Vitor Belfort: The UFC knew about my TRT, I have my levels monitored once a week


Former UFC champ Vitor Belfort has been in the news quite a bit lately for his well-documented use of TRT prior to his second round headkick knockout of Michael Bisping. One of the elder statesmen of the UFC, Belfort has drawn a decent amount of flack for his decision to undergo TRT after failing a drug test for steroids in the past.

But Belfort thinks that it shouldn’t come as a surprise to the UFC. Dana White has recently spoke out against TRT, claiming that he will “test the s***” out of anyone known to be using it. And apparently this is true for Belfort, who is medically monitored with weekly blood tests to ensure his T levels are normal. He told Tatame:

“The UFC always knew that I use, do not do it to cheat. I have medical monitoring and UFC also accompanies it. Never broken through anything, always acted cleanly. Do blood tests every week to equal the testosterone levels of a person my age. Many people are averse to treatment. I do not. I am in favor of people being open and fair in what they are doing,”

Some may stand against Belfort’s use and TRT as a whole, but it appears that he is closely watched while the UFC stays abreast of the situation. Obviously the whole issue of TRT and PEDs is an ongoing debate and a touchy subject in MMA.

However, if Belfort gets tested just to make sure his testosterone levels are merely that of a normal male his age, is he truly doing something controversial or wrong? Men over 35 lose testosterone at an accelerated rate, and Belfort depletes his natural levels often with intense training sessions. He’s disclosed all of the details of his use, and he’s among many UFC fighters known to use the therapy.

Still, it is synthetic hormones and could be seen as a way to get a leg up on the competition. The former heavyweight always comes to the cage in great shape, but he looked even more cut up when he fought Bisping. What is your take on ‘The Phenom’s’ disclosure about TRT?

  • Regulating TRT use is only going to get stricter, so the benefits guys are recieving now are probably going to be short lived providing Dana comes good with his promise to be more diligent. It has to be more closely regulated because its not only creating bad media, its creating friction amongst UFC and managers as they try to negotiate suitable opponents. Michael Bisping has already stated that he wants to know prior to signing a contract whether a fighter intends on using TRT

  • TRT = cheat.

  • since the ufc is first and foremost a business I'm not sure I can trust tests done by them.It's all about the money and Dana is known for being bias to fighters that can sell ppv. A extreme example; If there was a super fight, Silva vs GSP. And say GSP tested positive before the fight. Do you think the UFC would reveal the positive result, there by cancelling the fight and missing out on the cash?

  • Posted this on the front wall, a comparison of Belfort between Bisping and Franklin at weigh ins:

    • @ Evan…The only difference i noticed was about 1000 viles of TRT

  • I'm sorry, the only think I get out of this is that fighters who smoke pot are suspended or cut and that medical permits, license and state laws, which allow for its usage, are not recognized, yet doctor's notes allowing for TRT usage(s) are not only recognized, but they are sanctioned, allotted for "allowances" made.

    Too bad for guys like Diaz, Riddel & Caceras, that the NSAC doesn't allot for "allowable" THC limits.

  • there was a reason pride was the best… none of this bullshit…dont ask dont tell.. just fight.