Watch Conor McGregor Rub Floyd Mayweather’s Head In London

Photo: Steve Flynn - USA TODAY Sports

Despite some highly entertaining and shining moments (mostly on Wednesday’s Toronto stop), both the MMA and boxing worlds can definitely savior the end of this week’s at times cringeworthy Mayweather vs. McGregor world tour spanning four cities and three countries after a plethora of racial and homophobic talk damaged the hype of a bout that has already drawn a ton of criticism for being nothing but a massive spectacle.

Of course, yesterday’s final press conference in London was marred by Floyd Mayweather’s colorful choice of slurs thrown at McGregor, but “The Notorious” also provided some lighter moments to make the final stop an at least so-so end to the bizarre, drug-out promotional whirlwind of this week.

One of those was when, despite having UFC President Dana White tasked with stopping him from touching him, he rubbed Mayweather’s shining head during his time on the mic. Watch the hilarious scene via Gifdsports on Twitter:

  • Nick Korneev

    bitch move

  • Murderous1

    Hilarious I guess but it sold a lot more fights I wouldn’t be surprised if it was all planned out and they are friends and business partners and they will spar and put on a show to get paid by dummies but I don’t feel sorry for McChicken’s nut huggers on August 26

  • Shock Wave

    More dog and pony show antics…
    Move on ppl, *Nothing* to see here????