POLL: Which Strikeforce fighter are you most excited to see in the UFC


Now that the final Strikeforce event has taken place and the future of the promotion is no longer question, speculation can begin on the future of all it’s fighters.

So I pose this question to you Lowkickers.

Of all the Strikeforce fighters remaining on it’s final roster – assuming they’ll be offered the opportunity – who are you most looking forward to seeing in the UFC?

Also let us know who you’d like to see them fight first in the comments below!

  • i want to see mousasi in the UFC!!! pls make it happen!!!

    2. Cormier
    3. Jacare Souza
    4. Melendez
    5. Saffedine

    • sorry mate, should have read your sentence. You'll have my moral COOL

    • Seriously DC is leading the vote the obv imo is Gil he has been at the top of his division for ever and has always ranked in the top 3-5 LW for years. DC just came on the scene not top long ago, and lets be honest he was fighting cans for a whie even his top wins were guys outside the top 10 anyways.

      • i was thinking the same, most people are sleeping on Gil

    • mousasi, barnett and cormier would really fit in the ufc…

  • Cormier by a mile! His pontential is actually scary. This man could pontentially run the 2 biggest divisions in UFC.

  • Mir vs Cormier is a great test, especially with the dangers of Mir's jujitsu skills. Allistair Overeem may also be interested in fighting cormier after watching his friend Dion Staring get dismantled. But it seems Cormier will cut weight and fight jones rather than face Cain.

    Ronaldo Souza vs Hector Lombard or mark Munoz would be fun to watch. Good come back fight for Munoz should he be healthy.

    If he gets signed, a rematch between Josh Barnett and Minotauro big Nog. Barnett lost by decision in first fight. Both veterans in the sport.

    Ryan Couture didn't do enough to impress me. Felt he lost the fight.

    Luke Rockhold vs Rich Franklin. Rich could get some momentum with a much needed win after the brutal KO.

    Tarec Saffiedine vs Matt Brown..matt Brown comes to fight…

    If signed, Nate marquardt vs Martin kampmann….two guys both coming off a loss and also a rematch for kampmann who lost to nate by KO.

    Gilbert melendez vs ben henderson , edson barboza, cerrone or lauzon….

  • I'm shocked Cormier won the poll.

    Cormier / Mir…I think this could be a tougher fight for Cormier, than he might believe. I know Lesnar mauled him, I know Carwin spanked him, but they were / are not only great wrestlers, but also very big men. Daniel Cormier is not a big guy. Not in the heavy-weight division sense of the word.

    I'm a Frank Mir fan, as I'm a Cormier fan, too and I think FM might / could / should have a shot at this. He's a big guy and he's no joke on the ground, as we all know. The question becomes, will Cormier be able to do to Mir what Lesnar and Carwin did to him up against the cage and on the mat? I question it. Frank's not a bad kick-boxer, he has KO power himself and he's proven to be a tough go. Frank is a warrior who doesn't shy away from a scrap.

    I like DC. I think he's a talented guy with immense potential, but before he starts thinking about which division he's choose to run or telling the un-beaten(*MH) 205 Champion that he's going to kick his ass come the fall, he would be well advised to take Frank Mir seriously, should the bout be scheduled. I know Frank looked bad in his last fight, but he's also had moments of brilliance. I know / believe Frank will never again be the HW Champion, but then again, you never know and he's certainly more than a large river to be crossed in anyone's quest for the belt.

    He is one of the few guys in The UFC that when he says…I'm going to break it…rip off a limb and take it home with me…that he's not kidding. Or to put it another way, if (my boy) GSP had a similar attitude, that Hardy fight would have had a different outcome and perhaps, he wouldn't be so dogged about not being a finisher. Frank is a finisher. Cormier would be well advised to remember that, before he goes looking past him to John Jones.

    • @MMA Truth….Cormier has a perfect record so there is a huge level of confidence building. I was surprised by the Jones call out, little premature… Cormier however hasn't been tested by the best in the UFC and frank Mir has alot of experience fighting monstors. Some have criticised his heart but being a former UFC champion I think he deserves alot more credit. His submission game is frightening, he tears ligaments, he breaks arms with no sympathy. You stay on the ground long enough with Mir and he usually finds something. Should Cormier win against Mir then Jones would be a sensible conversation. But you are definetly right, frank Mir is no walk in the park, you only have to ask Congo and Big Nog.

      • @ Enjoy

        Personally, I can't believe how anyone could question or criticize, Frank Mir's heart. I love the guy, man. I remember his second bout with Lesnar and FM climbing into the cage with this massive bump on his head and thinking to myself….he's starting a fight with that on his head? Wow.

        I've seen him take fights where I knew and he probably knew, he was going to take a beating. And Frank has been on the receiving end of some of the worst beat-downs in UFC heavy-weight history. His losses to Lesnar and Carwin, were ugly. I mean ugly, man. I remember screaming at the TV during the Carwin fight, as the ref sat there and let a great fighter continue to take a beating in a fight, which was already (well past) over. I was truly concerned for the man's health. If I had been in charge of the promotion that night, I would have told whatever governing body, that under no circumstance would I allow Dan Miragliotta to officiate a UFC fight, again. It was pathetic.

        No, anyone who questions FM's heart is a fool, idiot and a disingenuous fan of our sport. Mir also happens to be one of the brightest guys in the sport. A very thoughtful and introspective fellow and one hell of a color commentator on a mic.

        People who question the man's heart don't know what they are talking about and they sure as heck wouldn't question it while in The Octagon, with him.

        He also happens to have, maybe, the hottest wife in all of MMA. 🙂

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  • There are so many but my favorites are Cormier and Jacare.

  • Forced to choose one, I say Mousasi. All of those guys can potentially be more exciting than the others though.

  • Hershal Walker!!! lol

  • Every fighter on this list has potential to make good showings in the UFC, but only three of these guys have the "it" factor. Guys that could make a title run. 1st. DC with his wrestling and heavy hands he looks outstanding at the moment. 2nd Mousasi his striking is on par with the best of the best the UFC has I only wish his training and dedication matched his talent 185 is his true weight class. 3rd Gil no doubt a top 10 guy in the lw division.

  • I want to see all these guys in the UFC