Watch: Fan Throws Drink At Conor McGregor’s Face


Conor McGregor may be the most popular man in mixed martial arts (MMA) right now, but that didn’t stop him from getting a dose of backlash during his recent trip to Glasgow, Scotland.

McGregor, who was in town for his “An Evening With Conor McGregor” interview with Caroline Pearce, apparently made his way to a pub during his time in Scotland, where he sang a song supporting local soccer club Celtic F.C. of the Scottish Premiership.

That didn’t sit well with at least one fan, however, as McGregor was doused with a significant amount of liquid from a drink thrown at his head while he sangĀ a song of support for Celtic F.C., who are in a heated rivalry with Rangers F.C. The fan who threw the drink at McGregor was allegedly a fan of Rangers F.C.

Watch McGregor get splashed toward the end of this video from UFC Related on Twitter (via MMA Mania):

  • E Crash

    What a dummy. Dude woulda got slaughtered. You don’t throw garbage at a lion.

    • Murderous1

      Just a midget with Brain Damage that weak sheep cling to cause they need a hero their size 3-0 in his last four fights pathetic lol let’s see how many nerds nerves I can strike

      • E Crash


        • Jim Swade

          well considering he did it and didn’t get slaughtered not sure about your comment…. and lions would probably have no problem eating the garbage thrown at them just like bears,….. McG is no lion he is just an average guy who made millions off his loud mouth and ignorant fans that buy into the BS he spews….

          • E Crash


      • RMRyan

        How can he be 3-0 in his last 4 fights? Apologies if you’re still in your first few years at school

  • Shock Wave

    Whatever Conor was singing, it sounded like strangling a cat…

  • Patrick Shannon

    oh no! Conor got splashed! how dare someone splash a chirper that can afford to buy his own bar and drink with whoever is willing to wash his balls.

    • Murderous1

      Who thinks about men washing ball’s

  • Wabbit

    It is difficult to despise someone whose tailor has such a great sense of humor;
    but, then again, it is McGregor.