Watch Today’s Bellator: Rampage vs. Ortiz Press Conference Live At 3PM EST


Bellator FC will be holding a live press conference in Los Angeles today at 3 PM, and our friends at MMA H.E.A.T. will be on hand to film the action first hand. Bellator has recently made waves by signing former UFC light heavyweight champions Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and Tito Ortiz.

Rampage and Ortiz will appear to address their upcoming bout at the promotion’s first-ever pay-per-view on November 2 from Long Beach, CA. Last week’s announcement of the fight sent waves through the MMA community, as many debated if the fight is the right direction to take for Bellator in their first PPV.

Check out the live stream below:

  • If UFC put this on a FuelTv Main event I might not watch the whole free card out of feeling disrespected. This is a joke! What a pathetic excuse for a main event. What a pathetic excuse for a fight period. This belongs on a UFC Hall of Famer fight card when they bring back all the old dudes and let them fight. Rampage can still compete with lower level fighters. Tito Ortiz is so far past his fighting years it's disgusting

    • D

      You sir, are an idiot.

      Rampage has only two fights in the last 6 years against guys NOT ranked in the top 10, and he won both (Jardine and Hamill, who were both at least in the top 20 at the time when he fought them). So to say he can "compete with lower level guys" is far beyond an understatement. And as bad as Tito's record looks, he has not competed with a guy who could be considered mid-level, let alone "lower level" since a washed up Ken Shamrock, also 6 years ago.

  • This website shouldn't be called lowkickmma……..lowkickufc is much more apt given most of the posts and comments!!

    • I have great respect for alot of what Bellator has done to stay around this long. I also have a great respect for MMA as a whole, I mention the UFC because these are 2 ex UFC fighters who couldn't hang any more. I also mention it because I remember people complaining that some of the UFC PPV's weren't deep enough. so whoever weaked my comment before please reply to this and tell me you're willing to spend your money on this nonsense of not only a fight but a main event! If Bellator put together some of their top talents and made a real card I'd probably purchase. How can you justify this as a main event?

  • Best comment from the press conference from Bellator Ceo Bjorn

    "we are not waiting around for some wrestler to lose two fights straight then bark his way into a 205 title fight…"

  • Where is Ariel helwani. I though journalist cover MMA and not only UFC!

    • Ariel was riding Dana on a las vegas black jack table.

    • That is a very good point An, but it's not just Ariel…it's all of the, what has now become, the mainstream-MMA media. Where are any of them?

      • @Brian….There is definetly a dana white nut hugging media group led by Ariel Helwani & karyn Byrant.

        • True…. but its the nut that feeds them so at least they latched on to the right pair!