POLL: What Was The Reason Behind Anderson Silva's Loss?

  • 1,2, & 3!!
    Weidman got lucky Anderson was tired of being a champ & acting way too dam cocky.

  • Anderson got cocky, simple as that. All respect for Weidman because I doubt anyone else could of KO'd Silva given that same situation.

    • I bet vitor at the VERY least could have KO'd anderson in that situation…..rethink your answer.

  • I just want to see Anderson fight, whether its for the belt or not isnt a huge deal since he isnt like GSP and can finish guys with 3 rounds. Maybe now we can see some fights that wouldn't happen when he was champ, like watching him KO Bisping.
    He wasn't my favourite cause he had every record along with his belt, its because of how awesome he fights.

  • Weidman beat him, plain and simple. There is no poll, this is stupid. Silva is arrogant and always has been. He deserved to lose.

    • Haters gonna hate.

      You did see the "Weidman is a better fighter" right?
      Don't cry cause most people don't agree.

    • You are right Cage, who gives a flying fluck what anyone thinks, or calls you names.
      Weidman came to win and fight, he did just that, HE WON, get the fluck over it all you cry baby excuse making dooshbags. Say what you want, WEIDMAN is your NEW CHAMP. Im out of here, until all this Silva BS is gone.

    • chael is that you??

  • How about, Weidman kept his composure.

  • I agree with MAMBA24ILL
    It was a combination of factors
    1. Anderson was no longer interested in being a champ
    2. He was cocky ( As always), so no surprise there, I don't think he was any more cocky than he always is.
    3. He did appreciate Weidman's ground skills, and therefore did not want anything to do with it, especially after first round. Hence the talking and taunting in the octagon.

    I also think he was wary of any more take downs and therefore was hesitant in committing to anything. Knowing very well that if he gave the smallest of the opportunity to Weidman and if Weidman wanted to take him down, then it would happen.

    My prediction for a rematch.
    1. A cocky Anderson Silva, but much less than what we have gotten accustomed too. After all that's his style of fighting, but this time his hands are going to stay up.
    2. A very focused and stick to the game plan version of Weidmann. So I expect many more take downs and take down efforts.

    3. Anderson landing some great strikes. Weidmann will realize he is in a fight this time, which should further confirm his take down game plan.

    4. Majority of the fight on the ground, with Weidmann as Still the champion via unanimous decision

  • 1,2,and 3.

    4. Maybe he just wanted to lose after all.

  • Weidman punched him right on the chin. That is why he is the new champion.

  • As I'm sure these two fighters would exchange victories and losses, I think the appropriate answer is #5 and the question should (really) be, what was the reason behind Anderson's loss on July 6th?

    To me, Weidman was the vast superior fighter….that night. As much as I love Chris and as much as I think he can / will win a re-match, Anderson could well beat Chris any day and Chris knows it. That's why he trains as hard as he did / does and why he didn't walk into the ring Saturday with his hands down.

    Weidman was the better fighter, that night. I think that's all Saturday proved. Of course, the problem for Silva and his fans is, the "I told ya so" moment can't be changed quickly and for now, Weidman's dominance over Silva stands.

    Until next they meet, Chris "is" the man and Anderson "was" the man. When next they meet, who knows?

  • The first three reasons are basically the same thing. "Anderson Silva gave the fight away"…

  • Ivy

    Angsome hit the nail on the head.

  • Anderson is tired of being champion MY A-S-S!!!! it was the best night of the year so far when i saw him getting knocked out…HAHAHAHA! still LMAO about it!

    • Ofcourse it was the best night of the year, the fedor guys have been waiting for anderson to give away a win(takase,joker,chonan) so that they can go on about fedors record.

      It's ok, i know that's the real reason you hate on anderson.

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  • Why don't you just give us (Silva fans) what we want…just say "Silva didn't really lost to Weidman via a fcuking awesom KO, just like when he willingly gave Chael 4 1/2 rounds." is that really hard to do? huh?

  • Wall Street Journal is going to reliese some facts about Silva-Weidman fight.

  • It is because Steven Seagall wasn't there.