Where Will Frankie Edgar Be After UFC 162?


Former UFC Lightweight champion Frankie Edgar has not tasted victory since October 8th 2011, when knocked Gray Maynard out at UFC 136. The Answer is currently riding a three fight losing skid, all three losses were in title fights. Edgar, who was 15-1-1 before losing the LW title to Bendo, seemed almost unbeatable at 155lbs. He beat the legend BJ Penn twice straight, and after a draw and the aforementioned KO win against Maynard, Edgar just seemed to lose steam.

After the rematch, and subsequent loss, against Benson Henderson at UFC 150, Edgar was left with some tough decisions. Stay at Lightweight, where the champion has beaten you twice, or look to another division. Frankie’s size and speed meant that a drop to Featherweight was almost natural. Add in Dana White handing Edgar a shot at Jose Aldo’s title, and it isn’t a tough choice.

The result was his third straight title fight loss, and Edgar was back to square one. A former champion unable to get a belt back, although the title fights have all been close, Edgar might need to change his approach. UFC 162 will be Edgar’s first non title bout since 2009, and I hope that Frankie has been working on his finishing.

The one criticism I have of Edgar’s style is that he doesn’t finish many opponents. During his UFC career, Edgar has put away three opponents in 14 fights. All of his losses have come by way of decision, add in the razor tight judges scorecards for the Henderson fights-What does it tell you? Edgar needs to put these guys away.

He has the speed advantage over most fighters, he is well rounded and he has got KO power, I just would like to see Frankie get a finish. His opponent at UFC 162 is Charles Oliveira, who has been out of action since being pinged by Cub Swanson in September 2012. Oliveira is no pushover, his record stands at 16-3 (1NC), and he will have a height and reach advantage over Edgar.

So where will Edgar be after UFC 162? The answer is obviously dependent on the outcome of the bout. A loss could possibly signal the beginning of the end for Frankie’s UFC career, a win would definitely boost his confidence, but would it increase his stock at 145lbs.? Not so much…..

Oliveira isn’t a top ranked fighter right now, he is ranked around the number 30 mark at FW, whereas Edgar is the number two. So in reality Edgar has everything to lose, and Oliveira has it all to gain. I’m a big Edgar fan, so I hope he can get the W against Oliveira.

Check out this cool Frankie Edgar interview with The Fight Network, and stay tuned to Lowkick!

  • Odd bout for Frankie. It's kind of a Stipe Miocic-type situation that Big Country was in, or better yet, a Faber-Yuri Alcantara type of scenario. Win, and it's business as usual, but lose, and well, it's devastating.

    So you better win. With all the injuries these days, fights like this are bound to happen I guess. Oliveira is sneaky, has great BJJ, but I could see Frankie finishing him via TKO.

    If he doesn't win, or wins a lackluster split decision, he's going to lose whatever small amount of momentum he has left.

    • It isn't too late for frankie though, he only has 4 losses on his record. But 4 straight losses will surely put him at number 30 and Oliveira would become a fringe contender

  • Charles O. may be ranked at 30 but in reality he's much higher than that. That guy has some wicked jiu jitsu and very decent standup. He may have had a couple tough breaks or bad nights but he's still a very solid guy, which is why he had so much hype when he first got in the UFC. He finished Efrain Escudero who was no pushover. This may be a bad fight for Frankie. Even if Edgar loses I would hate to see him retire anytime soon. He is young and still has many fights left in him. And is surely still getting better. Frankie also still has the option to go down to 135 where he probably belongs. We know his camp has talked about it and Dominic Cruz probably walks around weighing more than Frankie. Cruz has never said his true weight but some hints he dropped makes it sound like at least 160. Maybe a little more. He said he weighs 10 lbs. more than when he was fighting at 145, whatever weight he was cutting down from then.

    Either way, Frankie could make 135 more easily than some bantamweights are. I mean George Roop is now at 135 for God's sake. Sometimes I hope Frankie will return to 155 and clean house again. Unless BJ Penn makes a comeback and gets the belt. I'd like to see either one.

  • The lower you go in the weight classes, the faster the footwork and speed. Frankie probably gives up a bit of that advantage.

  • Oliveira is probably closer to 15-20 than he is 30.

    Frankie will win, and then he'll be put in with another fighter that is incredibly tough to finish. Probably win that, and then get another title shot.