Watch Ronda Rousey On The Set Of “Entourage”


Undefeated UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey has taken the MMA world by storm since winning the Strikeforce title from Miesha Tate in March 2012.

But her sphere of influence has definitely not remained solely on fighting. The polarizing-yet-popular Olympic judoka is making a name for herself in the acting world, as well. Signed on to appear in big-budget Hollywood flicks “The Expendables 3,” “Entourage,” and “The Athena Project,” Rousey’s star is exploding like no other fighter’s has before.

Today, we get our first glimpse of her in action, as X17 Online has released the above video of  “Rowdy” engaging in some road rage with the cast on set.

It seems like Rousey is becoming quite the crossover star, and with so many top-level MMA fighters on the shelf, the UFC can use every bit of her drawing power it can get. But with no news on her next fight as of yet, the allure of Hollywood may be growing stronger by the day.

That may be undeniable, as it’s clear that Rousey is in high demand. Is “Rowdy” simply biding her time before she makes the transition to full-time movie star?

  • It would be so exciting to have sex with a women who could kill me at any time in any position.
    Damn Ronda Rousey is my favorite fantasy!

  • Hands down, I thought the star of this video was the red corvette.

    I thought it played it's part well and was believable.

    The best part of the vette's performance was when it opened its door and ejected Rousey.

    • Zip

      Question is, was that because the Vette ejected Ronda, or because she landed ass first in your lap.

      • My lap? I think that trajectory is more apt to find you, Zip.

        I know she's the best at MMA, but the acting stuff kind of makes me sick. She's not an actress.

        I can just see some poor actor who has struggled and studied their entire lives, done live theater, run lines, taken the lessons, gone to school for it, just banging their head on a table when they see these 'athlete actors' or reality TV 'stars' getting screen time, while they go hungry for their craft.

        It's akin to a nobody getting a championship belt without ever having fought. I support Ronda in the ring or for some personal stances, but her 'acting career' I'll take a pass on.

        • Zip

          And that, my friends is how to masterly turn a positive scenario into a negative one 🙂