Vitor Belfort reportedly looking to fight Chael Sonnen, who quickly accepts (with a catch)


Recent speculation had Vitor Belfort embroiled in a bout with Tim Kennedy, a fight that he quickly turned down. His wife and manager Joana Prado confirmed that Belfort would only fight for the belt at middleweight, but is open to taking catchweight bouts in the meantime.

Ariel Helwani revealed on tonight’s edition of “UFC Tonight” that he had spoken with Prado, and Belfort already had an opponent in mind:

“He’s going to be a team player though. He’s going to fight in the interim, he’s okay with that, but he wants to be at either 195, 205, or heavyweight. And she told me that if he had his way about it, if he had his druthers, it would be against you, Chael Sonnen. He wants to fight you, what do you say?”

Sonnen, a co-host on the show, was quick to respond to the challenge with an immediate acceptance of the fight, even setting a date for the potential blockbuster bout:

“Look, here’s what I would say to Vitor, Ariel: I accept. However, Vitor has a title, and his title is that of No. 1 contender. If he is willing to put that on the line not only will I fight him, I will meet him at that weight class and I will do it December 28th-Rousey defends, Weidman defends, Vitor-you got a title too, brother, and I want you to defend it against me.”

Sonnen currently has his hands full with Shogun Rua at UFC on Fox Sports 1:Boston, but a bout with lightning-fast striker Belfort could generate some serious buzz and ratings. If Belfort were to somehow get licensed to fight in Las Vegas, the year-ending UFC 168 would become the one of the most stacked cards in UFC history. Would Belfort simply mop the floor with the slumping Sonnen?

  • Sonnen is looking past Rua, Not a smart move buddy. but that card would be awesome.

    • They should sanction this bout with no drug testing.

      Power level 5000!!

  • So in other words Sonnen doesn't want to take the fight? Belfort clearly doesn't want to fight at 185/risk losing his #1 status yet Sonnen's 1 stipulation is that the fight be for #1 contender at 185? heh

  • All Chael does is fight legends

  • Fight makes zero sense in any weight class……

    • Silva Vs Bonnar, Jones Vs Sonnen just add Belfort Vs Sonnen

  • Chael is a decent commentator. I have been a fan of his mostly because of the humor and underdog in an impossible challenge scenario but I now say "No" he should earn his fights. Enough of the spectacle.

    Earn your way back up or stay with commentating Chael.

    • All true and Frank Mir is a better color commentator. Mir should be on FOX, not Sonnen.

  • It's Weird that I replay to CageRage64's comment that says "1 minute ago" under it and my comment says "9 hours ago". I thought I felt a little weird today. Must be the time travel.

  • LOL at Chael thinking he can talk himself into yet another title shot like that. I'd like to see Dana's reaction. Chael wants to go back down to 185 cause Anderson's not the king at the moment.

    • exactly why he could def get another shot. silva made most contenders look like bitches no1 will pay for okami and no1 really care for a bisping fight. chael vs weidman is stylistically an interesting fight that would sell. plus if chael beats shogun and belfort 2 top guys in 2 different division it would not only be talk that gets him the shot at the belt

    • This would not be talking his way to a title shot. It's fighting his way to a title shot. If Vitor wants to fight him and Vitor is the #1 contender, then he should be man enough to put his rank on the line. If Sonnen wins then he just beat the #1 contender. How is that not deserving of a title shot. People keep saying Chael is in such a slump but the only reason his 2nd Silva fight ended that quickly was him falling down after that spinning back fist. Sure it was a huge mistake to throw the backfist but Chael did not get dominated in that fight.

      And when Chael fought Bones there was no other high ranked 205 fighters that were ready willing and able to sign on the dotted line. By the time the fight happened the other fighters at the top of 205 were healthy or available, and bitc hing about him getting the fight. But he just said yes when no one else was. Losing to Jones doesn't count for part of a slump. So really Chael just lost his 2nd fight with Anderson, and people are acting like he's washed up.

      • It would be incredible if this fight happened and then Sonnen won the belt from Chris Weidman. And at some point ended up defending his own belt against Anderson Silva. Not likely things would happen in that course of events but it would be awesome. In any case, Chuteboxhero is right. Chael fights only legends or only the best guys out there. In the UFC he has only been beaten by arguably the 2 best MMA fighters that ever lived, and the triangle loss to Demian Maia. Chael has proven he only belongs in the cage with the best guys out there. Anyone saying any different is just hating.

  • if you think about it. Chael is one of the greats. He has made **** talking and fight hyping an art.

    of course he gets the crap beat out of him.

    but still…

  • He sure is persistent.

  • Vitor and Rua will be though tests for Sonnen for sure, but both are not Silva or Jones and Sonnen did deserve the #1 status at 185!
    Could be he blankets them for 15 minutes and kiddy punch them, hell he dominated Silva for 23 minutes! On steroids off course but he's got skills! Don't forget that!

  • I don't know if I would call him "slumping" just yet. He has only lost to two of the top p4p guys in the last 4 years. He does need a big win to stay any kind of relevant, and a win over Vitor would certainly be a big win at this point. It seems Chael is setting his sights back on middleweight gold now that Weidman is champ.

    Even if this hypothetical scenario played out, my bet is that it could only work for him if Silva loses the rematch, I can't see there being too much interest in Sonnen-Silva 3 if they were to both win.

  • Roids VS Roids. Let's make it happen.

  • This fight will never happen. I'm getting a little tired of hearing about Chael Sonnen when there are so many other exciting fighters and matchups.

    Chael is not scared to fight Vitor especially after facing bones and Silva twice. For Chael to take that fight would require a title fight and a large PPV return.

    • 321…For sometime now, I've said the same thing of Sonnen…he will talk himself into a loss / beating, for a pay-check.