POLL: Which Rematch Do You Want To See More: Jones/Gus Or Silva/Weidman?

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  • cain vs jds II

  • Brett Rogers vs Abongo Humphrey 2

  • I'll take the fight that is actually happening, thanks.

  • Ivy

    Silva/WM…I have always thought the UFC has over hyped him. "Greatest fighter of ALL TIME"?!? wtf. Any opportunity to expose them is good.

    • Silva Hype started around 2007 and you now why? not because he was the champion on the weakest division ever on MMA, no but because Dana aside from destroying the best MMA organization ever PrideFC he also wanted to have the best fighters under the UFC name, but he fail , he never got Fedor after so many people ask him why the now best MMA organization ( after Pride was gone) did not have the best fighter Fedor, he created the " best fighter" Anderson Silva , while i can't deny Silva skills he is not and never was the best fighter, Dana created him giving him easy fights and oversale his imagine .

      Now he finally lost to a decent fighter and wants to do the rematch right away after he got Knock Out cold.

      Jones vs Gustafsson is a must because 80% of people agree that Jones lost that fight but somehow he still wears the belt.

      • Interesting way of looking at things, I'm not a Silva fan but I think he is a top p4p fighter if not the best, don't know if he's the no1 fighter or that arrogant b!atch Jones, I may not agree with you, but that is an interesting thought nonetheless, it made me wonder for a while,

      • @Rigo MW is not the weakest division in MMA it has always been HW due to the fact that the bigger the guy is the less skill and technical ability they need due to the fact of in training the can get away being less technical due to their power. I dont think MW is weak at all it is the effect of a dominant champion as Silva was, people actually ran from the MW division once they learned first hand they could not beat Silva, Also on the notion of a dominant champion 2 years ago the LHW division was considered the best right up there with LW, after Jones cleaned it out, many people were saying the LHW division was dead, weak, old, all the effects of a dominant champion.

  • It's up the UFC to decide. Thx to Dana, Lorenzo. This is the big sport, that's it. C'mom guys! It's normal..