Vitor Belfort says that Forrest Griffin turned down fight with him at UFC 155


Forrest Griffin is at a place in his career where there are certain fights that he won’t take and, apparently, Vitor Belfort is one of them.

According to the Brazilian site UOL, Belfort was offered to fight Griffin but the former light heavyweight champion declined and is now preparing to face Phil Davis

“I met with Forrest and he told me that he volunteered for a list of six names and mine was the first. He said he would face any of them except me. It’s good to have this kind of recognition. I am here to serve the company, ” Belfort said. Perhaps the reason that Griffin turned down the fight was because the two spent time at Xtreme Couture. Or, Griffin simply didn’t want the fight. 

Meanwhile, Belfort says that he’s willing to face anyone at light heavyweight or middleweight. 

“My weight, my category, are the medium. I am adaptable. But I do not have much time left in my career and I want to have great challenges, be in whichever weight it will be. I can make great fights and don’t run from anybody, I’ll be always ready,” he said.

There have been rumors that Belfort will take on Michael Bisping on a Brazilian card in January but the fight has yet to be confirmed by UFC authorities. 

  • Forrest is smart

    If Phil Davis isnt his last fight, expect him to fight another guy who isnt known for KO power.

    Griffin knows his chin is pretty much glass now. Good on him for being smart.

  • For as valiant an effort it was, I like VB @ 185. I’m sorry, but I’d like to see him get another kick (no pun intended) at the can with Anderson. AS / VB 2. Right after he fights Jones and Weidman. I think Vitor has earned that when he stepped up to fight Jones. Dana owes him one.

  • Smart move by Forrest, Belfort is too fast for him and would certainly knock him out if they fought.

  • RAMPAGE VS BELFORT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Belfort deserves credit for facing tough opponents like bones and silva.

    The silva fight he got caught…..and against bones he showed great courage almost winning with armbar.

    Whatever fight he is in will be worth watching

  • so what you are saying is, if you fight guys who are known for having big knockout power and you actually get knocked out, you have a glass jaw? lol no glass jaw is when guys who are not known for knockout power knock you the **** out.

  • its ok truth, the pun is always intended 🙂

  • I respect that fact that bisping will fight anyone yet doesn’t b!tch about a title shot.

  • I think you are looking too much into the term glass jaw.

    But alright I will play along.

    Forrest has a glass jaw for UFC standards.
    or if thats not good enough.
    Forrest has a glass jaw for top 15 LHW standards.