POLL: Where do you see Jon Jones by the end of 2013?

  • In all honesty, I detest Cheal and Jones both. This could be the only fight that I would want Cheal to win. BTW I would like to see Jones at Burger King by the end of 2013… Great Champion!

  • in front of a mirror, kissing himself…

    • Or may be in a gay porn video with Chael Sonnen.

  • Jones will be blamed for the cancellation of all 625 regular season, NHL games.

    • RG3 getting hurt is Jones fault as well

      • @ David

        I forgot to mention, he will also get no credit for ending the strike, either.

  • Jones will be exactly where he is now at the end of 2013 – LHW champion.

  • Its very possible he could be any of these but I think there are too many contenders at LHW he needs to get rid of first before jumping up – Gus, Texeira and the winner of HendoMachida.
    Even the possibility of fighting Silva.

    I think a better question is if he'll be the #1 P4P fighter by the end of 2013.

    • no gsp will forever be #1 p4p in our hearts, because he is the best at every transition in mma!

  • Jon Jones will NEVER be a Heavyweight Contender nor a Heavyweight champ. If Jones knew what was best for him he would just stay away from the Heavyweights. Any top 20 Heavyweight in the UFC would absolutely demolish him. Light Heavy and Heavy are two different ball parks. He would not be able to take a punch from any of the top guys at all. What will happen is they will give him a couple heavyweight fights against C fighters that he will squeek a decision out of. But if you honestly think about it…what would happen if Jones fought a Cain, Santos, Mir, Gonzaga, Big Nog, Overeem. I mean you know Jones cant knock them out. But they sure can Knock him out.

  • I see Jones taking cabs in 2013.

  • Another question is, will Jones be the #1 P4P fighter by the end of 2013?

    • Sorry ignore this repost ^

    • naw anderson silva and aldo will continue to ko who ever joe silva chooses

    • @ Keith

      Not by fighting Sonnen, he won't. However, if Silva doesn't fight and GSP beats Diaz, Hendricks and sneaks in another defense before the end-of-the-year, he could / should replace Silva as the #1 P4P. I'd see no reason as to not to. Not if he's defending his title and against the best his division has to offer. It would be more than Anderson seems to be prepared to do, lately.

    • I 'Hope' not.

  • This man who chooses who he wants to fight and who not , is a strange champion … Yes , he has some talent but , he is to picky.
    Where are the fighters who were fighting two fighter in one day these days ? This all preparation stuff of new age fighters really sucks !!!

    • @dean agree

      fighters these days (gsp) should get kicked out for dodging fights

  • Jones will remain champion as long as he dose not fight Anderson Silva at LH. No other fighter in the LH div can beat him