White: Vitor Belfort Will Fight For The Title Next…Maybe


UFC middleweight contender Vitor Belfort has arguably had the bet year of any fighter in the Octagon, knocking out Michael Bisping, Luke Rockhold, and Dan Henderson in rapid and spectacular fashion.

The manner in which he did so is the most shocking part of the story because at 36-years-old, “The Phenom” is seemingly getting better by leaps and bounds. His recent run has sparked the obvious never-ending TRT debate, and there’s no doubt that the therapy has helped Belfort achieve the amazing results he has this year.

However, there are lots of fighters on TRT who are never mentioned because they are winning like Belfort is. So regardless of your stance on his usage, Belfort has to be commended for his efforts.

Those efforts have gotten him a likely title bout with the winner of this weekend’s UFC 168 main event rematch between champion Chris Weidman and Anderson Silva. UFC president Dana White spoke up to PM In The AM Boston to detail how that’s the fight that everybody wants to see:

“On Saturday night, if Chris Weidman wins or Anderson Silva wins, the next massive, huge fight that everyone wants to see is Vitor Belfort,” White said. “That’s what everybody wants to see.”

Certainly it seems like a no-brainer as Belfort has dispatched fighters ranked near the top of the 185-pound rungs. However, if Silva does regain the belt from Weidman come Saturday, you can bet that “The All-American” will be the next man to cash in on an immediate rematch.

And let’s not forget that we’ve seen our beloved president go back on his word before.

He even put the wheels in motion during the interview, leaving the door open with this statement:

“Vitor Belfort’s next. Or – I don’t know. You never know what happens here. Anything could happen, but there’s nothing but big fights for Vitor.”

Well, one would think that’s pretty obvious at this point in time, right? One holdup to guaranteeing Belfort the winner of Weidman vs. Silva II is Belfort’s insistence on fighting in Brazil. He’s said that he can get licensed to fight in the States but NSAC commissioner Keith Kizer has gone on record to say that it’s doubtful Belfort would ever be granted a therapeutic use exemption to use TRT in Las Vegas.

So that could be a deal breaker.

In any case, we have to wait and see what transpires at the pivotal UFC 168. Belfort should have his day against the champion sometime next year, but he could make it a bit easier on himself by not being so rigid in his prerequisites. After all, he failed massively in his title bid against Silva in early 2011, getting knocked with a front kick that has become one of the most-watched highlights in UFC history.

The middleweight division is quickly becoming one of the most dangerous in all of MMA with powerhouses like Belfort, “Jacare” Souza, and former light heavyweight champ Lyoto Machida populating the upper ranks.

Do you believe White when he says Belfort will fight for the title next? Or is the Silva-Weidman feud far from over?

Check out the interview below, where White also touches on the rumored Anderson Silva vs. Roy Jones Jr. boxing match:

  • I think Vitor is only guaranteed to be next if Weidman wins, if Silva wins, which is more likely, there might be another rematch, depending on how the fight goes. I think that was the cause for the uncertainty in Dana's statement.

    • Yeah, have to agree with that. If Weidman win, it's Weidman / Belfort. If Silva wins, I wouldn't be shocked if we saw Silva / Weidman III. I see that as a real possibility.

  • He's a fraud- TRT is a loophole and he should be required to fight in vegas w/o it. He will all the sudden look human and will lose in VEGAS – UFC knows Vitor is a PR nightmare

    • Vitor actually does need it. The steroid abuse when he was younger ruined his bodys testosterone production. He medically needs it to have the same levels as a normal person.

      His current ban isn't from his current TRT, its from his repeated roid offenses when he was in his early 20's.

      Comparing legal TRT to full blown injectables is like comparing premium gas to Nos.

      The question is if the athletic commission will forgive him and lift his ban. Right now the answer is NO. They feel he shouldn't have done it in the first place, he knew what the consequences are and he did it anyway. So don't expect to come back now. Hes only on TRT as a result of his own actions.

      but i love how the internet comes up with these amazing stories. Even on a MMA forum full of real news.

      • Vitor can be forgiven no problem but giving him access to TRT for a sporting event is rediculous. Message to everyone if they allow him is don't worry you can get extra help later if you cheat now. Should you be a finance minister if you were caught with money fraud? And there is no way Vitor isn't benefiting from extra strength, stamina and speed. He wasn't even that fast when he was 20 and on roids.

        • Your a Troll. Vitor made his UFC debut ko'ing Wandy in 44 seconds and held the fastest UFC ko record for YEARS!!!!

          I'm not even going to point out all the things wrong with that reply. I'm actually amazed how you can fit all of that nonsense into a single asinine post.

          • Not sure where you're going with that. His UFC debut was well before that unless you mean his 205 debut. Please point out all the wrong in my post will you. Trust me the new Vitor on TRT would kick the crap out of the old one. Fastest UFC KO for years? Check your stats, Gary Goodridge 13 seconds UFC 8. Don Frye UFC 8, 8 seconds. Whos a troll. People just can't get over the fact the fighter they like is a cheater.

  • TRT is not an advantage as long as it stays in normal limits. The UFC should require random third party testing anytime leading up to the fight to make sure. This seems a simple cheap solution so the real question is why haven't they implemented it?

  • If Silva defeats Weidman in a spectacular fashion, there wont be a rematch. But if its close which, haha we all know it wont be, then another rematch must take place. But we wont have to worry much about that. EITHER WAY Belfort is next when Silva and Wiedman are done with their situation.

    TRT is awesome. It doesnt turn you into superman, it lets your body work like its supposed to. I am now a supporter of TRT and I think more fighters should use it. Well fighters that need it I mean e.g. Shogun, Griffin, maybe even Fedor.. guys that dont have it anymore and of course that are cleared by doctors to take it.

    • Amen

    • Absolutely not! Proper nutrition, hard work and staying away from abuse lets your body work like it's supposed to. Less than 1% need TRT and anyone that abused roids in the past should not get a pass, their whole record is tainted by their past and is illegitimate.

      • Nonsense…. proper nutrition is not a solution for most people with a medical need for TRT.

        • Also a medical need for most people is less than 1% amoung those under 40 years of age.

          • And of those that need a TRT shot most should never compete in a sport such as MMA.