What Does The Future Hold For The UFC Middleweight Division? ‘It’s Not The End Of The World’ According To Ed Soares


Following Chris Weidman’s destruction of Anderson Silva at UFC 162, the MMA landscape looks a whole lot different. The moment the knockout happened I thought I had fallen to sleep and dreamt about the fight. I’m not a huge Anderson Silva fan, never have been, but I appreciate great talent when I see it. Regardless of his cocky/arrogant antics, I truly believe that he is the greatest fighter alive.

In a sport where everything can be lost in a split second, you can’t judge fighters solely on records. A loss in a fight can be attributed to something as minute as a split second lapse in concentration, a missed movement or even being out planned. That being said, there is a new champion now, he beat Silva fair and square.

So what does the future hold for the newly crowned king, and his 185lb. challengers? The answers is unclear while Silva considers whether he will fight for the title again. I know he said that he will never compete for the title again, but you and I know that a legend like Silva won’t lie down that easily. Silva finally has a reason to fight.

For years now he has been absolutely dominating every single opponent that he has faced. And lets be honest, unless you are this guy, you never actually thought that Silva was going to be tested by any of his former foes. People are saying that Silva has nothing to prove following his loss, but I feel the exact opposite is glaringly true.

Silva absolutely has something to prove now. He has to prove that he still has the hunger, the drive to be a champion. If he will admit it or not, that loss against Weidman will have left a mark mentally. His post fight composure can be attributed to the base principle of all martial arts- honor, respect and dignity. I don’t feel like Silva disrespected opponents during his time as champion. It was part of his enigma and it helped him win.

“I think he went out there and was taunting him and doing certain things Anderson does once in awhile. There’s a possibility he may have taken it too far this time. And unfortunately he wasn’t able to walk away with the W.”

“You move left when you should have moved right, and your night can end,” Soares said. “Unfortunately, Anderson has a tendency to walk on that tightrope of taking risks. It’s part of the reason people like to watch him fight is because he takes those type of risks. Unfortunately, Saturday night, didn’t go his way.”

Anderson Silva’s manager Ed Soares appeared on the MMA Hour, to talk about the fight against Weidman and Silva’s future.

We’re going to have to sit back and let the dust settle,” Soares said. “What other fight make sense other than the rematch? Right now that’s the last thing on our minds. What I want to see from Anderson is I want to see him sit with his family. Hang out with the people who unconditionally care about him, whether he’s the champ or not the champ, winning or losing, getting knocked out or getting knocked out. He just needs to be around the people who unconditionally care about him, get his thoughts together, and figure out what his next step is.”

“It’s not the end of the world,” Soares said. “The sun came up today. It’s a beautiful day today. We’re healthy, our kids are good, are families are good. … Everything else, you just roll with the punches.” Wise words from Soares, but nothing very conclusive. My honest opinion is that Silva can beat any fighter on a good day, including Chris Weidman. People who write Anderson off after his first loss in seven years obviously don’t follow MMA enough. Truth be told, even if you don’t like Silva, you know he would beat Weidman in a rematch. So many pundits and fans wrote Muhammed Ali off, during his struggles with the law, after his loss to Frazier. Look how that turned out.

I realise that this isn’t boxing, or the 1960’s, but it’s a good comparison. Silva is the greatest fighter on the planet, and has been for a long time. Even with the loss, can you tell me with a straight face that Chris Weidman is the GOAT?

Providing The Spider has the right mindset, he is a force to be reckoned with. My belief is that Silva will come back highly motivated and by 2014, will have re captured the belt. Check out the full episode of the MMA Hour, courtesy of MMAFighting.com and stay tuned to Lowkick!

  • Weidman does not have to be the new GOAT to beat Silva in a rematch. Ridiculous. Was Bigfoot the new HW GOAT when he beat Fedor? C'mon, let's get real. Weidman wins the rematch, the mental game is out the window now and he can always take it to ground where Silva's genius is lacking… Weidman will exponentially fit the pieces together now after this win. It's a game changer for him as well, let's not forget that one.

    • I didn't mean to imply that, he obviously doesn't because he did beat silva. What I'm saying is do you consider Weidman as the new long term champion?

    • I disagree. Wiedman tried to take it to the ground in the second and failed. Up until Silva went WAY beyond his normal clowning (he wasn't even paying attention to Chris) That fight was looking like every other fight Silva has had against a top wrestler. First round on back taking mostly glancing blows, second round turn it on. Chris had nothing for Silva in the second until he stopped paying attention.

    • I dont get why everybody is so blinded by the KO and not seeing that weidman didnt show anything impressive in the fight, he couldnt do anything with him on the ground, the second round weidman was done silva obviously could have finished the kid anytime he wanted but his stupidty didnt let him, dont get me wrong i like weidman and he won fair and square but Anderson Beat himself thats all there is to it, and if you dont see that then you probably one of those fans that have been waiting for anderson to lose forever, congrats to weidman but Anderson will take the rematch with ease if not Vitor gets the KO.

      • @Angeles0, you've said something that has been constantly running in my mind since last night. I can't agree more with you, I think Weidman's performance was very average both in the first and the second round. If it wasn't for Silva's over confidence the fight would have ended in round 2.

      • Weidman never attempted a second TD in the second round. Strange as it is, he decided to keep it standing. It's impossible to say that he couldn't have taken Silva again like in the first. It's impossible to say how "long term" Weidman's reign will be. Does it matter?

      • Why don't you just give US – "the Silva fans", what we want……..we want you to say "Chris Weidman DID NOT beat Anderson Silva via a fcukng ridiculously awesome KO and that Mr. Silva won the fight with magnificent showboating displayed" then we can just move on. is that hard to do? huh?

  • I don't know that Silva WOULD beat Weidman in a rematch..I know that he could as he could with any fighter.
    People are not giving this kid the credit he deserves. There was another prospect that everyone was saying was the next "Anderson Silva". He is a killer..Weidman did the exact same thing to Uriah Hall that he did to Silva. But I do not know that Silva would win the rematch. This kid just has a way of shocking people and not getting much credit for it. Hall, Maia (2 weeks notice) Munoz, Lawlor, Silva.

    • I like weidman but i'm not gonna give him credit for knocking out a fighter, who was not paying any attention to him whatsoever and was more concerned in pulling off the best chicken dance ever seen on live broadcasting. We'll never "really" know what was going on in silva's mind but he handed Chris that belt. Chris did not take it. He really showed NOTHING special… only thing he showed me is that of the top of my head i know at least 3 other fighters in the MW division (other than Silva) who will Destroy him…

  • "Right now that's the last thing on our minds. What I want to see from Anderson is I want to see him sit with his family. Hang out with the people who unconditionally care about him, whether he's the champ or not the champ, winning or losing, getting knocked out or getting knocked out. He just needs to be around the people who unconditionally care about him, get his thoughts together, and figure out what his next step is."

    jesus, the guy said something smart for once

  • that fight certainly resurrected the chatter on this site, as days ago i was making note of its silence and lack of weaking me

    • lol…I think this fight sent shock waves across the Globe. It has been two days and I am still not over it.

  • Why everybody feel so bad for Anderson Silva, more when good for Chris Weidman? It never happen before. Chris Weidman is a big deal and you better show some respect, he is young, he was former ADCC competitor, took Damian Maia on 10 days short notice and won, impressevly KO'ed Munoz, first man to KO Anderson Silva and he is a current UFC middleweight champion.

    • Wiedman is amazing, especially in what he has accomplished in grappling in a very short time. That said, a lot of people (myself included) are more interested in SIlva because of how he lost. It was an unnecessary blemish on his legacy. It was obvious that he beat himself by going too far. It is almost a certainty that he will destroy Chris if he takes him seriously. Anything can happen in a fight and Saterday night it did. Nothing in that fight made me see it as likely to repeat.

    • forgive me for saying and all due respect to weidmann the way i see it and the majority of people see it is silva lost the fight rather then weidmann winning it, if weidmann out struck silva or dominated him on the ground. wiedmann did well dont get me wrong but it was more of a mistake of anderson then a gameplan or dominant performance by wiedmann but hopefully a rematch will show us who is the better MMA fighter

  • Was the fight fixed? Is that a possibility?

    • YAAAAAAARRRRGHHH. Stop trolling. No one, including you, thinks it was a fix.

      • I don't think it was fixed at all. I think it's a ridiculous conclusion that is spreading throughout the internet. There are even YouTube videos about it. I keep repeating it because all the "intelligent" people seem to think that Silva just gave it away and intended to lose, therefore, it was "fixed in some sense"… I don't believe either.

  • Awesome article man. I agree 100%. I saw nothing in that fight to make me think that Silva won't destroy Chris in a rematch. The more I watch the fight the more I am sure of it.

  • ariel helwani…I can see why dana starts disliking him. you can't possibly have thought that anderson KISSED weidman intentionally.

  • Whats so different about this fight is that Silva did not get beaten down over 5 rounds, he did not get outclassed in speed or technique….Thats the type of things that make a fighter want to retire. He clowned and got KO'd. the best sentence in this story is "Even with the loss, can you tell me with a straight face that Chris Weidman is the GOAT"?

  • ahhh Ed Soares can suk a fat one.

  • It makes you wonder if there is a reason Silva takes so many risks. He values legacy above titles and his recklessness (born of superiority) means that when he eventually lost people cant help but summarise as…

    The only person who could beat Anderson Silva was Anderson Silva… he fell on his own sword!

    For the Spider that's better than saying he was bested by a better or younger fighter… it means his greatness GOAT status is safe.

    I would never say Silva hoped to lose but I would hazard a guess and say he hoped to lose 'like that'… beaten by himself by an opponent we have no problem believing he could and should have beaten anytime he wanted.

  • Anyone who has an ounce of respect left for Silva is truly demented. Another showing of complete disrespect to the UFC and the sport of MMA……and he looked like a complete clown doing it, just like when he did it to Maia.