Was Johny Hendricks Robbed At UFC 167 Main Event?


Following my UFC 167 aftermath post, it’s time to check out the Fight Metric report for UFC 167’s main event. Georges St-Pierre retained his title after a five round thriller against Johny Hendricks in Las Vegas, scoring a razor thin decision and raising many questions about MMA judging on the way.

It is always hard to score a close decision in favor of the challenger; time and time again we see these close decisions go the way of the champion, but any combat sport expert will tell you that the belt has to be taken. I know that is hard for any Hendricks fan to digest, but it is true nonetheless.

Hendricks put in a valiant performance against a dominant force in GSP, and very nearly took home the marbles. He was unfortunate to be judged by the same clown that scored Rory MacDonald the winner against Robbie Lawler. I’d like to sit here and pick apart MMA judging all day, but that doesn’t change much.

All we can do is say, once again, that leaving it to the judges is never a good idea. Guys like Jon Jones, Georges St-Pierre, Ben Henderson and many others know how to win fights on the scorecards. Coaches like Firas Zahabi and Greg Jackson train guys on how to win decisions, so a convincing win or a finish is what is needed when you step in against guys like that.

There was too much left open for debate in the wake of St-Pierre vs. Hendricks, and it would have proved just as controversial had Hendricks got the nod. That being said, check out Fight Metric’s account of the fight and tell me what you think:

  • Yes.

  • No.

    I was rooting for JH for this fight. However, after the end of the fifth round, I didn't think he had done enough to win the fight. He can say all that he can about how he hit GSP and how confident he was but in all honesty, JH did not do enough…

    I feel sad for him but I'd rather see him win more decisively.

    • it's interesting to hear a Hendricks fan say that, as I have also heard GSP fans saying the opposite

      • Grandslam is full of S HIT, he just changed his profile pic from G.ot S.erved P.roperly to a mutt two minutes ago. Liar Liar thong on fire.

        • Calm down hate. Your comment is completely unasked for.

      • Look, I am not a judge. This is my honest opinion. As much as I love JH, I don't think he won that fight.

    • watch this – it works both ways:

      did you think GSP did enough to deserve that win? if so, how?

    • I agree, when you think back to the fight, Georges was throwing a lot of shots and hitting Johnny a lot. I think the fight was much closer than people make it seem, because for some reason in decisions like these people always favour the challenger. I wish talk of this fight could stop because honestly, what's the point?

    • I don't think either guy deserves the belt , GSP has just been outwrestling guys lately and just "controling" them , he fights way too cautious , lacks the killer instinct to finish fights when he has the ability to do so, that's what frustrates me.
      a clear example was his fight with Koscheck where he had him hurt really bad and instead of finish him he went for a freaking takedown that was the starting point for me to stop cheering for him.

      On Hendricks well the guy is fighting the fight of his life and what does he does, he leaves it at the hands of the judges just because he feels hes so cool and so bad because GSP didn't take him down ,you want the belt? Go for it! give it all you got or die trying, instead the guy goes and says he was fighting at 70% and he though that was enough to get the belt handed to him what an idiot.
      plus he did TAP in the first round don't believe me watch the replay on R1 he tap on the choke.

      I really hope GSP retires and out of respect for his over a decade of wins, we all can say he retire as champ. and let Robbie beat Hendricks for the belt.

  • clearly hendricks did the most damage and was right in thinking hes ahead going into the 5th but he should pushed harder to seal the deal in the last round instead he walked around singing. Round 1 made the difference it was close hendricks did the most damage but the GSP pressured him against the cage and so the judges gave it to him

  • No. It was not a robbery. It was close, Hendricks should have won 3-2.

  • I thought that Hendricks won but if you believe the strike count from the first few rounds (during the fight not above) then the fight was very close. Pierre is known for showing damage so you can't go by that. IDK.

    • Very true – GSP shows damage and it's easy to base the fight only on that. I will have to rewatch

  • It's all a ********mess, wouldn't call it a robbery though, was I surprised that Hendricks didn't win, sure, but could it have done GSP's way, yes

  • I'm kind of torn on the whole "you gotta take the belt from the champion" idea. I understand that you have to prove the the judges that you won but…
    a fight is a fight is a fight. To say that you have to take the belt from the champ is starting to sound like you can't win a split decision against one. It takes away from the purity of the sport when the challenger has a higher burden of proof for winning. fights should be scored regardless of the fighters status/titles, otherwise they're not fair.

  • Mafia is still running Las Vegas! They are controlling everything… This was highway ROBBERY… a Fixed Cinderella story for GSP. All busted up and ****…

  • Numbers dont tell the fight, so i couldnt care less about the scorecard unless the fight was actually close, but it wasn't! GSP was throwing baby punches and Hendricks was landing HEAVY leather, he was doing damage! GSP did no such thing, he did not hurt Hendricks at all. Hendricks was never in any trouble. GSP was in trouble for 20 of the 25 minutes. Hendricks outwrestled GSP. Shut down one of GSP's strongest weapons. I was watching the significant strike count a few times last night were lil "taps" not even real strikes were counted as significant.. It's a FIGHT not a sparring session. To win the belt, you got to beat the champ and Hendricks did just that… he BEAT the champ! GSP didn't even know where the fucc he was, he was suffering fuccin' memory loss! Then he starts this whole **** about being emotional. He was emotional cause he knew he lost that fuccin' belt and when they handed him that win, he couldn't control his emotions anymore. I'm a big GSP fan but i call B.S. when i see it and this whole sh*t STINKS like rotten eggs and decomposed meat!

    • Very true, if not for the lame scoring system with mma this fight wouldn't have been close. Gsp was clearly the only one who got beat up in that fight.

  • Thats it, you have to have a "head power poll" now…head power, leg jab wtf?

    • They need ex-fighters or ex-trainers as refs, that fight metric is still too much up to speculation. Unless they are getting hit by these shots, they dont know the power at all. How many times does a shot land and look like it didnt, or vice versa.

      • Substitute "judges" for "refs" …brain fart.

  • GSP fans saying Hendricks won.
    Johny fans saying GSP won.

    There's only one thing we can say with certainty = it was SO close no one got "robbed".

    • I agree Michael. The fight was too close for the belt to change hands. Besides, after round 2, Johny's power had fizzled out. Yes, he did some good gnp, but other than those cuts, he wasn't able to dominate gsp effectively. even when he connected in round 3, 4 and 5 there was hardly any power behind the punches. GSP on the other hand was very crisp in the later rounds.

      The way I think of this is that if the fight was to go on for another 2 rounds, there is no way Hendricks would have been able to keep the pace with GSP.

  • Hendricks punches would snap GSP's head back, but not vice versa. But Johny shrugging off GSP's punches, doesn't stop them from scoring…or does it? I think how you define significant strike determines who wins.

  • to become a champ, you got to finish the champ…