Watch: Heated staredown between Michael Bisping and Vitor Belfort


Long weeks of trash talk contributed to a heated staredown between Michael Bisping and Vitor “The Phenom” Belfort, ahead of this Saturday’s Middleweight collision at UFC on FX 7. Taking a book out of Junior dos Santos’ chapter (yes, in that order) by extending his fist towards Bisping’s chin. The Brit didn’t like the gesture, as UFC’s executive Marshall Zelaznik was forced to separate the two.

Seems like we are up for one hell of a fight this Saturday.

  • What are you watching on youtube Anton? lol

    • @belikewater

      thats hilarious, so was the staredown.
      the post fight interviews should be fun too

  • I didn't know either of them spoke Russian. And was Bisping the one dressed as the old lady on the couch, wearing the shawl?

    • Okay, Anton's swapped out the old video for the right one. There goes that context and cheap laugh.

  • Hahaha – first time this happened to me. I was watching a Russian talk show, with Bisping vs. Belfort in another window. As the result – I embedded the wrong video.

    It was up there for literally 20 seconds, you freaks!

    Anyhow, it's Belfort vs. Bisping now. 🙂

    • Funny and Cool.

    • @ Anton

      I have to ask – what were they going on about? I don't speak Russian, but it looked riveting.

      It truly was odd. I was trying to figure out what Bisping and Belfort would be doing on a Russian talk show (in Russia, we would presume), two days before fighting in Brazil.

      • Complicated story. This girl's biological parents are Russian, while the family where she grew up is from Portugal. From what I understand, something happened to the family in Portugal, so they moved her to Russia. Her biological parents turned out to be heavy alcoholics, and live in some god-forsaken village. So the whole argument was about where this girl should stay, in Russia or Portugal 😀

        • And thank you very much for the explanation, Anton.

    • Can't believe I missed it haha

      • It was pretty funny, Keith. You would have laughed.

  • Quoting Vitor…"I'm mad. I'm mad".

    And I believe him. That's the most fired up I've seen before in ages. I mean legitimately fired up. Bisping better keep his hands up.

    I love it. Can't wait.

    • I don't know if we're talking about the same bit but Vitor was shouting "I'm ready" but it did sound like "mad" a bit, with Mike replying "He's ready"

      • Perhaps I miss-heard. Either way, Vitor looks stoked. I got my wings and beer, ready to go. Can't wait….LIVE…FROM…Geraldo Jose de Almeida State Gymnasium, Sao Paulo, Brazil….ITS TIME!!!

  • I'm ashamed of myself. I should be able to appreciate all that Bisping has accomplished…and I can't. I hope Vitor "Hendo's" him.

    • @ Michael

      We all hated Bisping in the beginning. If he wins, perhaps you'll come around. I just hope we get a good fight and although I'm pulling for Vitor to KO Bisping's ass, I won't complain if he beats VB. He's worked hard. He's trained hard. He can go the full five. He shows up. He's improved.

      Good for him if he wins and if he fights Anderson, I'll be puling for him to beat The Champ. Which I know he more than likely will not, but we can all dream. I wish him luck in the fight, but still pulling for the Brazilian Lion.

      Enjoy the bout.

  • Vitor wasted a lot of energy.

  • Vitor looks like he prepared well. Looks like he is in awesome shape. Say good night to bisping. Vitor gonna punch his face into hamburger meat -__-

  • Very unlike Belfort to be the aggressive/disrespectful one outside of the cage.

    It might have just been the angle but does anyone else thing Vitor looks a lot older here?

  • Well – it looks like the UFC has been taking boxing staredown 101 becauseThat staredown was faker than a female porn star's boobs. Way to sell a fight, guys, great job.

    • Don't think so UG. Those are real feelings of hatred and anxiety.

      • Oh well, I've watched boxing long enough to not take these things seriously.

        • I think it's pointless to bring that much emotion into a stare-down.

  • Vitor – Im ready…..
    Bisping – He's ready
    lol Vitor is such a goof

  • Well that escaleted quickly