Watch Rousey, Tate, and Dana White address last night’s TUF shakeup


Miesha Tate, Ronda Rousey, and Dana White all appear in a video courtesy of Fox Sports to address last night’s dramatic change-up of the now filming TUF 18. OF course Tate will face bitter rival Ronda Rusey in a heated rematch after Cat Zingano unfortunately had to withdraw with a serious knee injury.

Tate, Rousey, and White give their points of view on the subject. Truth be told, the event might have just gotten a lot more exposure in a roundabout way. What are your thoughts as fans?

  • I think Mesha is going to get pissed off at Ronda for continually leaving the toilet seat up…

  • Hundred bucks says Meisha befriends her, draws her in, fools her into making out with her before the end of the season, and then knees her in the balls……

  • Although both are good looking, I've come to the conclusion that Mesha is the hotter of the two.

    • And there in lies the problem with womans mma. If someone as hot as Brittney ever started fighting she would instantly be my favourite womans fighter.

      But then again when I watch ufc with my girlfriend she cheers for the hotter guy (unless he's a super boring grinder) so its only normal I guess for guys to root for the hotter girl

      • I root for the bigger ****, normal right?

      • @ high

        I said nothing of which I'd root for in the fight, I was simply remarking about which, of the two, I thought was hotter.

        If I rooted for Mesha in the fight, it would only be for the purposes of testing or pushing Rhonda. I'd root for a good stand-up fight, because I'd like to see something than an arm-bar from The Champ and I'd like to see Rhonda's stand-up, which looks great, both demonstrated and tested.

        Regarding WMMA in general, I'm more apt to simply root for a good fight and could really care less, as to who wins. If the women happen to be hot, then that's a bonus, but to be honest, when the females fight I'm not paying attention to their looks, but only the techniques used. Once the fight is on, the physical appearance of a fighter, to me, is irrelevant. She could be the most unattractive woman on the planet, but if she's kicking *** and taking names in her division…that's all I'm interested in.

        The prettiest of them all is Gina Carano, but if Gina couldn't fight I wouldn't have been interested in her career. That fact that she is stunning, is merely a side-note to the fact that she is a great fighter.

        If I root for Mesha to beat Rhonda, something I haven't decided to do yet, it will be because I wish to see Rhonda tested and not because I think she's (a little) hotter than the Rhonda.

        …just wanted to clarify the useless, subjective opinion, I was making.

  • @-MMAtruth- That pretty much sums up how I am with WMMA as well. But for the record, I've said it before and I'll say it again. Sara Mcman has the best booty IMO of any woman alive. She taught wrestling sometimes at the gym I used to go to. In these grey sweatpants. Just watch her last fight and the way that round beauty was bouncing along with her standup. It takes doing a ton of squats to make a caboose as perfect as that one boys.

    • I'll have to check out her last fight. 🙂

  • Dana.Wins.Again.