War MMA Results: Baesman Edges Roberts


Nick Diaz’s War MMA put on their first show live tonight from Stockton, CA, and the bouts provided a solid debut for the promotion. In the main event, UFC veteran Daniel “Ninja” Roberts faced Justin Baesman. Roberts started strong, gaining top position on the ground and landing some good shots. Baesman was able to reverse position and end the round with a suplex.

Baesman clearly won the second round after nearly being finished in the first. While the fight ended with Baesman mounted, Roberts was never able to finish his opponent. Baesman took home the split decision victory.

In the co-main event, “Evil” Evan Esguerra peppered Caleb Mitchell with some impressive boxing at 135 lbs. Clayton McKinney also defeated Mike Persons in a close bout that as marred by three low blows.

Check out the War MMA results below:

War MMA 1 Full Results:

Main Card:
Justin Baesman def. Daniel Roberts via split decision
Evan Esguerra def. Caleb Mitchell via unanimous decision
Clayton McKinney def. Mike Persons via unanimous decision
D.J. Linderman def. Mike Hayes via unanimous decision
Cody Gibson def. Darin Cooley via R3 TKO
Roy Boughton def. Mike Martinez via R1 verbal submission (toehold)
Dominic Clarke def. Chris Quitiquit via R2 TKO (doctor stoppage)

Preliminary Card:
Marcel Fortuna def. CJ Marsh via R2 submission (arm triangle)
Anthony Tatum def. Joey Cabezas via split decision
Adrian Adona def. Beau Hamilton via R2 TKO (doctor stoppage)
Mike Ortega def. Jordan Powell via split decision
Derek Brown def. Aziz Rashid via unanimous decision

  • Im curious who is doing their reffing. Is this covered by the CASC?

    • oh and thanks Mike for the update. I couldn't find any info anywhere and the URL wasn't working for me.

  • Anytime

  • This was a great opening to WAR promotions. There were a few very small production issues, a little mid fight drama from one of the corners, but overall a great co and main event.

    One of the big differences in this promotion was the ban of elbows on grounded opponents. Elbows were only allowed in stand up. We see guys in the UFC get peppered with these one to two inch grubby elbows. Nick Diaz spoke about having to create space rather than just lying on opponents. After watching these fights he makes his point clear.

    I like the visibility of the ropes, however the repositioning in the middle and interference of the ropes gets annoying at times. Nothing major.

    Would i watch War promotions again…absolutely…

    • Watch old Pride FC videos, it would BLOW YOUR MIND lol

      I always agreed with diaz, the japanese rules are so much better.

  • toehold??? is that allowed?

    • That is Nick's new system he was talking about. There are doritos in the corner instead of water. Instead of ring girls..Nick and Nate take a blast and do some crazy **** on Nunchuks.
      They have a petting zoo for kids where you can touch(but not feed) Caesar Gracie…Animal handlers are of course standing by with tranquilizers incase the unspeakable should happen.
      And if fighters pass their drug test and no marijuana metabolites are found..you are called "the p*ssy" as your nickname during your next fight entrance and have to wear a cardboard sign around your neck made by Jake Shields that says "NARK"

  • So what was the new scoring system that he talked about?

  • Toe you want a toe I can get you a toe….dude