What Will Happen To Chael Sonnen in Brazil?


When Chael Sonnen travels to Brazil this summer to take on Anderson Silva for the UFC Middleweight Championship belt many people have expressed some concern about his well being.  While it is true he will be locked into the cage with Anderson Silva, who many people consider the best MMA fighter of modern times, many people are concerned about Sonnen’s safety before and after the fight.

What do you think LowKickers?  Is Chael Sonnen at risk for personal injury outside of his fight with Anderson Silva?

  • RIP Chael Sonnen 1977-2012

  • “Dead Man Walking”

  • It will be ironic if I’m the only one voting for “Brazilian Fans Are Civilized”.

  • Wishful thinking Chael?

  • We need another choice like….Sonnen escapes barely as unruly crowd is restrained..oh the drama lol

  • We’ll let you cast your vote after the fight, we’re civil here…..sometimes….lol

  • even civil non violent people have their breaking point. The multitude of below the belt and out of bound comments is not something that will be forgotten. I hope the fans allow Silva to handle his business and get paid before someone does something stupid.

  • We dont care about comments made about other figthers but we dont like the disrespect to our nation…..that could spark some madness.
    People concerned about the Brazilian cround just think abou this: imagine someone talking mad shit about the US in a total disrespect to its people and culture in a stadium with 80k Americans???? The guy would probably be denied a visa to start with.

  • danger if silva wins: 1%
    danger if sonnen wins: 5%

    lets not get carried away, he’s not hitler or anything for god sake

  • Actually, many Nazis fled to Brazil after WW II and were in no danger from the people of Brazil.

  • he will retire anderson silva

  • I’m honestly scared for him and MMA as a spot

  • Yeah, after this MMA may not be considered a valid spot. Maybe just a dot.

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  • looks like you have 2 things in common with GSP, Bi-curious and also from Canada

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  • I see Sonnen maybe getting hit by some trash, and then the crowd actually applauding him if he was to win, and perhaps the same if he puts on a good performance and still loses…. It’s not like Brazil is some blood thirsty 3rd world country.

  • @Brasil-No, American fans would not harm the other fighter. We know a lot of the world does not like us. And the American fans in attendance aren’t going to risk going to prison, to injure or kill one outspoken person. If Chael wins and the Brazilians riot and kill him. It’s doubtful that the same extreme investigation would take place to find the guilty parties and charge them. Point is in Brazil, they could probably get away with it. Hopefully the UFC takes this possible threat seriously. And sets up barriers, or something to hold back the general admission crowd. The ones in the first few rows and floor seats will be the rich and famous people. Who will certainly not be a threat. The real danger will lie in the part of the crowd of 80,000 that paid 20 $ for a ticket because the UFC will cut them a break on the price down there. I think the people will be civilized unless Chael wins, and then insults Brazil in his victory speech while the boo him. (Chael having a prepared speech in Portugese, just to get under their skin.) Hopefully he doesn’t do anything dumb like that. I give the fans the benifit of the doubt unless he defeats their champ. And then kicks them in the teeth while they are down. If that happens, who knows? haha

  • either way the brazilians will probably retire him aswell after the fight

  • What’s in the booooox ?!!

  • resorting to mom jokes, tsk tsk young Padawan, you will leanr

  • yea they do haha

  • When a team or favorite athlete gets defeated, the result from the hometown is dejection and disappointment. If Sonnen wins in convincing fashion , I see the fans being more like “well, that sucks, but he won”. If it is really close and controversial split decision in Sonnen’s favor, then I see the fans getting really pissed off. Before the fight he’ll get booed and taunted, but I don’t see anyone trying to hurt him. Because what would be the point? If he’s injured by an overzealous fan, then he can’t compete and the whole world is deprived of seeing a much anticipated title fight.

  • You know, I don’t really criticize editorial policy here, but I gotta call on this one. Asking if security is going to be an issue is fine, but “coming home in box?”

    People can get away with saying things like “they’re going to murder fim” or “I want to kill that guy” in sports like Football or Basketball. They’re all established sports that aren’t still trying to get sanctioned in some places.

    Some day, a protectionist idiot could be standing in front a senate committee reading from this post, trying to make the point that MMA is not a sport but “human pit dog fighting”. It’s happened before…

  • I appreciate the point but I think the senate hearings would have to differentiate what happens in an MMA fight and what a crowd does, The latter is the question here. Presumably the senate hearing would be talking about the MMA fight business.

    When there is rioting crowds that do damage or injury after hockey championships, soccer championships, MMA matches etc. that is a completely different issue. More states and countries are legalizing MMA all the time.

    It is hard to believe that the American senate, in trying to determine whether MMA is safe enough to approve of would go beyond what Dana White has said, beyond all their witness, beyond what the fighters have said in public, beyond video of the most egregious injuries and behavior and begin to look at what some fans thought of fan behavior after a fight.

    Sorry CraneStyle, I have to disagree with you there. This poll will not likely be the downfall of MMA in the United States of America.

  • The USA is the most civilized place on Earth. Brazil, I would not doubt for a second their citizens losing mental control and going bezerk.
    Our legal system keeps peace. Many other countries struggle to even maintain order in their societies. I dont know what will happen, but if they do go nuts, I will always look at that country as a bunch of primitives. So Brazil should do itself a favor and maintain control and show the rest of the world you are civilized..

  • I live in a metal house and I throw cannonballs, any takers?

  • As long as I can edit your posts too 😯

  • Had to throw in Canada too, beautiful country there and mostly peaceful people.

  • I think most people viewed this thread as humor to lighten an unknown outcome. Most Americans can quickly determine serious from humor/ sarcasm.

  • I can take a joke

  • I agree

  • Not me

  • I’m expecting that (trash). I can take it as well as dish it out.

  • Duh

  • Not half as bad

  • That sound more like baseball than MMA

  • Pretzel? Ohh! He’s quaking in his boots now.

  • Whoa big fella. Brasilian fans are great

  • Americans are heroes for putting up with Canadians

  • @ Brasil, we should get together for coffee when I’m down there.

  • Well, that’s just not very likely

  • Have I reached their breaking point yet?

  • Thats how I see it going

  • As a matter of fact, yes

  • @ Jamesmma, What does that even mean?

  • Its not all that prissy really.

  • Uh…I feel fine.

  • Retire with the belt. Nice….

  • you’re not undefeated =D

  • triangle choke should be a #3 option

  • nice joke

  • that joke is every where it is so good

  • silva will be victorious with a great ko probably another well timed front kick

  • we like you guys ehh.

  • Finally…. I’m back! Been watching you fools from the outside. I been locked out for months. I can’t believe Sonnen is going to Brasil. I hope he puts on a good fight for the fans. Looks like the lamb being led to the altter if you ask me.

  • GSP could rip you apart! And probably jamesmma too!

  • Brazilian are civilized, in fact we do not talk a lot of shit like sonnen, we respect other coutries and not by “fear” but we respect because we are educated. We also respect other martial arts, we don’t depreciate karate, judo, kung fu or another, but still we are not so blind in believe that BJJ and Muay thay are like a definitive weapon….if i were close to sonnen i’ll not try to hit him, or talk shits to him, my way to destroy him will be say “i’m sorry for the education that your parents gave to you, and the low minded people who thinks your behavior is cool”