What To Take Home From Ultimate Fight Night 30


Ultimate Fight Night 30 went down last night, providing fans in Machester, England a thoroughly exciting night of action to behold. The card, headlined by Lyoto Machida’s MW debut against Mark Munoz, lacked superstar power but delivered with some highlight reel finishes.

The prelims provided some very action filled fights, as well as its share of controversy, as did the main card section. So while we are on the subject, my first point:

MMA referees are bad for your health

At one point during the second round of Rosi Sexton vs. Jessica Andrade, I actually thought I was going to see my first televised MMA death; and it was not a nice feeling. The ref Neil Hall should have called the fight off at that point, and it wouldn’t have been a bad stoppage. As we saw in the Junior Dos Santos fight at 166, he needn’t have taken half as much abuse.

Sexton was badly swollen, swaying while moving, and although she was fighting back, seemed to groan uncontrollably between rounds while having the haematomas on her head compressed. She was outmatched, getting tagged by Andrade’s relentles assaults, and the referee should have known that; the same could be said for her corner men who seemed to have forgotten the towel that they needed to throw in.

John Liniker needs Mike Dolce

Liniker is an absolute powerhouse in the Flyweight division, only problem is he can barely make weight. The performance he put on last night against Phil Harris was pure domination; he used speed and power to smash the Brit at 2:51 of round one.

With the weight issue comes a constant threat of being cut following a loss, ask Anthony Johnson. If he can get his weight issues sorted, we could see Liniker fighting for a title very soon.

Lyoto Machida is back

Although he may not have kick started the legendary ‘Machida era’, The Dragon proved that he still has the ability to dispatch guys and also that his power is still there at 185lbs. Machida was clinical in his disposal of Mark Munoz and show killer instinct with his accuracy and speed.

I expect Machida to get a high level opponent for his next bout, seeing as he just knocked out the number five in the division. Michael Bisping and Vitor Belfort are two names that spring to mind, any suggestions?

Honorable mention goes to Ross Pearson and Melvin Guillard/Ryan Jimmo vs. Jimi Minuwa for almost killing the card, and to Machida for saving it. Jimmi Hettes fully deserved his submission win after a year off, Norman Parke put on a clinical striking class and Nico Musoke vs. Alessio Sakara was an exciting brawl that had me on the edge of my lawn chair.

  • good updates Rory. be Interesting to see what develops in the future with the one hand on the mat ruling. I didn't think Melvin's knees were illegal. Pearson just got overwhelmed.

    • Also the judges had the sexton fight 30/26 30/26 and 30/27

      Just goes to show some judges have trouble knowing when to score 10/8 rounds.

      • @enjoy thanks bro. what did you think of the card overall?

        • @The card was ok, but I remember after the cain/jnr fight i was buzzing with adrenalin for days….This card didn't leave me with the same adrenalin dump like the week before.

          Every card seems to open new doors and close others for fighters which makes divisions seem all scattered again. I don't know what the future holds for Munoz now. There were alot of fights finished in the first round. The Sexton fight like you said was a complete beating, awkward to watch. The pearson rematch will be interesting but i think Melvin has his number. What was interesting was that Machida said in the postfight interview that he is ok to fight at 205 if dana wants him there…I'm a bit confused….I'd like to see him calling out a name at least or making a case for a title shot. I think the next fight card coming up is a little on the light side though.

  • Zip

    What I took home from UFN 30? A concern that the staff are betting on their picks 🙂

  • how can you say those knees were legal? please, enlighten me.

  • Sexton loses everytime I've seen her
    Machida is quick at 185
    Munos is over rated as I've been saying
    Cole Miller is a dork
    There are many fighters I dont even know.
    Seems I've awaken quite cranky.