What’s Next For Chael Sonnen And Shogun Rua?


A lot of fans were talking about Sonnen vs. Shogun as a ‘do or die’ fight. UFC fight night 26 was the opportunity for these two veterans to stake their claim at relevance, but only one man took the bull by the horns.

Chael Sonnen dominated the Brazilian from the jump, earning a submission victory and culminating the worst night of sports picks that I ever made. Its true that UFC FN 26 was an awesome night of fights, but also there were some very unpredictable results.

The biggest shock of the night for me was how easily Sonnen walked through Rua, and it leaves me pondering on what’s next for Shogun and Chael P. For Rua, the prognosis is not so good, currently riding a two fight losing streak; things could not be worse.

I said in the lead up to this scrap that these guys needed to prove that they still have what it takes to compete, Sonnen certainly proved that, but Rua is a different story. It breaks my heart, because Shogn is in my top five fighters list, but I think he may be just about finished now.

He has compiled a 5-6 record since joining the UFC, and has looked less than stellar in his most recent bouts. He looked great in training, looked in shape, but lacked the killer instinct that is required at this level in the game. We’ve seen this before against Mark Coleman and Forrest Griffin, but I really thought last night could be his re-birth.

I doubt he will get axed from last night’s performance, but he will surely be facing a win or bin fight against an upper-lower tier fighter in the near future.

Sonnen, alternatively, has the world at his feet following his decimation of the former Pride FC champion. He needed a big win last night, and boy did he get it. With the trash talk in the lead up to the fight mainly aimed at Wanderlei Silva and Vitor Belfort, it seems that Sonnen finally has his focus back.

He let his hands do the talking against Rua, something we haven’t seen him do in a while. His inevitable drop to Middleweight opens the door to a plethora of questions. The main one being ‘Who’s next?’ The answer is uncertain at this point. I hate to say it, but Sonnen is probably going to be looking at a high level fight at this point (* washes mouth out).

Vitor Belfort is a name that springs to mind, and the truth is that Sonnen could probably win that fight. Are we seeing Sonnen’s road to that title shot he talks so much about? Anderson Silva was even a name uttered by Sonnen recently; I’m not crazy about that fight right now though.

Sonnen needs another convincing win, over a top tier opponent before we can even consider him for that kind of stake. If you look at it realistically, who else is there to fight at 185lbs? Another answer is Wandy…

Do I really want to see the Oregon OG destroy two of my all time favorite fighters? No. Sonnen could probably get anyone he wants right now, so stay tuned to Lowkick for more news!

  • I know he's polarizing.
    I know he runs his mouth a lot.
    I know he's not he most exciting fighter in the UFC to watch.

    But you have to give credit where credit is due. Since 2007, Chael has gone 8-4 in the UFC, losing by submission to one of the greatest practitioners at any weight class (Maia), losing twice (barely the first time) to the man widely considered the GOAT (Silva), and losing most recently to the best fighter in the sport, a possibly GOAT (Jones). During that time he has, otherwise, cleaned out the 185 division (Miller, Okami, Marquardt, Stann, and Bisping) and made a serious statement last night by dominating the guy who was LHW champ only 2 years ago.

    So, as far as I'm concerned (and I've always felt this way), Chael is a legitimate contender at 2 different weight classes….and how many non-champs can say that? Sure he can be abrasive when selling a fight, but you know what, if anyone is offended then you need to grow up and grow some thicker skin. Life has a lot more to throw at you than Chael's comments (which aren't even directed at you). His time on TUF showed him to be one of the respectable coaches and most genuine fighters/coaches out there.

    So, haters, get over it. He's here to stay for now, he's really good, he's very smart, and he knows how to sell a fight. Find someone else to hate on.

    • You about summed that up pretty good.

    • I agree with all you said but he's also a junkie.lol. Same as Belfort, Henderson etc. I will never fully appreciate what he does with TRT on tap. With the TRT though these guys are certainly looking good.

    • NIce summary. btw, you forgot to mention Cheal's TRT use.

      Nonetheless, surely, he is smart as he has clearly convinced fans like you how smart and legitimate he is.

      I dont hate Cheal Sonnen. I think he is very entertaining outside the octagon. He shows a lot of courage by choosing some really tough opponents (and gets embarrassed during the fight) . But think of it this way, what does he have to loose? Nothing. He calls himself 'the bad man' etc.. and believes that he has a license to speak non stop non sense and pretty much bull*hit's his way through fights. He has never been a champion, hopefully will never be, and has absolutely no legacy to protect. What he has is a few fans like yourself and somewhat myself, who just find his non stop blabber somewhat amusing and thinks that he is sooooo smart.


  • Chael vs Wanderlei makes sense next. I would encourage both of them to fight at 205 so we get a full tank of action….Its a grudge match so doesn't need to be a 185…

    I could see Chael fighting Vitor next as well for the number one spot at Middleweight.

    • Doesnt make sense to me at all…. Vitor makes more sense to me than Wandy… i mean Wandy's record SUCKSSSS! Chael is #3 in my book… if Chael wants Wandy, that's fine but Wandy doesn't even deserve a shot at Chael at this point…

      • Thats true Experience, wanderlie vs Chael is just a fun fight that does nothing for Chael

        • Chael isn't looking for the title anymore, just big draw fights so Silva serves that purpose great.

  • i love wandy but i dont think he stand a chance vs uncle P

  • Viva TRT!

  • nom nom nom…slurrp, (depressed over Rua's loss) nom nom nom…slurp, burp

  • Almost everyone said that Chael *****, but his record is very good in ufc. All fights were against at time top 6 guys not to mention title fights. And how he is not exciding, once a referree said go he run through Shogun and that suplex was so "welcome to wrestling baby".

  • I'll take Sonnen/Wandy.

    Belfort's on a tear right now, I wanna see him get a title shot. Chael needs a good win at 185, for Sonnen/Belfort to happen.