Vitor Belfort Won’t Apologize For Being A Lion: I Am Who I Am


UFC middleweight contender and one of the last of the old school contingent Vitor Belfort will go up against Chris Weidman at UFC 181, despite failing numerous drug tests this year. A Nevada State Athletic Commission deemed that ‘The Phenom’ was above board with his testing, whilst slamming fellow middleweight Chael Sonnen with a two-year ban from fighting.

With all the controversy seemingly behind him, Belfort stopped by to talk with Fox Sports recently, claiming he sees holes in the champion’s game, and also that he will not apologize for being a lion. As crazy and scary as Belfort is, you have to give him credit for being able to hold an interview. The question now is can he win the belt at UFC 181 in December?

‘I am who I am, one time you ask God “who you are?”, I just say I am who I am, for you, I am who I am. I don’t apologize, I am a lion, and I don’t apologize to be a lion’

Notice in the video above that Belfort looks considerably smaller than in recent fights against Michael Bisping, Dan Henderson and Luke Rockhold. Could this contribute even more to his speedy hands on fight night? Check out the slightly bizarre interview above, and stay tuned to LowKick for more UFC 181 pre-fight coverage.

  • Wow…Vitor looks HUGE…if he were a welterweight. Vitor is mentally weak and has no chance of surviving this fight.

    • You can see the toll that the banning of TRT has had on his body and his whole aura in general. That stuff definitely works.

  • SSHHHHHHHrrrinnnnk LOL

  • yep, a lion.
    Some lazy ass animal that sleeps for over 15 hours a day, lets the females do all the work then runs away with the glory.
    hear me roar…