Vitor Belfort Doesn’t Care What Critics Think, TRT Keeps Him From Being At A Disadvantage


Vitor Belfort scored a brutal first round knockout over Dan Henderson at UFC Fight Night 32, putting to rest the demons that haunted him from their first match at Pride 32 and possibly ending the storied career of the aging legend.

In the aftermath of the bout, many are discussing ‘The Phenom’s’ place in the Middleweight title race and it appears that the former 205lb. Champ is in with a good chance at facing the winner of Weidman vs. Silva II. Nothing is certain in MMA, but Belfort has put himself in the best position possible with the win.

As is the ritual following a Belfort victory, as of late, the discussion has turned to the shady topic of TRT.  Belfort has once again given his side to the story, as he spoke to ESPN:

“The [TRT] critics are always going to be there,” Belfort said. “If you do it, they will say, ‘he cheated.’ What people don’t know is that we do good work. I was the only guy to do blood work. Now Dan Henderson has to go through blood work; it’s in our contract. All the fighters have to do blood work. With the blood work you can track if they [fighters] use testosterone. We know some guys do it; they do things to cheat. My lab work is right there. My levels are right there, every week”

Belfort famously failed a drugs test following his first match against Henderson, at least this time around both guys were on muscle exploding rage potion TRT so it was a level playing field. Belfort continued:

“I’m not doing anything illegal. It’s a treatment. Actually, if I go without it I will be at a disadvantage. It will be like the other guy is on something and I’m not. If you have asthma you get treatment. If your have high blood pressure, you get treatment for it. This is my treatment. Everybody knows.” 

It would be easy to question the reason why Belfort would be at such a disadvantage without the treatment, for example, has he ruined his ability to naturally produce testosterone by ‘blowing his wad’ in his early years?

If this was the case, should he even be allowed to compete as a pro athlete? I’m quite often split on this matter, as it is involved in a sport where guys could get badly hurt, or worse, and I’m also not a doctor (yet).

“I don’t care what people think, talk or say. It’s doesn’t take my focus away. I do want to fight for and win the UFC title, but I don’t need to keep talking about it over and over. I’d love to fight in Las Vegas; I’ve fought in Canada, I love fighting in America, I have lots of fans here. I have just as many fans here in America as I have in Brazil. Of course I want to fight here, I live in America.”

Whether we like it or not, there is a serious chance that we may have our first (?) UFC champ that is on the legal, but much debated treatment.

  • if you really didn't care then you wouldn't be constantly addressing it and defending yourself

    ask yourself Vitor, does God approve cheating?

  • Can you die from having low testosterone? I thought the only thing you risk losing with low T is your morning wood. I find it a bit of a stretch for him to be comparing needing trt for competing in mma to people who need meds to not choke to death or have a stroke. I also find it strange that he feels the need to defend his use at all if he doesn't think he's wrong in doing it. Long as the boss doesn't care meh

    • Low "T" has been known to lower your immune system, hence why people with Steroids heal faster. There's also been studies from people who commit suicide, that most of the men tested have low testosterone. It often eliminates depression all together.

  • I'm so tired of this discussion… it's blown out of proportion BIG TIME! If an athlete has low testosterone cause his body doesn't naturally produce it enough, it shouldn't be a problem for them to be on TRT as long as they're regularly tested and the levels are kept at the average.

    We could debate for months about what the cause of his low testosterone levels is, it might or might not be cause by his use of steroids in the past. It is "possible" BUT… it's far more likely it's by natural causes. Low Testosterone is far more common than most people realize and for an athlete, it's a problem. A problem with a pretty easy solution, which is TRT.

    With that said, the cause of Vitor's low testosterone is "irrelevant"! It's a medical condition and he has a right to get treatment for it.

    and @Jmedno5891 just because you can't die from low testosterone doesn't mean you don't need treatment. There are many medical conditions that won't kill you, does that mean you should not seek treatment for it? With all due respect… GTF outta here with that nonsense!

    • so you approve of him being able to use TRT even though the reason his testosterone is low is because he used to abuse steroids and was caught doing so? in other words you support cheating. he shouldn't be allowed to compete with TRT after having a history of abusing steroids

      • To be honest, you're guessing that he needs TRT to counter act steroid usage. One's body will generally start producing testosterone again once the body sees the level drop. Many men who take TRT n get off the treatment because their levels come back. There is no definitive action based on this. But keep saying it, if it makes you feel better.
        My father had low "T", had treatment, later was tested when he was off, and levels came back to normal, he's doing ok now.
        The human body is a walking natural pharmacy (HGH is naturally produced as well)and many different things can affect your hormonal out puts.

      • Did you even read what i just wrote? There is no way to know if his previous steroid use is the cause of his medical condition. Other than that even if the steroids are the cause it doesn't make any difference. It is still a medical condition that needs to be treated no matter if you're a professional athlete or NOT.

        He got caught on steroids, was suspended and fined for it. He did his time… people make mistakes intentional or unintentional aside. He did his time so why YEARS later should he still be punished for that 1 mistake he made? It makes absolutely no sense. The cause of his low " test" is irrelevant. He's not doing anything illegal.

        • There should be consequences in certain situations that yes are for life. For example robbing a store should entitle the store owner to refuse your business for life. This is not about regulatory punishments that he has been subjected to as we are stating it's those very rules that are in the wrong. Just like a guy that is let go from prison on good behavior but is still high risk for pedo crimes is often sent back due to public reaction to the issue. the guy technically served his 2 year sentence but the public feel that is insufficient for his crime. Like when I was in Canada there was a convicted pedo that was caught with mountains of child **** and then after he served some time was allowed to keep his **** on condition he used it privately. Of coarse that made a huge reaction from the public because justice was failing. Justice is failing in the Vitor case at the moment as well.

          • *p o r n*

          • Now you're comparing a convicted felon… a pedo for godsake.. to Vitor's situation? All i can do is shake my head right now, just stop! lol…

          • the comparison is extreme to make a point.

    • He has said multiple times that he needs it so he won't be at a "disadvantage "when competing, not that he needs it for depression, an injury, or any other reason that would affect his day to day life. I see no problem with a regular joe who feels like killing themselves getting treatment but when you flat out say I need it to keep up with all these other athletes, thats a different story.

      • @Jmed no it's not a different story… whether your an athlete or not, if you have low test, you need TRT to properly function. The problem is most people are uneducated on the subject and don't recognize the symptoms. So they don't seek medical help for it until it takes an extreme form.

        The difference with an athlete is that they would notice there's something wrong a lot sooner because what they do is physically demanding and low test will kill your ability to meet these demands. So when Vitor says he "needs" it. He's saying he needs it to be able to do his job.

        If he was doing any other physical demanding job like people that work in construction or landscapers he would have the same problem.

        • Experience if I get caught stealing and I in the process injure myself so that I can't get a job should I be given a key to everyones house to take as I feel I need from them so that I don't have to give up the lifestyle I was enjoying while i was stealing?

          • @Falcon…..

            No you shouldnt be given a key to everyone's house but you should be able to get treatment for your injury! By saying Vitor shouldn't be allowed to use TRT for his medical condition is basically saying, he does not deserve treatment for his injury and be healthy.

            He's not getting Bionic legs, Wings or a 50 inch c*ck. People are acting like he's getting some kind of Super Juice that turns him into The Hulk. Seriously guys, enough with the nonsense already.

            "It's not that serious" !!

          • Treatment Vitor can have, but he doesn't need the job anymore, he can get a different one.

    • If it's naturally low when you get older then that is just life man. Why do you get to have 25 year old testosterone and 36 year old experience against guys with only their 25 year old advantage they have naturally? Just like Vitor himself by stating he would be at a disadvantage if he fought without it so to all the people saying TRT doesn't do much think again and ask yourself why Vitor feels he would be at a disadvantage? Its because the reports of fighters like Brian Stan are correct it makes them into machines. He has the right to get treatment for it but he has abused his right to fight on it. All the years of cheating have their consequences and being allowed back on it is disgraceful. What a joke. We can forgive a mistake but there are always consequences for actions and he is feeling it now from the disgruntled fans. His legacy will forever be tarnished and unfulfilled wether he gets the belt or not because if in the future they look back at the fighters in history and one used TRT to gain a belt and another gained it honorably who do you think will be in the higher regard? He will become if he gets there the guy with a record plagued by an advantage throughout his career. maybe he never would have beat Tank back in the day if he was clean. The reason Vitor says he doesn't care what the critics think about TRT is because as his history shows he never really did care did he? His lust for the glory of champion have blinded his very conscience. He stole fights from fighters(not saying it would change the win column but it may have and it certainly made it harder on his foes) throughout his career and now the thief gets a key for his efforts.

      • @Falcon again.. you're misinformed! I suggest you go read about low testosterone and TRT treatment before arguing facts you clearly have very limited knowledge of.

        First of all, when you get TRT they bring your levels up to the "AVERAGE" for a person "YOUR AGE" so Vitor's test levels are at an average level for a man his age not a 25 year old and even with that, he is still at a disadvantage because professional athletes their test levels are in most cases much higher than that of the average Joe, especially if they're on the right diet, their test levels are through the roof.

        Now let's get to the nitty gritty…. If Vitor did not have this medical condition (no matter how he got it), his natural test levels would most likely be higher than they are right now, even with him being on TRT.

        To further break that down for the dummies.. (lol):
        Vitor's test levels are brought up to the average level of a 36 year old man "NOT A 36 YEAR OLD ATHLETE".

        In short: "TRT treatment is not to enhance but to balance your T-levels" !!

        Now u go think about that for a minute…………. I'll wait!

        • Yes I do have a limited knowledge. You have educated me a little here. But eggs, whey and zinc all naturally increase testosterone and are alternative methods that do not go to the extreme capabilities of TRT according to some TRT websites I have researched. I think if you are going to do it do it with stuff that is legit and maybe takes more discipline. TRT is an instant no work all play solution that makes it unfair to men naturally finding their means. Low test does not mean you need steroids, it is far healthier and more legit to change your diet like John Fitch did back in the day to increase his cardio, strength etc. If you are competing in a car race that is a naturally aspirated competition you are a cheater if you use a supercharger, you may have an excuse that your motor is worn out and miled up but if that is the case then instead of cheating with a a supercharger you should do the hard work of boring and stroking, polishing and lubricating and build that motor back to its prime and not get the cheating supercharger just because the boss said he will allow only you due to your worn motor. Set all that aside and Vitor deserves no more TRT due to his past that only came clean by being caught, not by coming out and declaring it.

          • Rich Franklin was also qualified to take TRT but he saw that if he needs it his body is telling him something. Vitor has never been in any danger of dying or being ill just that he wants to be prime Vitor which he does not deserve. All the TRT websites claim 40 year olds in the body of a 25 year old, I can only assume thats what Vitor is getting. Increased muscle mass, strength endurance, etc , etc. Stuff Vitors record is plauged with and if he needs it now should his record from back when he was young and on it not count?

  • Years of f—-g… I am sure took a toll on Belfort.

    • "fighting"….just checking there man 8))

  • A lot of these guys have low testosterone now because they used steriods earlier in their careers .
    The use of anabolics steroids can stop your body producing certain hormones naturally .

    • Yep and belfort has a proven record of steroid use and this is why LV commission wont give him a licence to compete.
      TRT has also been used to mask steroid use, they juice, clean their system then use testosterone to hide it.
      there a big difference between being at a disadvantage and having the leeway to give yourself and advantage
      when was the last time anyone saw belfort that size?

      • He did use once, he also fought in Pride when everyone was doing it.
        There's still no way to be sure. It's still speculation at this point.

      • The Commission is doing the right thing here and the rest just see dollar signs and fights they want to see regardless of the cost to other legit fighters. Glad the commission in LV is doing something right on this one.

  • No point even discussing TRT, some approve others don't…move on. Its legal and has been talked about 1000 times over the past two years.

    • The more we talk the more of a difference it could make in the future. It's if there was no talk that there would be little resistance to cheating.

      • It's all over MMA news and that makes it relevant and changeable. Public perspective can do a lot and thats why it will remain.

  • finally an intelligent comment about the TRT issue.