*Warning, Graphic Images* Joe Riggs Shows Off His Nasty Gunshot Wound


Old school UFC veteran Joe Riggs was all set to make his comeback to the big leagues, after winning the inaugural season of Bellator Fight Master, and getting booked in to face Paulo Thiago at UFC Fight Night 51. Just five days after the fight was made, ‘Diesel’ was involved in an accident when cleaning his gun, and was forced off the card.

His return to the UFC, where he first fought way back in 2004, is now on hold. Now facing an unfortunate few weeks of wound cleaning a recuperation, Riggs appeared in the above video to show off his gnarly wounds after the accident. I have to warn you that the images you will see by pushing play are rather grotesque.

TMZ posted the video, and it would appear that ‘Diesel’ is lucky to still have his life following the incident. Joe says he will be back, so check out the details of the nasty gushot wound he suffered, if you have the cajones.

  • You can only wish that the guy has a speedy recovery… but… lets be real for a minute… he isn't going to make the UFC show in December. Maybe December of 2015?

    Pretty nasty but of course it could have been worse.

  • I like Riggs, but he's never been the brightest crayon in the color box.

  • just a flesh wound…

  • Don't clean a loaded gun… Top tip for everyone.