POLL: Which UFC On Fox 7 Fighter Will Make The Biggest Impact?

  • If Cormier finishes Mir then I think it will be him but if Benson dominates Gilbert the same way he did Nate, it could be his night

    • definitely cormier, he will definitely finish frank mir, and he's gonna be a champion one day in heavyweight unless dana will give a chance to baby face assassin. mr jjosh barnett,

  • all of the above are already stars. matt brown is officially a contender after this weekend

    • Brown is tough as nails, but he's always seemed slower than most his comp, he wears them down. I think Hardy will be too fast for him and win by KO or TKO. But it could go either way if Hardy cant connect clean.

      • Brown is fighting Mein I thought?

        • The "picks" here at lowkick show Hardy fighting Brown. Unless Hardy got hurt which would mean lowkick is behind or wrong.
          Maybe Im too busy to keep up anymore.
          Ok just visited UFC and you are correct. Guess lowkick is too blame for that.

  • This will be a huge test for Gilbert. If Gilbert wins it will send shockwaves in the LW division.

  • I picked Frank Mir simply because if Ben Henderson wins it won't make much impact. Most people expect him to dominate Gilbert. I don't see Gil on Benson's level. I think this title shot is just a formality to unify the titles and move on. I suppose they didn't do that with any other titles due to it being even more obvious that the UFC champs in those divisions would easily win. Gil has a chance, but I don't give him any more chance than most people on Lowkick give Chael Sonnen against Jones. So I don't think when Henderson wins that it will make a large impact. I'm pulling for Mir even though I have a feeling Cormier will get the KO. But it depends if Mir spent enough time with Greg Jackson to have that Decision Magic rub off on him. J/K, if Mir wins it'll almost definitely be a finish. It will be interesting to see what gameplan Jackson cooked up for him. Since Frank Mir didn't permanently move there, a game plan is probably all he really got from the place, and the whole reason he went there. So if Mir finishes Cormier, he'll have the biggest impact for sure.