Vitor Belfort Would Stop Using TRT For A MW Title Shot, Go In At A ‘Disadvantage’


Despite mowing down foes left and right this year, Vitor Belfort isn’t getting the respect that he feels he deserves. A lot of that probably has to do with his well-publicized use of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). Belfort reportedly uses the stuff to compensate for his body not being to keep up with the massive drain it receives from his strenuous training regimen.

That may definitely be the case, but many also believe that Belfort’s body isn’t producing the testosterone it should because of his past indiscretions involving anabolic steroids. He failed a drug test while under the Pride banner in 2006, prompting NSAC commissioner Keith Kizer to clarify that Belfort won’t likely ever be licensed to fight in Las Vegas if he’s on TRT.

Ouch. “The Phenom” has been mainly resigned to fighting in his home country of Brazil in the meantime. The therapy has worked wonders for the ageless Belfort, but he spoke up to UOL Esporte (translated from Portuguese by MMA Fighting) to declare he’ll ditch the TRT if he can get another shot at the UFC middleweight belt:

“I’ve already said that, if they agree with it, I would (stop doing TRT). No problem at all. If they want me to get there in a disadvantage, that’s ok. But they already told me that’s not the problem. UFC told me, ‘You can’t go in there with a disadvantage.’ The thing is, I’m in normal testosterone levels with TRT. That’s the treatment. People don’t seem to understand that I’m the only guy that does blood tests. Many fighters don’t do this, many use illegal stuff and are not tested like I am. I’m tested all the time. Week after week, month after month. I have to keep the levels normal to make it fair.”

It’s highly up for debate if Belfort would be at a disadvantage without TRT if he were to face the winner of UFC 168’s Chris Weidman vs. Anderson Silva rematch. Belfort has stated that he’ll only cut down to 185 for a chance at the belt.

It’s going to be hard to prove that Belfort is actually at a disadvantage without his therapy. You’d have to test the T:E levels of his opponent and compare them, and go from there. I just don’t see that happening.

Even if it were ‘unfair,’ the general consensus would be that Belfort simply needs TRT because he ravaged his body using illegal steroids in the past. He seems to think he is the most highly tested fighter and does everything by the books. Do you agree with him?

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    Looking back at his early UFC fights, it's clear that Vitor had been using steroids for years by the time he was 20. Sorry buddy, but you have to live with the consequences of your actions. Luckily for you, it looks like the UFC will allow you to continue to fight in Brazil, where they don't care WHY your body no longer produces testosterone, only that it no longer does.

    • Couldn't agree more! So many fighters these days are applying for TRT due to the damage they have done to their bodies through steroid usage.

  • Too bad so sad. I'm not a fan of Vitor and his steroid use poses a dark cloud for ufc and Mma

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    Fighters don't step into the cage with equal strength, equal reach, equal hand speed, equal experience, equal skill sets, or equal power.

    Athletic commissions never should have legalized cheating to allow for equal testosterone levels.

    • That's a perfect post and I can't agree more.

    • AGREED 100%

    • Interesting perspective Mousasi….

    • The difference here is that low testosterone levels are a medical issue… not a physical disadvantage. You just can't compare the two.

      If his testosterone levels are below average, he should be able to get TRT treatment period. Sure he messed up and used steroids in the the past that may or MAY NOT be the reason for his low testosterone but that's beyond the point. He's not using steroids now and if he needs medical treatment to get up to average levels there should be no problem!

      • Matthew Goldstein said it best "Combat sports embody the most basic form of competition. As they say, "Two men enter, one man leaves." Fighters should be stepping into the ring/cage to put their skills and natural abilities to the test. Like it or not, your body is what it is. Not the fastest guy in the world? Maybe you shouldn't try to be an Olympic sprinter. Not the smartest? Chess probably isn't your game. If you're a fighter and your testosterone levels decrease to the point where you can't cut it anymore, then it might just be time for a new career, as tough as that is to face."

        This applies especially to Vitor who has cheated in the past and is now trying to cheat legally. Why would anybody make excuses for him?

  • Again and for the millionth time, Belfort is not the only fighter who's done steroids. He's also, not the only fighter on TRT. There is an ever growing laundry list of fighters who are doing this stuff, including one of the promotion's biggest stars, Chael Sonnen. I fail to see why Belfort is always the focal point of this debate.

    And speaking of Sonnen, will he not be on TRT for his UFC 167 fight, against Rashad Evans?

    Further, if he were doing something that the UFC was unhappy with, then Dana would suspend him or cut him. As such, we must conclude that Vitor is complying with all and any regulations, set forth.

    To the question of Belfort fighting in Vegas, Dana White has categorically stated that Vitor can fight in Sin City, and that there are no issues regarding his being licensed in Nevada. As such and to the best of my knowledge, Belfort is good to go for Vegas.

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      You are right. Vitor can get licensed in Vegas. He just can't get a TRT exemption there, which is why he hasn't fought there for years.

    • You are right…but there is a slight difference. I believe in the case of Chael and possibly Hendo…that the reason they need TRT is not because of prior roid use…but because of the OTHER reason that you can low testosterone….a long history of weight cutting. For that athlete to me it does not seem horrible that they take the TRT. Especially given that Hendo and Chael were wrestlers bred out of time of very bad ways of cutting weight. Now its a bit different wrestlers tend to cut weight in a healthy manner.

      • Vitor has been fighting just as long if not longer than those guys. I think there is no excuse and it should be banned.

        • He has been fighting….but those dudes have been cutting weight probably since 12 years old

          • True enough but I still think they choose to cut and therefore there is no excuse for using at any stage in competition.

  • He might be good to go in Vegas if he quits using TRT, but no matter what Dana says, Kizer makes the final decision. And it doesn't sound too promising with the TRT:

    "I don't see Vitor Belfort getting a TRT exemption from us. I really don't and I feel kind of bad for him in some ways because if he has learned from his mistakes and now he's trying to do it the right way and his levels are low with the treatment, good for him and I hope he is doing that. The rules are the rules and you have to draw the line somewhere."

  • I still don't get it, Mike.

    It seems like a whole lot of hypocrisy and that Vitor is being singled out for previous infractions that happened years ago, while other fighters aren't even looked at and are allowed on TRT. The whole thing makes no sense to me.

    • He praises God in a Godless world and gets a lot of bad press. There is some bias against him. I've always liked Vitor. The mainstream is against TRT and that's his problem in a nutshell. Chael has haters for the same reason. It is what it is. Even if they are older or have lower levels, they dont care.
      I've always felt, if they are tested before and levels normal and kept normal all the time, I dont care really.

  • No Vitor you go in without cheating and fairly if you accept no TRT. It's not fair if Vitor can't bring a gun to knife fight either. He's at a disadvantage if he has to use a knife too.

  • I hate how he calls going in there to fight clean a 'disadvantage'

  • True.
    Belfort is just trying to play the system like he has in the past. The only difference now is that he's looking for public sympathy to approve his claim. A sucker move if you ask me. With that said, the athletic commission should of never allowed him to use TRT in the first place. Allowing steroids users TRT therapy afterwards is pretty much an insurance policy.
    F*** it, if you get caught, you can always do therapy!

  • This entire thing makes no sense. If he is good enough to take on the Champ with no TRT…then why does he need TRT to face lesser fighters. IT MAKES NO SENSE.

    I think it all just goes to show how desperate he is. He is desperate to win and will do anything to win at all costs (ie take the juice). He does not think his natual ability will do it. He is desperate to get a title shot so he will do anything such as not use medicine he "needs" to get a shot.

    Vitor's issue has ALWAYS been mental. He should have a Jon Jones like legacy by now…but does not because he doesnt believe in himself….he believes in things outside himself…roids or Jesus. The belief in Jesus will always undermine him because…when he is waiting for a miracle to bail him out of tough spots instead of doing it himself. Furthermore…what if God likes the other guy better…then there is nothing Vitor can do.

    Chael said it best…fear, faith, anger…none of that makes a difference in a fight…the only that matters is this and this (lifts his fists)

    • Chael couldn't have said it more ignorantly actually. Fear can cause a fighter to fail or fight for their life. Faith can give a boost to your mental faculties when fear, anger, or something else is creating a negative effect. Anger can also create either a surge in preparation for a fight or cloud judgement and create an adrenaline dump which costs you stamina. Fists come secondary to mindset.

  • Vic

    Just a proving point for Vitor that he can do all things through Christ. :')