Wanderlei SIlva: preperation was the key to my success


Wanderlei Silva, who made a successful debut in the 185-pound divison by beating Michael “The Count” Bisping in UFC 110, believes that the key to his success was his preperation for this fight. Wanderlei changed everything from his trainer to his diet and nutrition. Silva believes that this victory is one of the most important wins in his career.

“This victory is very, very important for me at this point in my career,” Silva said. “The UFC is the best event in the world, every fight here is tought. Bisping was a great opponent tonight, other guys come to fight in the UFC, all guys are tough guys.”

Wanderlei gives most of the credit to his gym, in California, Wand Fight Team gym, where he trains with elite fighters such as, Werdum and Babalu Sobral.

“You need to come in here prepared to do your best,” Silva stated. “Now I have my structure, I have my gym, I have my instructor back, and I’m ready for the next challenge.”

For now Wanderlei Silva is set to fight Yoshihiro Akiyama in UFC 115, but nothing is official yet.