you are going to make another unoriginal interchangeable low brow insults like that. Especially to another Chael Sonnen fan

    That is all

  • can we not throw them all in the octogon last man standing wins? if not whats the point in this pissing contest lol

  • agreed you do have random funny comments Murph

  • Hunter got jobbed.

  • I think I know who would win…based on some of the comments made it’s clear who knows a thing or two about fighting!!